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  1. As you know we don't play the same version of league, but I also have a lot of troubles with Lusitanos. I finished the last 4 seasons as 2nd after Lusitanos. In my game they have almost only Portugese players. It is the same in yours? I like the facial hair of Velasco!
  2. Do you know that this database is not like the competition in real life? I'm playing in Andorra too, but use the database of Claasen. He made it like it is in real life.
  3. I learnt myself to save before each game and after everything important like youth intake and change between 4 files which of one is in the cloud. I really don't want to lose anything.
  4. Yes it was. You have wasted a lot of time the past couple of years.
  5. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Live with it, don't cheat.
  6. I like the detailed evaluation of the players. Good luck!
  7. It costs 4,50 EUR... Eat a sandwich less and you are break even.
  8. And what if you put on the option that the board can't sack you with the in-game editor? Doesn't feel like cheating if you are playing a one club (nation) save. Especially if there's a bug that sack you for no reason.
  9. Create a new temporary manager - choose to manage the San Marino NT - resign - try to apply with your real manager It feels the same as using a Holiday Manager and doesn't feel like cheating. It's really hard for the AI to get sacked by the San Marino NT board because they are very difficult to dissappoint, so I guess it's not wrong to use this trick.
  10. He doesn't want to buy players! He doesn't want to buy players!
  11. Don't focus too hard on finances and results on short terms. The finances are not that important because you don't need money to buy players and AI teams will get weaker over time and you can still get decent youth products without good facilities. Just focus on the players you have and on your tactics. Over time you will get promoted, get more money, get better players etc. just be patiented. You will need a lot more seasons than only 2. But I must say that this years version is a lot more realistic and difficult in terms of getting teams from a low division to the highest division with youth only.
  12. You can change with the ingame editor that they can't sack you. Keep doing it until they don't rise again...
  13. Unrealistic tactic => unrealistic results. I don't have that problem
  14. To counter all those negative reviews: I don't have game crashes, I don't have problems with crosses, I don't have data issues. The game works perfect for me and I'm loving it. To counter those who thinks the game wants them to lose: 3 times in a row (2 different games) I wasn't sitting on the champions spot/promotion spot before the last game. Then my concurrents lost that last game all 3 times against weaker sides and I became champion/got the promotion. I feel a little bit that the game wants me to win, but I accept it with pleasure.
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