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  1. Sir Alex Ferguson

    I dont feel bad, just feels kind of strange when Sir Alex isnt running the ship.
  2. I also have had this for 3 seasons, ive tried to stop it placing DM in the hole but never works. I just ignore it now as i still seem to be successful even with the gap.
  3. 09 is alot slower for me than 08 Im running the same three leagues as i did in 08 but it lags and it generally slow.
  4. I dont really think you need a attacking midfielder when you have lampard, ballack, deco, kalou, malouda i think thats enough attacking talent. If i was to choose though go for Kaka
  5. Football manager 2009 demo

    Gameshadow not working?
  6. New Transfer System

    Does anyone keep getting the same offer repeatably ?
  7. Just because you have been playing the game for 11 years makes your opinion correct? I've been playing the game for years is well and im not saying i dont like the game but i did expect a little bit more, the 3d match engine isnt really good enough to be honest and i hope in the future they sort it out. Your right they did need to take the next step to 3d but i thought they put years into making a 3d match engine but it looks like they've put in 6 months. I also love SI and FM its my favourite game of all time and will be for years to come but this years release has serious problems.
  8. Does anyone actually like the 3D?

    I think im abit disappointed, maybe because ive been playing lma manager for a while and the match engine is brilliant on there. But i personallly thought that the fm version would be better, unfortunately it isnt.
  9. Pre ordered it from play, but very disappointed with the match engine but im just playing the game in 2d so not too much of a bother but was expecting better.
  10. Little disappointed with the match engine so ive got back to 2d for abit, going to take me abit of time to get used to it.
  11. Demo and system specs

    After match of the day i will be enjoying fm09 good times
  12. Football manager 2009 demo

    Can not wait, late night last night so need to make sure i stay awake.
  13. I'm playing football manager 08 and live at the same time at the moment and will probably keep playing fm08 till 09 is released. I'm probably a little more addicted than normal because i didn't buy fm 07 last yea I only got the psp version which now looking back was a big mistake.