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  1. He is always my first signing whenever I start a game... So far in my 4th season... this is his record in 3 seasons: Season 1 35 Apps - 64 Gls - 9 Asts - 19 MoM - 8.55 AvR Season 2 30 Apps - 70 Gls - 6 Asts - 19 MoM - 8.99 AvR Season 3 29 Apps - 51 Gls - 10 Asts - 13 MoM - 8.76 AvR Season 4 (just started, still in October) 7 Apps - 22 Gls - 1 Asts - 6 MoM - 9.27 AvR So yeah he is a great for me...
  2. Anyone had any experience with Aly Cissokho as DL? Is he any good? I want a bit of young player and good defensively with good pace... Crossing and attacking are not as important as the defensive attributes
  3. I play Pirlo as a DM not playmaker... and he has been incredible... but after 3 seasons, his contract will expire and I will let him go as his physicals has dropped a lot... These are his stats in the first 3 seasons: Season 1 32 Apps - 4 Gls - 31 Asts - 7.65 AvR Season 2 26 Apps - 5 Gls - 34 Asts - 8.00 AvR Season 3 (almost at the end of season - 5 games remaining) 21 Apps - 4 Gls - 35 Asts - 8.19 AvR So yeah, he has been great! Can anyone recommend me a player like him to replace him?
  4. I need a DL since De Ceglie is the weekest in my Juventus squad. I already have Criscito, but I want someone even better. I am at the end of the 3rd season. Budget for DL: £30 mil Season: End of 3rd Looking for: DL Thanks
  5. I'm still at the end of season 2 with Juventus... (already won serie A and currently playing Champions League Semi Final). I need some players to strengthen my squad... Budget: £60+ mil (plus more from transfers out) Season: Starting 3rd Looking for: GK I bought ter Stegen at the beginning of Season 2 and he has progressed well. I am playing him every two games, with Buffon being my main. The problem is that Buffon is getting injured and slow (physical stats are cr*p since he is 35 years). Need a world class keeper possibly. Still undecided as Buffon is one of Juventus's flags! Looking for: DR I already got Vrsaljko but he's too young... I am playing him every two games, but I need a world class player to replace Lichsteiner who has been good, but not that good. Looking for: AMR Looking to replace Krasic as there are some interested in him and I can get quite a bit of money for a 29 year old. Want someone as good/better than him. Looking for: ST In 2nd Season I got offered Cavani (transfer listed by request), so I signed him. I also have Leandro Damiao which I signed in season 1. I need a backup striker that comes in from the bench at about 70-75th minute in almost every game. I play with one striker only and Cavani and Damiao are the starters. So only need backup here. Thanks
  6. Mr Hough I'm no expert... far from it... but maybe you can have say an MR and an AML or the other way around ML and an AMR for more stability in both defence and attack?
  7. Well done for an excellent tactic Mr. Hough! Started a new game with this tactic in Italy Serie A.... Played 21 Won 21 Scored 74 Conceded 11 I just have some questions regarding attacking corners set pieces... 1. The 'Aim At' Near Post should be ticked or not? 2. Also, corners should be in-swinging or it does not make a difference? 3. And last thing, there should be 2 Back, 7 Lurk and 1 Near (the one which scores often). The corner Taker should be Back or Lurk? Thanks
  8. Will start a new save on the new patch soon!
  9. I don't think it is removed... This just happened to me and I was going to open a new thread but i saw this... I'm playing with Juventus against Brescia which were down to 10 men after 23 minutes. I was winning 7-0 and I got a penalty... At this point Alexis Sanches had scored 2, Pastore has scored 2 and Aguero has scored 1. Now my penalty takers spots are always filled, with Aguero being 1st, Cavani 2nd (who was playing but did not score) and pastore 3rd. And to my surprise Sanchez went to take the penalty (ability 12!!!)... and of course he missed.... Since the penalty takers were filled, why did the game ignore them? Anyone knows this?
  10. No there aren't any player changes... It was not a data update patch, but just bug fixes... The player changes will occur in the patch that comes out in february/march after the winter transfer window is over.
  11. He retired at the end of season 4... because mainly he did not play one game in season 4 due to declining FAST
  12. just a question... why don't you buy the seperate parts and build it yourself... lots of guides on the net... or if you don't want, just tell someone to build it for you.... I'm only saying this because this way it would be cheaper and for the same price you are paying you would have a better one... just my 2c
  13. Welcome Million21 Good start there... and yeah Lichsteiner is a card machine... he always collected yellows and reds in my game... although he was really good... so that kinda made up for it otherwise I would've sold him. As for the backup RB spot... you could've trained pepe there... he is really good as a DR! Shame about Elia being homesick as he was a beast for me and after 2 great seasons I sold him for £32 mil Yeah and no one has any luck selling Amauri and Iaquinta because of their wages... Now Toni some people managed to sell him for as low as 500k... but at least his wages were spared!
  14. Welcome to Juve Get them at the top of the table again were they belong! He didn't for me so he ended up leaving for free when his contract expired as no one wanted him!
  15. I've been using this tactic for about 25 matches now... won all 25... I found this to be as good as my tactic... What I need to ask is... I'm hearing a lot about target man... are we supposed to use TM? I am using V4.0b One thing I don't quite like is that the AMC playmaker does not score much... I was used on having the 4 upfront banging in goals ( my tactic is a 4-2-2-2 )...
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