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  1. I got this a lot, too. It's really disappointing sometimes the luck I get. I feel like sending them all off to try sumo wrestling instead lol.
  2. Funny thing is he sounds like the Football Manager voice actor when he puts on that cockney voice.
  3. After seeing a vid of football manager in some cartoon game I'd really like to flip that and see some cartoon character comedy teams and players to get in FM13, maybe as a dlc pack if people feel it will take away from the vibe of the game
  4. So this guy seems to be having fun with Sonic's racing game playing as the football manager character. Looks quite pretty actually and shows off our familiar character in a new light. [video=youtube;HpWTObNPjAU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpWTObNPjAU No idea what the guy is on, though, seems to be getting into it judging by the 'roleplay'.
  5. some of these are so funny I wish they happened in real football
  6. I think they'll do enough with the next game to give it those extra frills that'll make us keep coming back, its the4 scale of the game that makes it so great and they'll just keep adding stuff to make it grander I hope
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