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  1. I think you misunderstood my complaint then. Like I said if this happens 1 or 2 times across a season it can be managed but 3 European weeks in a row with minimal rest days just doesn't happen in real life. I couldn't find an example of it.
  2. One time is ok and I believe you when you say it happens in real life. But those are one offs as far as I can see. These clubs don't regularly (in my case three times in a row) play on Monday while having a EL match on Thursdays right?
  3. That's true for the CL but my complaint is not about the CL. I don't think there is a club in Europe who will play on Mondays three time in a row before a EL game on Thursday.
  4. I didn't notice that the Monday game were TV matches, that must be the reason then. My complaint was because of the lack of rest days before European games when I could easily have more if I played Saturday or Sunday. Specifically for Europa League in this case. I don't understand, I don't play Tuesdays. EL is only on Thursdays
  5. Yeah it's not always that was an exaggeration. But 3 times in a row when it's not necessary at all? Sunday, Wednsday, Sunday. So it wasn't necessary to play Monday's. It's just bad scheduling.
  6. I really hope this gets fixed next game. Why am I always play on Monday when I have a Europa League game on Thursday. Why doesn't the game schedule this on Sunday to give my team more rest days. Now I have to field a somewhat weaker team to spare some for the EL match. Very frustrating!
  7. HSV could qualify as a sleeping giant I think. The only team to have played in every single Bundeliga season, however they have been battling relegation for several seasons in a row now.
  8. I think this is logical though. BPD's and CWB's should be formed by the manager by training. It would be very weird if a regen is already a BPD or CWB because of the specific skillset required to be one of those roles. Same could be said for IF's, if you look in real life a lot of IF's are formed to be one over the years and do not start as an IF.
  9. Maybe requesting a higher junior coaching budget from your board? And also better youth facilities if the option exists. I don't think the staff attributes influence the junior coaching status.
  10. Can you offer your current players full time contracts? If so then you could start by having most of your top players on full time contracts, maybe then the board will listen to you.
  11. How is your head of youth development or the staff member responsible for bringing youth players to your club? I always make sure they have high JPP, Working with youngsters and a positive personality. Also if he has the same tactical preference he will bring in players who are suited to play in your system and not players with a position which you do not use.
  12. wat. They also were undefeated at home. Oh those cold rainy nights at stoke.
  13. Please have an option for GK contracts that says that they accept being the second choice keeper. I'm sick of signing a new keeper every year because they sign a backup contract but then complain during the season about lack of first team appearances