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  1. Sounds cool, which nations and leagues did you select in the game?
  2. Go to Staff>Responsibilities then under "transfer (incoming)" you can select who handles contract negotiations. Select yourself from there and it should be fixed.
  3. Ah crap I found a J-league data file in my editor data folder that I forgot to delete. Maybe that one interfered. Beside that I have the Metallic logo update file and the Susie real name fixes.
  4. There are some bugs I'd like to let you know about. On new year's day the fixture list goes to the next season while the old season is still active. The KNVB beker seems to be bugged as well, Ajax won the 2016/17 cup but it didn't register it at all in the history and the JC schaal is contested between PSV and Feyenoord every year. The 18/19 edition is already scheduled mid 17/18! I used the file in the opening post.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Will try them out.
  6. Playing on a 1366x768 really sucks this year. Barely any skin work smoothly at that resolution but I'm enjoying OPZ Elite so far, it has a version for lower resolution which works fine.
  7. Thanks! and thanks to the people who worked on this file, greatly appreciated!
  8. Does version 2.5 work well with the winter update or can it be unstable?
  9. Just wanted to say keep up the good work guys! In FM16 there wasn't any good (realistic) Dutch pyramid and I'm very excited reading that you guys are making it as realistic as possible. Can't wait!
  10. Thanks guys, knew something was up. I'm sure you understand that after buying No Man's Sky and Mafia 3 day one without waiting for reviews (never doing that again) I am VERY skeptical about buying games with bad reviews.
  11. I was just going to ask you guys about those steam reviews. I am worried about purchasing because of it. I trust you guys here more than those steam reviews, so thumbs up or thumbs down on FM17?
  12. His physical stats are crap and he is a midget but look at those technical stats! The only other player with 19Dri, 18Tec and 20Fla is Messi. Also Ayman Hefny has sick techincal stats. Maybe the Egyptian players are a bit overrated?
  13. You simulate one season and then takeover the team that promotes in the lowest playable league. In FM16 this wasn't possible because there was no relegation in the Dutch 2nd division.
  14. Can someone confirm if there is relegation in the Dutch 2nd division? Thanks.
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