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  1. I think this is logical though. BPD's and CWB's should be formed by the manager by training. It would be very weird if a regen is already a BPD or CWB because of the specific skillset required to be one of those roles. Same could be said for IF's, if you look in real life a lot of IF's are formed to be one over the years and do not start as an IF.
  2. Maybe requesting a higher junior coaching budget from your board? And also better youth facilities if the option exists. I don't think the staff attributes influence the junior coaching status.
  3. Can you offer your current players full time contracts? If so then you could start by having most of your top players on full time contracts, maybe then the board will listen to you.
  4. How is your head of youth development or the staff member responsible for bringing youth players to your club? I always make sure they have high JPP, Working with youngsters and a positive personality. Also if he has the same tactical preference he will bring in players who are suited to play in your system and not players with a position which you do not use.
  5. wat. They also were undefeated at home. Oh those cold rainy nights at stoke.
  6. Please have an option for GK contracts that says that they accept being the second choice keeper. I'm sick of signing a new keeper every year because they sign a backup contract but then complain during the season about lack of first team appearances
  7. Sorry for the double post but I think this is definitely a bug. After the 30 day deadline is done it says 'succeed' at the promises page while there is no new contract signed at all. Very frustrating.
  8. I also have the same problem. My best talent promised to sign a new contract but when I try to offer his agent refuses. So is this a bug or is the player just lying to me?
  9. Well it's improving already. I am using RM/LM's now and CMd and CMs for away games. Also the AM role is changed because the Enganche relies on having lots of options in the attack, so because these are decreased I use a regular AMa with a P in front of him. I played 6 away games 2W 3D 1L with 11GF and 8GA. Not perfect but it's a major improvement. I am still not sure what roles are best suited for the wide midfielders so I'm still experimenting on that (currently using Wa because I have pacey wingers with good finishing so I want them to run at the defence rather than give early crosses).
  10. Wow guys I can't thank you all enough for you in depth posts. This is why the FM community is the best. My main problem (due to always using plug and play tactics) is that when I look at a situation I lack the tactical insight to see what is going wrong and how to fix it. But reading the comments I can now indeed see that a lot of goals I concede is due to ball loss and being outnumbered. I'm very happy for all your tips, you guys pushed me in the right direction. Now it's up to me to thoroughly read your advice then implement and experiment. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the reply! The goal assists are mostly passes combinations ending with a finish inside the box and that's what is driving me crazy. At home the opponent can't touch me but away from home I feel that they are passing around like Barca. almost 70% of the assists conceded are passes. I know that crosses are common in FM15 but I am handling those pretty well. About Hoogland, he has been indeed very average. I was already planning to get a replacement in the winter because I disabled transfers in the first window. He is not really suitable as an attacking fullback but If i put him on support will that affect Ruiz? Because right now the right wing position is the main source of danger in my team (Ruiz and Patrick Roberts). I could try the Parker role change in the midfield, I will see how that affects the defensive performances.
  12. I'm managing Fulham and I created a 4-2-3-1 with Aimar as Enganche. It works pretty well at home (4W 1D 0L 9GF 1GA), However my away form is just shocking (1W 1D 4L 8GF 15GA). So as you can see the difference in goals conceded is absurd and I don't know how to change my tactic to try to avoid this kind of performance away. I'm still a rookie regarding tactic creating because I used to use plug and play tactics, but this year I decided to challenge myself and create my own using several guides. My tactic and instructions: So I was thinking that maybe there are too many Attack mentality players when playing away. What do you guys think I should change when playing away? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your hard work! Now I can start my journeyman game in South America with all countries loaded:) EDIT: I tried to install the files but my game can't seem to recognize the files. I pasted the folders in my editor files folder (C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data) But when i start a new game I can't see the editor data files. What should I do?