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  1. Just wanted to say keep up the good work guys! In FM16 there wasn't any good (realistic) Dutch pyramid and I'm very excited reading that you guys are making it as realistic as possible. Can't wait!
  2. Thanks guys, knew something was up. I'm sure you understand that after buying No Man's Sky and Mafia 3 day one without waiting for reviews (never doing that again) I am VERY skeptical about buying games with bad reviews.
  3. I was just going to ask you guys about those steam reviews. I am worried about purchasing because of it. I trust you guys here more than those steam reviews, so thumbs up or thumbs down on FM17?
  4. His physical stats are crap and he is a midget but look at those technical stats! The only other player with 19Dri, 18Tec and 20Fla is Messi. Also Ayman Hefny has sick techincal stats. Maybe the Egyptian players are a bit overrated?
  5. You simulate one season and then takeover the team that promotes in the lowest playable league. In FM16 this wasn't possible because there was no relegation in the Dutch 2nd division.
  6. Yes! finally I can do a dafuge challenge in the Netherlands.
  7. Can someone confirm if there is relegation in the Dutch 2nd division? Thanks.
  8. fm2017

    Disappointing in SI for not going after the J-League licence after their deal expired with Konami, EA were smart going after it immediately.
  9. Do you have any news regarding the new Dutch pyramid in FM17?
  10. I hope they implemented the new Dutch pyramid. He said nothing about it unfortunately. But I'm excited though!
  11. I think you misunderstood my complaint then. Like I said if this happens 1 or 2 times across a season it can be managed but 3 European weeks in a row with minimal rest days just doesn't happen in real life. I couldn't find an example of it.
  12. One time is ok and I believe you when you say it happens in real life. But those are one offs as far as I can see. These clubs don't regularly (in my case three times in a row) play on Monday while having a EL match on Thursdays right?
  13. That's true for the CL but my complaint is not about the CL. I don't think there is a club in Europe who will play on Mondays three time in a row before a EL game on Thursday.
  14. I didn't notice that the Monday game were TV matches, that must be the reason then. My complaint was because of the lack of rest days before European games when I could easily have more if I played Saturday or Sunday. Specifically for Europa League in this case. I don't understand, I don't play Tuesdays. EL is only on Thursdays