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  1. Playing with Crewe, you can sell Max Clayton to Spurs for £1.9m right at the start, and you get 95% of it to spend
  2. Nation: Italy or Spain Division: 2nd/3rd European Competition: None Media Prediction: Mid Table/ Top Half Board Expectation(s): Mid Table/ Top Half Transfer Budget: A little to get a couple of players in Wage Budget: A bit of space Finances: Stable Other: Taking a time out from my Crewe save after getting them to the Premier league, looking for something similar in the countries above, good youth prospects/facilities, preferably a team with no real trophies in the cabinet, with the potential to get right to the top.
  3. GK: Hugo Pinheiro DR: Mike Duff DL: Joe Mattock DC: Federico Lazzeri MR: Marcelo Gallardo ML: Daniel Montenegro MC: Andres D'alessandro ST: Javier Saviola All CM3 or CM 01/02
  4. Looking @ starting this in Italy, the reset date is actually the 30th June not the 29th as listed above, but the difference between the NINE promoted sides is colossal. You have teams like Foggia and Cosenza with 15k + stadia and 3/400k valued players and then teams worth 200k with rented facilities and no hope. Obviously one is going to be a lot easier than the other- is it suicidal to go for one of the worst teams? I kinda want it to be a little bit of fun!
  5. I've managed to get Lowestoft relegated Time to restart!
  6. Just managed my first victory of the season... in November Hopefully its the rule not the exception from now on!
  7. League football in three years - superb acheivement. Congrats I am so far away from replicating it
  8. I am experiencing similar woe with Lowestoft but it's still early and I haven't resorted to crazy tactics just yet! Wage budget here is 5.5k,although most half decent players still seem to prefer to stay as free agents than come to me to play football.... Reputational issues again?
  9. Obviously someone preferred youth development @ Lowestoft to poor TV punditry http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o738/pantera_addict/RobertoCartera_Inbox_zps01d20085.png
  10. Right, 10 odd years of lurking is enough. I am the new manager of Lowestoft Town, before I post again I will attempt to learn how to put pictures up!
  11. Had to mention as no-one else seemingly has: CM01/02 (the best ever edition imo) Coventry at the start of the game had at least 5 players under 16, all of which would become godlike: Antonio Galleri and the two Christensen brothers, Mark and Matthew I think, one of which was 13, and the other was 14! Must have been totally made up From the same game: To Madeira's teammates at Gouveia - Joao Paralta and Andre. As someone has already said:- Ibrahim Al-Said, but there were other Egyptians:- Kamouna, Hany Al-Said (who i think actually did make it) and some ace strikers whose names escape me. Off to reload CM 01/02 methinks!
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