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  1. Signed Matt Mills on a free for Hartlepool, we went 1-0 up against Gillingham with about half an hour to go in the first game of the season. Later my midfielder rolled the ball back to Mills who was the deepest defender, as their striker closed him down Mills fell over and let their striker nick the ball and run clean through to equalise. Turned out Mills had ruptured his cruciate ligaments and he decided to retire a week later. Not my best signing.
  2. Unbelievably dumb from Gabi for that second yellow, hate the handball rule in Spain having said that. Just horrible from Torres as well, christ he needs that 100th goal badly. Serves him right for playing like a tit midweek. Shame Camacho didn't go back to Atleti in the Summer.
  3. It's not just recently trying to fill in for Tiago that I'm on about, at least he's improved since that performance against Atleti at centre half for Rayo a few years back. He's definitely been better this season than last but just seems so slack at times, was caught a couple of times last night especially the first half and seems to give away needless fouls. Obviously that'll improve with experience, be interesting to see if Kranevitter goes straight in when he joins up though.
  4. There's something about Saul that I'm still not sure about but he does the right things for the big moments. Another average performance but another win, not much to complain about other than Gabi missing next week.