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  1. Signed Matt Mills on a free for Hartlepool, we went 1-0 up against Gillingham with about half an hour to go in the first game of the season. Later my midfielder rolled the ball back to Mills who was the deepest defender, as their striker closed him down Mills fell over and let their striker nick the ball and run clean through to equalise. Turned out Mills had ruptured his cruciate ligaments and he decided to retire a week later. Not my best signing.
  2. Unbelievably dumb from Gabi for that second yellow, hate the handball rule in Spain having said that. Just horrible from Torres as well, christ he needs that 100th goal badly. Serves him right for playing like a tit midweek. Shame Camacho didn't go back to Atleti in the Summer.
  3. It's not just recently trying to fill in for Tiago that I'm on about, at least he's improved since that performance against Atleti at centre half for Rayo a few years back. He's definitely been better this season than last but just seems so slack at times, was caught a couple of times last night especially the first half and seems to give away needless fouls. Obviously that'll improve with experience, be interesting to see if Kranevitter goes straight in when he joins up though.
  4. There's something about Saul that I'm still not sure about but he does the right things for the big moments. Another average performance but another win, not much to complain about other than Gabi missing next week.
  5. Just got this kid on a free transfer from PSG, I have absolutely no idea where I should play him. Such a mismatch of attributes
  6. Stick with it man, my first season was terrible as well (finished 16th I think) but I managed to make a tactic that fit the players I had and it worked perfectly and I finished third in the second season after being in the title race for quite a while. Maybe have a mess about with tactics to suit the players better instead of sticking with a tactic you've used for another save.
  7. He should be scoring more?
  8. Just finished my second season and managed to finish third amazingly, I never do this well with Sunderland until after the January transfer window patch on FM. Altidore is absolutely lethal. That's after missing the opening ten games or so with an injury as well. Can't wait to see him destroy the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona next season.
  9. Don't need him when you have class players up front like big Jozy Great stuff by the way, massively impressive.
  10. Has looked pretty good this season, was the stand out player in the game he scored in a month or so back where Cordoba actually managed to get a result somewhere.
  11. Bridcutt's attributes look pretty sound but that value guessing that's just up to the game going off his attributes though. Cattermole's long shots isn't 20 though, poor stuff.
  12. Well that's not realistic at all is it? Over 30 games without one now...
  13. Finished fourth in my first season, coupled with a runners up medal in the Copa del Rey after we fell apart when Balenziaga brought Messi down as last man inside the box in the second half at 0-0. Brought in Raul Garcia for £3.3 million as my only senior squad signing as well as seven young regens. Got a decent youth intake as well, Barcelona and Real Madrid sniffing round a couple and were in a bidding war that reached £6.5 million for one striker before they gave up. Had a poor start in the league, was 2-0 down at home to Osasuna (who finished third last year...) but scraped a point with a late debut goal from Raul Garcia, then followed that up with another 2-2 draw at home to Getafe after Laporte was sent off. Balenziaga got a brace and then the game decided to let him take a vital penalty at 2-1 up, missed and they score minutes later. Finally got my first win coming from behind to snatch a 3-2 win again at home to Mallorca with three second half goals from Garcia, de Marcos and Herrera. Followed that up with my best league result of the season as we put five past Zaragoza away from home in an easy win with a clean sheet (!!!!), Herrera got one & Garcia and Muniain each got a brace. Got a good draw in the Champions League qualifiers against Nordsjaelland, winning 5-0 at home and 4-0 away. Horror draw in the group stages though with Bayern, Man City and Ferencvaros. But then this happened in the first game Wouldn't be massively bothered if I got knocked out as I think I'd have a decent chance of winning the Europa but certainly in a decent position to go through now if I can beat Ferencvaros twice and scrape another couple of points from the other two. Really enjoying this save, first one on 14.
  14. This is brilliant & something I am going to start doing.