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  1. Sacked After Promotion

    That was my guess that he'd been on the board previously but never thought to look back through the conversation history with the board - didn't even realise that was an option! I'm looking at that conversation now and at the time I must have just glanced over the conversation and didn't realise what was meant so I realise my error on that. But on the back of that, getting sacked for a failure to progress in the league when we'd just won the league by 12 points is a bit harsh surely? Especially a promise made to someone who isn't even involved with the club anymore. All of my backup saves are in 2025 in the weeks just leading up to this incident unfortunately (the earliest one is 19th June 2025, 74% board confidence in the performance in the league, 68% in competitions overall and untouchable job security status). But as I mentioned in the OP there was also an issue with buying the stadium which has kinda caused it. Two times the 'Buy Stadium' status is completed and the third time is a couple of days from completion but you can still ask the board to buy the stadium again under the board promises a fourth time. Surely if it had been completed once it would have been fine and this promise wouldn't have came about? They're unwilling to buy the stadium if it's asked now despite being in a better financial state than we had been previously. Thanks for the reply. Will do, thanks for the reply.
  2. Just after promotion to the Championship with Chester I was sacked. Four league titles and three play off final losses in seven years (also a club legend) and was sacked for 'his failure to improve the performance in the league has resulted in him losing his job.' Like I say I'd just won the title the year before, was carrying on with pre-season as normal when out of nowhere it popped up that I'd been sacked on the 23rd July. Not exactly just after the season had finished or anything either. I noticed a while back that there was a promise that appeared out of nowhere to a character that isn't in the game where I had 'promised to improve the club's position in the league'. Can't click on his name, he isn't the chairman or director or listed as anything in the staff and I can't find him anywhere. Chester changes chairman or at least has elections for a new chairman every year but as far as I can remember the character that I've supposedly had to make this promise to, has never existed. I also 100% haven't ever made this promise because we've finished 1st four times, 3rd twice and 6th once so it's never been needed or asked. Even if I had made the promise then I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have failed. The board's confidence in the competitions had reset to 50% as it was pre-season but at the end of last season it was higher. Uploaded the save on the server as 'Chester pre-sacked'. Also on an unrelated note, the board have been planning to buy the stadium for the past three or four years and every time it reaches a conclusion it just starts again, sometimes with the board asking me if I think it's a good idea to buy the stadium and sometimes without any notice in my news feed. Should I start a new thread about that or not bother as I've mentioned it here?
  3. Well it's noticeable when someone does it, but when someone doesn't score against their old team you just don't notice it. Same as how everyone thinks their team concedes against a striker that hasn't scored in ages or will lose against a team that hasn't won in ages.
  4. I don't sorry, my last backup save is four days after the board announced the move to the new stadium and it looks like we instantly moved to that stadium on the same day judging by the news items. I'm guessing that'll be too late?
  5. Just finished my first season with Darlington, expecting to move from Heritage Park to Blackwell Meadows as is happening in real life and is scheduled to in game (FYI the wrong date is also set for the move, Darlington are playing their first game in the stadium on Boxing Day and in game it's set for the move to happen at the end of the season). We won promotion to the Conference and it now seems that instead of moving to our own stadium we are permanently moving to West Auckland and ground sharing with them. The news item said that Heritage Park wasn't fit for Conference National standard but that's irrelevant as we would never be playing a game there as we were leaving for Blackwell Meadows in the Summer. Not sure if the problem is that BM wouldn't be fit for purpose (the capacity is set for 3000-3500 IRL with room and plans for further expansion), but if it is surely the stadium would be expanded and I would eventually move there rather than permanently playing at West Auckland? They wouldn't be moving to a stadium in real life if they were going to have to move again when they are promoted once more especially given there's a realistic chance of it happening soon.
  6. Signed Matt Mills on a free for Hartlepool, we went 1-0 up against Gillingham with about half an hour to go in the first game of the season. Later my midfielder rolled the ball back to Mills who was the deepest defender, as their striker closed him down Mills fell over and let their striker nick the ball and run clean through to equalise. Turned out Mills had ruptured his cruciate ligaments and he decided to retire a week later. Not my best signing.
  7. Unbelievably dumb from Gabi for that second yellow, hate the handball rule in Spain having said that. Just horrible from Torres as well, christ he needs that 100th goal badly. Serves him right for playing like a tit midweek. Shame Camacho didn't go back to Atleti in the Summer.
  8. It's not just recently trying to fill in for Tiago that I'm on about, at least he's improved since that performance against Atleti at centre half for Rayo a few years back. He's definitely been better this season than last but just seems so slack at times, was caught a couple of times last night especially the first half and seems to give away needless fouls. Obviously that'll improve with experience, be interesting to see if Kranevitter goes straight in when he joins up though.
  9. There's something about Saul that I'm still not sure about but he does the right things for the big moments. Another average performance but another win, not much to complain about other than Gabi missing next week.
  10. FM15: Rate My Regen Thread

    Just got this kid on a free transfer from PSG, I have absolutely no idea where I should play him. Such a mismatch of attributes
  11. Stick with it man, my first season was terrible as well (finished 16th I think) but I managed to make a tactic that fit the players I had and it worked perfectly and I finished third in the second season after being in the title race for quite a while. Maybe have a mess about with tactics to suit the players better instead of sticking with a tactic you've used for another save.
  12. He should be scoring more?
  13. Just finished my second season and managed to finish third amazingly, I never do this well with Sunderland until after the January transfer window patch on FM. Altidore is absolutely lethal. That's after missing the opening ten games or so with an injury as well. Can't wait to see him destroy the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona next season.
  14. Don't need him when you have class players up front like big Jozy Great stuff by the way, massively impressive.