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    Buongiorno tutti! My mission for Football Manager 2017 ... pure and simple: try and win the Champion League with 3 different Italian teams in the same save.

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  1. Yeah, this had happened me too... once whilst taking over a relegation candidate side i never got the intro meeting... surely this would be required to gee up my players for the season run-in! Might just be random like above post says but would be interested to find out!
  2. Hi, no screen caps to post however it's a thoroughly enjoyable league. I left Esbjerg halfway through second season to take a job in Germany with Cottbus. I found that pace and technical ability were key factors to garnering some success. Didnt win anything whilst there but just missed out on continental qualification. In final third of the first season injuries decimated my squad and we could no longer compete wit FC Kobenhavn, Brondby and FC Midtjylland. Alot of my players were poached at the winter break by clubs from bigger leagues which meant I had to do some wheeling and dealing... this was challenging but enjoyable too The policy of rewarding teams with prize money for their league position at every third of the season really helped out my finances too. Also I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of players available in the Danish First Division... got a couple of ready-made first teamers from Lyngby. The youth set-up is good too... only enabling full time contracts for squad rotation players and above certainly helped out my finances. All in all I will certainly go back to the Superliga at soon... well researched and definetly a league with massive potential.
  3. It's possible your strong in attack and perhaps leaving your defence too open to counter-attack... depending on what tactics you employ. I find that if I'm 2-0 up at half-time and stay with an attack minded stance then the other team will generally get a goal back... game tends to go either way then if something isn't changed. Don't believe its a bug of any kind.... tactics are key I find!
  4. I generally try and ensure (depending on size of my club and finances) that the youth team has a minimum of 15-16 players on some form of contract... you never know how some may develop given the right training and and tutoring. Also if they don't make the cut you may receive a fee for them and if not you can just tell them they're not good enough and releasing them... Is it just me or do some people feel a little bad when releasing a 16 year old lad with a mohican
  5. Reason I chose England is that that is the league i am most familiar with and it is generally a better league set up than most IMO. Financial restrictions make it more challenging and if you manage to reach the Premier League then the chance to grow the club quickly makes it more appealing! Although I do like managing in other nations too I usually choose a club from England! Good poll!!!
  6. Currently in a save with Esbjerg fB, 1st season and enjoying the league... interesting change to league structure in second season. Intereted in this thread here for sure!
  7. Scored from a few, conceded from a few! No issues there I believe.
  8. Apologies if this is repetitive but... like the headline says, any word on the new update yet? BTW loving the new game, big improvements made and thanks to the SI team once again . Appreciation to Mods in advance
  9. Thanks for all the help guys and it does all help, the ajax youth development thread and johnhughthom does help, didnt think it would stir up a passionate debate but then again we are all passionate bout FM13.
  10. Yeah I've seen that thread before, its mammoth! I'll have a look again, cheers!
  11. Thats interesting mate, I'll keep an eye on that in future, cheers!
  12. How important do you think the tutoring is, would you say its more important than any other mode of progression or equal?
  13. Of course, loaned them out to my affiliated clubs, I would always place them in the youth team or the reserves and not expose them to 1st team action too soon in their development. This may be a reason for lack of progress but if they aint good enough at the time i wont play them. Maybe i'm too demanding...
  14. I've scouted & signed numerous youngsters with great potential, however rarely have they turned out to be the 3-5star matured players they should have been. I have used tutoring, specialised coaching and given them enough game time but sometimes they jus dont progress, any reason for this or am i just not able to connect with the kids on their level!
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