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  1. When changing the fonts and saving them in the end, the xml-files seems to get corrupted...when loading the game with the base-skin in the game I get a errorrapport I can't remove. The same happens, when only changing a letter and put in the original again, before saving the xml-file again. It seems like any changes ending up with saving makes som damage to the specific xml-file. I am using Mac OS Siri. When operating within "Finder" and using "TextEdit" and saving the files - the right side of windows ends up changing from the text inside the file to the "Safari" symbol. With FM 2016 there are no problems - its seems to be an issue with FM 2017. Respons will be much appreciated - thank you.
  2. Have searched for an answer for this without luck. Is it still not possible to set-up loans for the second half of the season ? Thanks for responding
  3. Is there a way to get rid of goalkeepers wearing long trousers ? - its annoying to see this occasional outfit, when its so very rare in the real world. Eg. you never see it in the english league. Thank you ind advance !
  4. Where kan I change the font and the size of the home and away team names the scoreboard ? Which xml-file ? I have changed some other fonts with success, but this above will not go trough… Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi Michael What about NEW games with the default (edited) database 15.0.0 ? Your tip works with the shirts, but with the 3D kit I still have a problem - I have changed the blue kit to "home" and the red one to "away" and in matches they swap, perhaps I should change it back ?
  6. Thank you Tony, forgot to say I'am playing with a edited default database 15.0.0 - still the same answer ?
  7. Reagerding patch 15.3.0 Has SI put in a sort of config-file, which control Cardiffs change of kit and colors halfway the season ? I have made the change of kit and colors in the editor to their original one, from the start of the season and also changed the config-file with my 3rd party kit - but for some reason the default kits with the game turns up and seems to overrule my edited data. Its only a problem with Cardiff and all the other changes work fine.
  8. Okay, so it is an issue at last for New Zealand internationals, as mentioned above this happens with Tommy Smith (Ipswich Town) - but only i 2015 and 2019, in the other years he returned by plan at the end of the planned international break.
  9. I'am not sure this have been reported. Call ups to New Zealand international squad - Tommy Smith (Ipswich Town), on two occasions this player have been called up i early october and to return i june next year - nearby 8 months away from the club ? This happens both in 2015 and 2019 - I'am playing with 15.2.1 and I'am not sure this issue also has been the case with other New Zealand internationals ?
  10. I think some discussions regarding this issue have been made in several threads and the outcome it's mainly due to the tactics used by the human manager - but I agree with you, it don't explain the average amount of goals in the games controlled by the AI, it's still to high compared to the real life.
  11. Perhaps hangovers form FM 2014. The in-game kit selection still show up in disappointing ways. 1. Teams are using their alternative socks "1" wearing their home kit - playing at home. 2. Teams are using their alternative socks "1" and/or shorts "1" wearing their home kit - playing away, when there are no kit clashing. 3. Team are using their away or third kit - playing away form home, even if their home kit are not clashing. I have deleted several alternative socks and shorts "1" go "2" in the pre-game editor and they actually disappear from the kit overview screen, but they show up again in the kit selection screen and in the 3D games. Eg. Ipswich Town, in the database their home kit has white socks as alternative "1" to their home kit - I deleted the item, but they still pop up as mentioned above.
  12. The original 3D kits which follow with the game does not show up in game - why ? 3rd party shirts do - but not the 3rd party 3D kits. Confused:confused:
  13. Thanks Michael for your time, but it's starting to be to complicated for an amateur-skinner, as me I thought it was a minor bug in the base-skin, that coursed the differences with the columns, as you can see at se at the screenshot, some of the columns down the table are fine with the edited font "vera" and others still with the font set in the base-skin. If I change to show home or away tables, or combinated - the edited font works fine, so it's seems to be the table showing in all which are the only problem. Perhaps I should leave it…
  14. I have oploaded a screenshot here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052471546/images/?appid=295270
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