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  1. Hi Freddie, finally it works fine The advise (guideline) to remove the two folders from the Editor 2021-directory was apparently the key Have not noticed the link to the guideline before you put it up Thank you for your help and you patience
  2. I am on a MAC and the top row you mention (ID, age, club, etc.) do not show up for me, so no place to right click... Any solution since SI apparently can't fix it ?
  3. It seems the bug is not fixed with the latest patch/update. What can I (or we) do to solve the problem. Some of the tricks suggested are not working for me. I'm on a MAC. Thank you in advance
  4. Have downloaded the scoreboard files and have put it in the folder panels/match. It works fine, but how can I change only the small section with the score ? - either to a darker background or to a darker font. Both very light.
  5. How do you re-install from Steam ? And I guess you move your edited files to another temporary place and the put them back again ? Thanks in advance
  6. @Freddie Sands Is it possible to change the draw to the group stage in the EFL Trophy to random for game to game as it is in the League Cup 1st round ? As it is now, the groups drawn are the same every new game. Thank you in advance
  7. Thank you @michaeltmurrayuk I tried to follow your instructions, but could not locate the 100% correct lines to change the text in the match score area file. Is it the only file who could be copied from the Light-version into the other skin or the hole folder ? Perhaps I better wait for your version to be done Thank out for your patience
  8. Is it possible to use the exact same match score board from the light skin in other baseskins - base21darkalt ? If yes, what to do ? I have copied following files files from light skin to base21darkalt; panels/match/match score area panel panels/match/match score left panels/match/match score right The result not quite good but usable, but colors in the two boxes with home and away team are faded and not clear as it is in the light skin. Anyone ? - thanks in advance
  9. Thank you for the response But I have unticked "use real" fixtures from the start. So that's no the problem. It must be perhaps an error in the set-up for the comp. EFL-Trophy. Last year (FM2020) the draw for the group-stage was random form game to game.
  10. Unfortunately the line under "records found" don't show up under people. but it does under others. Eg. clubs... so can't right-click on the line to get the pop-up menu.
  11. Freddie Sands - any response on this ? Thx in advance
  12. Hi. Can you please explain how and where to do that ? Thx in advance
  13. Is it possible to make the draw group stage in the EFL Trophy random for game to game as it is in the League Cup ? As it is now, the groups are the same every new game.
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