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  1. Hi All, Hoping someone can please help with this? On FM17, I could scout multiple players for 3 months at a time and the 'date last scouted' column would frequently update. Having jumped from 17 to 19, I don't seem to be able re-scout players that my scouts have found - I.E the date last scouted report doesn't change so could say 455 days even though I have highlighted the player and selected the scout player option. The SCT box is showing next to the players name and I have both top packages. I can't seem to find any mention of this being as issue so any help would be much appreciated? Thanks:)
  2. I had the same problem towards the end of each season as we ended up playing 1 first team game a week. Solved it by arranging assistant manager controlled friendlies 2 days after the main match, against nearby teams. Because the key first teamers were tired he automatically picked the players that weren't fit, bringing all the senior squad up to the same level of fitness.
  3. I configured the same laptop with the specs from the original link and it came out £50 quid more on PC Specialists site. Seems like a bargain (relatively speaking).
  4. Hi Guys, been searching for a laptop for around £850 and found this. Can anyone see a reason not to get it, or know of anything better for around the same price? Ideally I want to run at least 30 leagues and have a long career save. http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/pc-specialist-optimus-ii-gt15-960-xs-core-i7-6700hq-12gb-1tb-hdd-15.6-win-pcs-l861547/version.asp Many thanks Steve
  5. Same here! Doing ok so far -5th after about 18 games. Surprisingly having Conceded the least goals in the league so far after getting hammered week in, week out in the beta.
  6. Does loaning a player out have any effect on their 'home grown' status as they won't be at your club?
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