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  1. Finally its arrived! Got some interesting results when benchmarking. On Time spy, balanced result was 10204 GPU / 9678 CPU. I followed this straight away on performance and got 11020 / 9211 which wasn't what I was expecting on the CPU. Rebooted and got 11023/ 10029. In regard to the FM benchmarks, I conducted some last week & they were a few seconds slower than yours which again was a surprise as I've got 32gb ram (I know there's issues with the ram). Since then I've updated the Bios and got 10:18 on balanced and 10:08 on performance for Benchmark C. This was achieved opening FM
  2. That's great to hear! Another 4 weeks sadly, although I'm hoping it might get shipped early. Fingers crossed. Thanks again :-)
  3. Thanks for the info & that's an impressive Timespy score. Even more excited for mine to arrive now.
  4. I have this on order so delighted to see this. I would much appreciate it if you could please let me know if the tests were conducted in performance mode, and what the thermals are like when processing during FM? Many thanks 😊 My current lenovo ran very hot during FM17 but has been much cooler with the more recent versions of the game.
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. The Backroom Team Advice Summary email has suggested 2 assistant mangers for the vacant coach first team coach position (note - I already have an assistant manager). If you right click to offer either of the suggestions a job it starts at Assistant Manager level but can be negotiated to coach, however the requested salary is almost twice the maximum salary allowed. There is minimal chance of recruitment for these staff suggestions. Thanks
  6. Upon receiving the Transfer induction email; when you click the 'Take induction' button in the bottom right you are met with a screen displaying 'this transfer is not possible , No transfer activity is allowed for Hansa Rostock in this window' Thanks
  7. Managing Spurs & Joe Hart has a squad status of First Choice Goalkeeper - After 8 league games (all wins) he is complaining about a lack of starts. He started the 3 euro games. Should his status start as back up? Thanks “I'm here to work as a team player, whether my name is on the team sheet or not it's a squad effort” - Joe Hart
  8. If you have anyone with a decent personality, you should be able to mentor him to ambitious fairly quickly.
  9. Hi All, Hoping someone can please help with this? On FM17, I could scout multiple players for 3 months at a time and the 'date last scouted' column would frequently update. Having jumped from 17 to 19, I don't seem to be able re-scout players that my scouts have found - I.E the date last scouted report doesn't change so could say 455 days even though I have highlighted the player and selected the scout player option. The SCT box is showing next to the players name and I have both top packages. I can't seem to find any mention of this being as issue so any help would be much app
  10. I configured the same laptop with the specs from the original link and it came out £50 quid more on PC Specialists site. Seems like a bargain (relatively speaking).
  11. Hi Guys, been searching for a laptop for around £850 and found this. Can anyone see a reason not to get it, or know of anything better for around the same price? Ideally I want to run at least 30 leagues and have a long career save. http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/pc-specialist-optimus-ii-gt15-960-xs-core-i7-6700hq-12gb-1tb-hdd-15.6-win-pcs-l861547/version.asp Many thanks Steve
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