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  1. It's probably difficult to assess young players when the quickly rise through the youth ranks. Munir El Haddadi is pretty terrible in FM14, and yet a starter for the senior team now. Or, maybe the Barça researcher still isn't doing his homework (lol).
  2. I'm running an FX-8350 and am pretty happy with it. Runs FM better than any PC I've had previous to it. If it meets your needs, you'll probably not notice a difference between AMD and Intel. That said, remember that one of AMD's biggest selling points over Intel is value for money. Set your expectations accordingly.
  3. You don't mention their personalities. Have you developed those through tutoring first?
  4. Twitch isn't something I've ever used, and it's difficult to see it being as big for FM as it is for other games, but it could have some cool uses. First to come to mind is its use as a tutorial/trainer. YouTube videos could work, but having two-way conversation might just be really valuable.
  5. I have trouble with substitutes too. If it's a youth player I'm giving "development minutes" to, I usually calmly tell him "no pressure", and get a positive reaction. Haven't really figured out the other players though, so I usually don't say anything. In general, I've had my best luck with team talks by really trying to put myself in the situation and consider the context. Once I lost a match I should have won after leading at the half, and my assistant wanted me to really come down on the team - ignoring the fact that I had three injuries and a BS red card in the second half and finished with 9. I instead used "unlucky lads", and got a brilliant green screen.
  6. I suggest you head on over to the Tactics and Training Forum, and bring your tactic with you. There might be holes or inefficiencies you've overlooked, and the posters there can help point you in the right direction.
  7. I probably wouldn't have. You'll get as many opinions on this as you ask players, but that's mine. If I lose a match due to interface errors or real glitches (e.g. Keeper makes the save then walks into goal) I'll reload, but if I get beat due to tactical mistakes on my part, or unlikely but perfectly feasible random events, it's a loss. Even when it really, really, hurts. Full disclosure: I'd probably have to walk away from the PC and breathe before I came to the conclusion not to reload - impulse in the moment would be "yeah, run it again." Also, Victor Valdes seriously injured himself performing what was to the naked eye, a routine save. Freak things happen in real life.
  8. That's a bit harsh. It's not unreasonable to be able to immerse yourself in a fictional world to the extent that you feel real emotions from the events that transpire there (you've never cried, felt angry, afraid, or any other emotion from watching a movie or reading a book?). Now if the OP has trouble putting those emotions away when turning off the computer and getting back to the real world, that's potentially concerning. The same as anyone who does the same with any other fictional world.
  9. I've never played a custom database, but Lawlore wrote a series of stories based on his games in an American database that are top-notch (and sold the database pretty well too). Here's a link to one of them.
  10. Man, what do you do when it comes time to sell yourself? That's gotta be rough.
  11. Big club or small club isn't necessarily easier or harder, but there are different challenges at each level. Learning how to survive and grow as a small club is a different kettle of fish than learning how to win a treble in the top league, which is different than learning how to win in the margins in the middle of the table. As a big club, it's harder to "screw up" - you've got a ton of money and usually much better players than your peers. It's probably a better place to learn how to create a basic tactical system (e.g. if this setup doesn't work for ManU vs. Maidenhead, clearly it's got some flaws). Lower leagues is a better place to learn how to create a system that works for the players you've got - you're more likely to have players that are only good at one thing, and can create a system that uses that effectively. Mid-table/midl-level wealth and below is a better place to learn transfer efficiency, because you can still find incredible value and can't just throw money at players or clubs. Pick one and move forward. Make mistakes and learn lessons. And enjoy the ride!
  12. I personally don't like to reload, simply because I don't want to spend the time going through a match I've already played. I don't play very quickly or as frequently as I'd like, and tend to watch my matches on comprehensive. If I want to get to the future, I can't afford to repeat a match. However, were I open to reloading, I would make a distinction between tactical errors and interface errors. If I lose a match because I make a tactical error, I'd accept the loss and try to learn from it. If I lost a match because I clicked the wrong button, I'd reload. If what I choose to do is wrong, that's entirely on me. If I'm unable to do what I choose because the interface/game gets in my way, that's not entirely on me.
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