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  1. I think any move towards an EA game is a bad idea, firstly, by having free tactics, it makes the task of identifying a position that much harder and therefore putting players into position even harder. On the various requests for a 3D stadium, it should never happen, its football manager and not football chairman etc... I do think you should have an input on a stadium expansion, such as size of new stadium, location, name. However, there are several issues with a 3D stadium one of these being the higher graphics card that would be needed to run an impressive version of this feature, therefore removing the majority of gamers from being able to run the game.
  2. Basically, I think that transfers are probably the biggest or most enjoyable feature in Football Manager to date. Well, it is for me a crucial part of the game. At the moment the method of transfer are satisfactory, the varied options such as 'first option', 'player exchange' and the usual method of loaning and buying out right are excellent, but I would like to see a more in-depth analysis into how transfers occur and there impact on the game. Take today's transfer with Fernando Torres, the club called a press conference and paraded the player, this was also seen with Michael Owen's signing with Newcastle. I think it would be great to see some kind of press conference for big signings for a club, asking questions on the role of the player and questioning the player on his views. This would add a new realism to the game, as well as seeing fans response to the signing. I also think that it would be a good addition to be able to conduct your own medicals, or, see results for the medical and either cancel the transfer or more likely, to set targets for players who do not perform at a good enough standard, again this would give you a more hands on approach to the transfer system. Another feature which I believe would be beneficial would be that during transfer periods, recurring board meetings could be arranged to outline potential signings. I think this could help to see ambition in the club, and if more money was needed for a high profile signing, this could be the place to request it. It would also be good to see if once players had been shortlisted, your chairman would comeback to you with responses from other club chairmans on their availability, this would prevent endless bidding. I also think that the agent influence could make the game more realistic. I am aware of the rare occasion at which an agent presents you with a video, but I think there is more room for agents in the game. Giving the agents identificati on and stats could increase the realism and open new doors for the game. Clubs could form links with agents and ask agents for recommended signings, players could also change agents which would have an affect on there future at the present club. *You may have already read this, but my thread was closed.* Any ideas?
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