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  1. 8.02 Patch Wish

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by grade: Put an option how to make substitution. A choice between the on going match(like fm08) or stop match (like previous versions of FM) because I personally this prevents me from playing the game at all. Also If i choose for my assistance manager to do the team talks I do not need to see what my AM chooses. Tranfer negotiation (when selling a player that must be at least someone interested, that is what happens in real life. Also if we gamers (we as Managers) want to buy a player we have to put a few more million to buy the player we want to, that same should happen when a club want to buy A player from our squad. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Have you not seen the Pause button?
  2. Gripper, Any news on the Arsenal researcher role? I've emailed you afew times.
  3. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Gripper: SI are looking out for experienced FM gamers to research their team for any future data updates for FM2008, and also for FM2009 and beyond. Applicants will have both a huge passion for and extensive knowledge of their club. Vacancies are for the following English clubs: Accrington Stanley Arsenal Bristol Rovers Doncaster Rovers Huddersfield Town Northwich Victoria Wolverhampton Wanderers Would any objective season ticket holder or regular matchgoer like to help? The task involves giving as-accurate-as-possible ratings to every aspect of each player’s game, including reserves and youth players, plus keeping us up to date of all transfers at the club, as well as their financial position. In fact, if it is in the database for your club, we want your help to keep it updated! We would expect you to consider yourself THE authority on your club, rather than being a passive observer of them. The work involves a thrice-yearly thorough working through of the data file, using a provided editing package that is simple to use. The rest of the year, we obviously need to be kept up to date with transfers and contract news, as well as info on the club debts/finances, so that every bit of information that FM uses about your club is as accurate as it can be. That is the task of the researcher to provide the info, and to be up to date with the news there. So, it will be the appointed researcher's call as to how your manager's designated formations, or your first-team goalkeeper's decisions attribute read in the expected post-transfer window data update for FM2008. We do need that person to follow (or watch, if possible) the reserves so that we can accurately simulate their abilities in our game too. (For the Arsenal researcher role, you *must* know the qualities of the reserve and youth players as well as the obvious about the first-team). We would prefer the researcher to be a local to the town, to be best positioned to attend as many games as possible. In the last year we have successfully appointed new researchers for many clubs, including a large majority of those from appeals to these forums. We do not pay, unfortunately, though we do provide a free advanced copy of FM2009, as well as integrate all researchers to our research team. Please email me if you are in a position to lend a hand. Your help would be much appreciated. Gripper English Research team Sports Interactive dean.gripton@sigames.com * If you are interested in contributing to research for clubs lower than the Conference (Blue Square Premier) then please post in the Non-League Data Issues thread here.. The Data Issues Forum contains threads relating to data for all countries - please visit and post there if you would like to help with the research in those countries. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Gripper I have emailed you regarding the Arsenal researcher, hope it still open.
  4. Appreciate all the hard work and effort you've put in! I'll be downloading your training schedules when I get home from work. Wanted to ask though! Are theses schedules only really worthwhile if you have a good coaching staff?? I mean if applying these to a Blue Square premier team with poor coaches, are they going to have much effect at all?
  5. Steklo - The first (I think) new skin for FM08

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to CaptinFerret for all his hard work on the Steklo skin!! Thanks pal KUTGW
  6. Just sold Clichy in Jan 08 to Sevilla in a deal worth up to 30m!! Thought it was too good to turn down, it was 5m upfront, 20m over 24 months and 20% sell on clause!! Brought in Emanuelson (spelling!) from Ajax for 9.75m!! Anyone got any experiance of him?? Do you think this was a good deal overall??
  7. Seems like the fresh start has made all the difference!! This time I signed Pandev, Menez, Breno (coming in jan) & Fernandez!! Started the season away to the sc*m and beat them 3-1!! Then played AEK away in the CL qualifier and beat them 2-0!! Playing my usual attacking tactic but this time i've slowed the tempo right down and it seems to be doing the job. Early days still though!!
  8. @ Semper123 I thought that i might be trying to do too much, i'll get the simple tactics ago on the new game i've started!! It's strange coz i'm using the same tactics that i used in the demo, and in the demo my team were flying!!
  9. I'm having (had!) a complete shocker so far in FM08 as Arsenal!! I've been able to do well in all the FM games and CM before that but this time I have to hold my hands up and say i've well a truely lost my touch!!! I just couldn't get my gunners side going!! I brought in Villa and Quaresma and sold Gilberto and Almunia. Using a 4-4-2 attacking tactic, with team instructions set at attacking, quick tempo, short passing, etc! But I just couldn't string any results together!! I was down in 13th and got beaten by Man utd 5-2 away on the 8th Dec and was sacked after the game!! This is the first time i've been sacked as Arsenal manager on any of the games, and was in total shock! What am I doing wrong!?? Have I missed something with this version??