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  1. THIS IS SPARTA.......ns SEASON 4 2020-2021 Club Info | Finances | 1st Team Squad |Profile SEASON REVIEW League Cup (Table/Results) - Pretty gutted not to get into the next round, had a great chance against Dunfermline but bottled it big style. Still decent progress and a bit of optimism for the season ahead. Chalenge Cup (Results) - Lost in the 2nd round in penalties, had our chances, just never took them. Disappointing. Scottish Cup (Results) - Replay loss in the 3rd round, not much too say about this. No money and pretty dire performances, the 4th round was a draw against a Highland League side as well, could have made it to the 5th round a get a decent tie. League (Final Table) - A decent season, halfway through we were sitting just outside the playoff position and I was hoping e could sneak in, unfortunately just after Christmas our form took a major hit and we fell out of contention. Managed to get a run towards the end of the season but the damage was done, still finishing 6th was about 3 places better than I aimed for so it's all good. YOUTH Intake - Our new Head of Youth's first intake, and it's not too bad. Micheal May YP04 - I will have to re-train May to be a striker or change my formation but that's next seasons problems. Archie Mullen YP04 - Versatility, I like that in a player. All in the key positions of our tactic as well. Gary Fleming YP04 - Always need a keeper....especially since I keep losing them. I keep losing players on pre-contracts because i forgot to tie them down....I should stop that. OTHER STUFF Transfers - Fee & Released players. Not much activity on the selling front, however I have got rid of most of the players from the original squad. This means next seasons squad will be very young and inexperienced, another season like this would be great Also set a new record this season, now I'm not saying we are a dirty team......but the evidence kind of states otherwise. NEXT SEASONS AIM Going to give this a wee brake until Christmas, mass amount of overtime and busy work schedule means I'm not going to get much of a chance to continue at the moment. Thankfully I do have 2 weeks off soon so hope to catch up then.
  2. I had to play the first year without a youth setup but got the option to join the development league after my first season. I've not really looked into too much but it may be a bug. It may be also that the game is accurately representing the incompetence of the SFA, who now decide how the unholy mess of a development league is set up under the rather bewildering tittle....and I wish I was making this up...."Project Brave". I may have let my own bias creep in there.
  3. @Dan BHTFC - What kind of deal did you have to do with the devil to get Robbie White in....and how long can you keep him? @Bartrcm - Congrats on the win and Europa glory, the money is going to be invaluable for the next couple seasons to keep building.
  4. THIS IS SPARTA.......ns SEASON 3 2020-2021 Club Info | Finances | 1st Team Squad |Profile SEASON REVIEW I didn't take screenshots of the cups because.....well it was non existent to be honest. Won 1 game in the League cup group stage but was out by the time I played my final game. Challenge cup I was put out by Peterhead and while I beat my boggy team Clyde in the Scottish cup (I'm starting to really hate Clyde btw, nothing personal but at the end of the season I had played them 14 times, lost 10, drawn 3 and won only once) I was soundly beaten by Dunfermline in the 4th round. The league was pretty much a slug fest, spent most of the time in 7th place but as soon as the final stage came into view, the arse end fell out of my team and with 4 games to go I was sitting in 10th and looking likely to drop, my form was bad. Thankfuly, Arbroath's form was worse and I sneaked into 9th place at the end. So Annan in the semi final and a solid, if not spectacular 1-0 win setup what could have been a tense 2nd leg...however a good and attacking first 30 mins saw The Spartans 3-0 up before rounding out a 5-2 home win winning the leg 6-2. Annan had one of our original youth players, Gary Page YP01 on loan from Hibs, but we were more than good enough to keep him quiet. The final would be against Cowdenbeath with us being at home first we secure a rare clean sheet an a solid 2-0 win, the return leg started badly going a goal down within the 20 mins, but a quickfire reply quickly stopped any potential momentum for the opposition and we see the game out 2-1 winners, 4-1 on aggregate. Overall, it went as well as I could have hoped for. Having to through the youngsters into or back line was not ideal and they made a number of basic errors which was to be expected, hopefully they learn from this and we can be a bit more solid at the back. I'm going to be screwed for goals when Ali Sutherland goes, although at 25 he's still got a couple of years left....hopefully with us and not someone else. YOUTH Intake - Another nice batch with plenty of potential, but potential is one thing, achieving is another. I've got a bit of depth now so I can be a bit more selective, in saying that I think I signed all but 5 from the intake. Will have to farm a few out on loan next season otherwise there could be wasted talent (or in the case of young Scottish players, they find the joy of Guinness and Kebab's.....I know I did) I few stand outs to look at. Colin Turnbull YP03 - An attacking midfielder who I hope to retrain into a Central Midfielder to fit more with my tactics Dean Donaldson YP03 - Can't go wrong with defenders....especially with the amount of goals I ship in a season Steven Adams YP03 - A left back and a right back....excellent cover Iain McLeish YP03 - A good looking keeper, here's hoping I don't do something stupid to loose him (Arrested Development narrator - "he would and did") At the end of the season I felt I needed to start changing things around, I let go my Head of Youth and welcomed Derek Ure to the club, the JPA & JPA stats are almost double of the previous HoY and I've signed Derek on a 2 year deal so we'll give it a go and fingers crossed I see an improvement....not that I've had a particularity poor influx over the seasons. OTHER STUFF Transfers - Fee & Released players. I sold Mark Dickson YP02 for £80,000 with a 50% sell on clause to Killie during the winter transfer window. I had a decent back up that I could bring in so take the money when I can. There is a lack of money in the Scottish League's so got to take the chances when it comes, that 80k covers at least 4/5 months for my Youth Setup. At the end of the season I got onto the board regarding getting some coaching badges and they agreed so National A badge, here I come. Got a number of job offers over the season, the biggest being Aberdeen thing must be bad over at Pittodrie. NEXT SEASONS AIM Don't....get......worse.....
  5. Thanks, the red herring is that the current ability is marked against the current team, most of who are playing about 2 leagues above their level. That's a pretty mental relegation situation in the Argentine setup btw.
  6. THIS IS SPARTA.......ns SEASON 2 2019-2020 Club Info | Finances | 1st Team Squad |Profile Ok, survived the first year but need to rework my tactics if I'm looking to make this a success. Normally I focus on keeping it tight and attempt to hit on the counter, however looking at the abundance of players who can play up top I've decided to use a 4-3-3 formation, keep it narrow and hit it long......it aint going to be pretty but it's the best I can do. SEASON REVIEW So with the new tactic, how was this going to play. League Cup - Early days of the new tactic and not looking good, got well and truly beat in all games. Finished bottom again. Challenge Cup - Lost on pens to the Hearts youth team.....not sure this is going to work. Scottish Cup - Lost to the Ghost of Lama's in Gretna 2008. League - ermmm.....how did this happen. I got promoted via the playoffs. The new tactic lead to some high scoring games, but tacking inspiration from Kevin Keegan's entertainers at Newcastle, if they score 1 we score 3. Truth is we had been near the top or even top for a fair amount of the season, Clyde however had a much better run in while I was still hit and miss. YOUTH We lost Gary Page YP01 to Hibs on a free, this was my error in not getting a part time contract in early enough and tie him down. £10.5k in compensation is about 1/5 the value I put on him as well. Lesson learned the hard way. Another nice intake, I'll be honest I let a little yelp of joy when I saw it. A complete back line to grow and develop the Gods have been kind. I sign all of them really to build depth. Petrit Krasniqi YP02 (DL) | Brad Lavery YP02 (DC) | Euan Smith YP02 (DC) | Mark Dicknson YP02 (DR) I managed to increase the coaching and network over the season, I have decent enough facilities for this level for the time being but by the end of the season I'll be committing £15k per month to the youth, I think this is as far as I can go without really screwing over the club. OTHER STUFF Transfers - Fee & Released players. Not much here, lost 2 goalkeepers who were not terrible but not good enough to make a claim for the number one jersey. Lost a few senior defenders who for one reason or the other didn't want to resign. Takeover - This happens more often in challenges and can take a long time....however I have never seen one completed in a day (offer/accepted the next day. The new Chairman must have been worried when the old one wept tears of joy and skipped out of the stadium singing 'Happy Days are Here Again'. There was a bit of a cash injection (went to improving youth coaching) and I managed to re-introduce the philosphy of developing youth players for the first team. Senior Affiliate - During the close season and after a battle in the boardroom with the new Chairmen, I managed to convice him of the benefits of having a senior affiliate. I was given the choice 2 Premiership sides, Queen of The South or Ross County. There was only one choice and I welcome the money, and home tie that Ross County will be giving me. NEXT SEASONS AIM
  7. THIS IS SPARTA.......ns SEASON 1 2018-2019 Club Info | Finances | 1st Team Squad |Profile Why......why do I do this to myself. I have had a number of attempts in Scotland which lead to abject failure, yet I start again with hope to topple the might of Celtic with a plucky newcomer, this time I take over The Spartans. The starting squad doesn't give me much to deal with, no current youth team so stuck with the 18 man squad which includes 3 goalkeepers. SEASON REVIEW League - No surprises here but I finished up at the bottom of the table. Everytime I seemed to get a bit of momentum going it falls apart a couple of games later. Still I wasn't expecting to do much here other than avoid relegation through the playoffs. I drew East Stirlingshire and after a 2-1 first leg win, a repeated scoreline secured my status in the league. In the Cups I lost all games in the league cup, got to the 2nd round in the Challenge Cup and 4th round in the Scottish Cup before losing to Killmarnock in a game I oddly did ok. YOUTH INTAKE Having no youth squad to start with I wasn't sure how this was going to work. I hired a Head of Youth Development and just waited. Then at the beginning of March I get a message possibly talking of a golden generation.....well lets see then. HELLO!!! Some decent players here, definitely a few getting promoted into the senior squad for next season. Everyone gets signed on with hope on the following 3 players. Gary Page YP01 - The top player of the intake, and well be put into the senior squad without a doubt, hoping he could provide a few goals next season. Euan McCabe YP01 - Another striker, well be used a few times, but mostly leaving in the youth team. Brian Ireland YP01 - Although I'm losing 1 keeper next season, I still have 2 so I will allow Brian time to develop in the youth team before possibly giving him a few cup games the following season. This is possible right......I mean it's been done hasn't it.....*sigh*
  8. SCM Pitești - Season 1 Profile|General Club Info|Club Facilities|End of Season Finances So started this around Christmas time last year but stopped after the new year, other things got in the way. However had some free time this week and thought why not try this again, I mean everything is fine at the moment and some much needed angst is the very thing missing in my life at the moment and lets be honest, nothing brings angst better than FM's Youth Academy Challenge. So too Romania I go, and land with SCM Pitesti. Squad Senior Squad| Youth Squad - So a bit of a surprise in that I have a half decent squad to start with and a youth squad to start to nurture. There is no standout players in any of the 2 squads but have decent cover in all places and with the league rules stating I need to have at least 3 U21's in the starting XI I won't be relying upon grayed out players. Staff - A lot of room to get a decent staff in, so got an assistant manager, Head of Youth Development and a couple of coaches. Signed all on a 2 year deal to get a bit of stability going. Season Review Cup - Knocked out of the cup in the 6th round to a higher league opposition so made the minimum expectations expected off me, I had the option of swapping the venue of the game for £300 and like the cheap floozy in the docks I snapped up the cash, got to think I may have preferred home advantage tbh. League - Finished 11th and to be honest for a bit more luck I think I could have picked a top 8 place here. However there is a massive danger zone at the bottom, with 5 places in danger of falling out of the league and that was enough for me to be a bit more conservative and settled for a draw rather than chase that win. Believe next season I could fight for a top 8 position. Awards - Player of the Month Nov......yeah, thats it (apart from a 3rd place in Manager of Month for Nov) Youth Intake Candidates - Not much to write home about but as I have a youth squad I could be more selective on who to bring on. So GK. Mihai Din (Y18) (who will be sent to the Belgravia Hairloss Centre) DC. Andrie Virtej (Y18), AMC. Silviu Takacs (Y18) and SC. Gabriel Maria (Y18) get offers and are now part of the team. Not a great selection so managed to get the board to increase our youth coaching for next season and the Head of Youth is on his final year, a bad intake and I will be ringing in the change.
  9. KF Fjallabyggðar - Season 2, 2018 Starting Squad #1, #2 -There were a few losses due to retirement and some players just not making the grade so the core squad number is reduced. Gunnar Rúnarsson (17) is promoted to the senior squad as cover (only had 1 GK last season and got lucky with injuries) while there would be a call up halfway through the season for Jóhann Hilmar Auðunsson (17), Guðmundur Marteinsson (17) and Arnar Þór Guðjónsson (17) due to suspensions and injuries. Jóhann impressed enough to become a key player going forward with a potential ability to be a key player in the top league. Best XI - 2018 Season Progress Deildabikar (Results) - Terrible, only managed to get 2 points in the group finishing rock bottom of my group. Somehow however the board where content with this and considered we weren't outclassed in this competition. Borgunarbikar (Results) - Knocked out in the quarterfinals on penalties after taking the lead twice. A good performance but again felt we could have gone further here. 1. Deild karla (Results #1/Results #2/Table) - Finished 5th in the league and although I was only three points of 2nd place promotion was never really on. I good survival though and once again we surpassed expectations of finishing 12. Youth Intake & Club Development Intake (note: I forgot to take screenshots of the youth players) - Another decent intake with players in a number of positions. I give contract to GK Óskar Þór Rósbergsson (18), D(C) Kristján G Hreiðarsson (18), D(C) Haukur H Kristjánsson (18), D(R) Atli Þór Birgisson (18), D(R) Georg Hreiðarsson (18) M/AM(C) Hjalti Ólafsson (18), AM(R) Gunnar Sigurður Árnason (18) and ST(C) Arnar Freyr Sigurbergsson (18). I'll look to loan out Atli and Georg as I have a number of players in that positions but their potential was to high to not give the a youth contract. Hjalti will be trained as a roaming playmaker in midfield while Gunnar and Arnar will be on the fringes of the squad and may be given some game time come suspensions/injuries. Finances (Commercial Summary/Overall Summary) - Still making an average loss per month of £5,000 which is not sustainable, however the board did managed to check down the back of the clubs couches and found £70,000, I will burn through that in no time. The problem is we have a 5 year sponsorship deal on a very low amount per season, this doesn't run out till 2021 where I hope to be in the top league by then and improve on the clubs reputation to get a better deal. I'm not able to afford any improvements on the youth facilities or coaching until the finical side of the club improves. Season 3 Aims - Another cup run in the Borgunarbikar would be nice and lets aim for promotion, the tactic has settled and I think now with the players now more developed into the roles we should be looking to improve on this years efforts.
  10. After licking my wounds from the failure at Dalbeattie Star, I head to pastures new to try again, I head north and land in Iceland. KF Fjallabyggðar - Season 1, 2017 Club Info - 1st of all, best looking club badge ever.....taping into that Norse Mythology of Thor there, I like it. The club while founded in 2010, KF Fjallabyggðar is actually a merger of 2 teams from neighboring towns who themselves became a Municipality....I've included the wiki leak to the club as it's quite interesting to see how many teams have merged to become this team here. Starting Squad #1, #2 - A fairly young side which with most positions covered it allows a bit of freedom in tactics. I've settled on a 4-1-2-3 formation with the main objective of keeping possession, if I have the ball then the chance of the opposition scoring is lowered. Produced a number of low scoring games and a fair few 0-0's so changed it slightly to push the FB's beyond the AM's and get crosses into the box. This meant I had to retrain the role of the AM's from Wingers to Inside forwards, encourage the overlap and play a bit narrower to create the space. This has improved things slightly and I think this is what I'll work on going forward, I'll train my youth players to fit within specfic player roles until I get enough quality to get another working tactic....a plan B so to speak. Season Progress Deildabikar (Results) - Knocked out in the group stages due to fact that my players match sharpness was poor. Still this was the warmup for the league. Borgunarbikar (Results) - Knocked out in the 3rd round to the eventual winners, so really shouldn't complain......yet felt this was for the taking. This is a route towards the Europa Cup and while not the main aim, it's something I'm going to focus on. 1. Deild karla (Results #1/Results #2/Table) - In a 12 team league, the fact that the top 2 goes up gives a decent chance, however the fact that the bottom 2 goes down does not give much of a safety margin, especially given how tight the league was. A good run of 3 games could see you charge up the table such as a bad run of 3 games sees you free falling down. Thankfully I secured safety with a game or so too go and was able to relax, finishing a respectable 8th after a predicted 11th place finish. Youth Intake & Club Development Facilities - forgot to grab a screen shot of this before moving on, but from memory I had the lowest possible youth network with poor coaching, I managed to increase it midway through the season. The training facilities for both the senior and youth team are below average. Increasing this will have to wait for a while until the funds are there to improve them. Intake - Not too shabby, and unlike last time I'm going to be more selective in who I take on. I give contract to GK Gunnar Rúnarsson (17), D(R) Jóhann Ólason (17), M(C) Jóhann Hilmar Auðunsson (17), M(LC) Anton Örn Heimisson (17), AM(R) Hreinn Kristjánsson (17) ST(C) Guðmundur Marteinsson (17) and ST(C) Arnar Þór Guðjónsson (17). Rúnarsson went straight onto the bench has I only had 1 keeper, both keepers are under the age of 20 also so have plenty of time to try and improve both, the others will find a chance to come into the 1st team next season as few senior players will be let go at the end of their contracts. Finances (Commercial Summary/Overall Summary) - Make and average loss of about £7,000 - £9,000 per month despite being massively under budget, I'll do my best to keep the wage budget down but will need to get a cash injection or cup run to cover the deficit. Put it this way, no improvements for a while. Season 2 Aims - Ok so, a cup run in the Borgunarbikar would be nice and just develop that tactic and be specfic with the training on our youth players. Get them training in roles which will fit my tactic and introduce them into the senior team. Don't get the sack.
  11. @Dan BHTFC - Good to see you're still hanging in there, remarkable patience to keep going and avoiding relegation. The finances are a killer at that level and unless a takeover or cash injection comes in then you have to hope you a nice lucrative cup tie. @Cookie147 - Best of luck with Brora and welcome to the challenge. @Muttley84 - some nice progress over the past few seasons, amazing how much money rolls in just by making it into Europe. Success surely on the horizon soon. @Shankly84 - Steady year on year improvements, keep the momentum going. @Sanno11 - Loving the idea of "Project Tutor", will be interesting to see how it develops.
  12. @Sanno11 yeah I was hoping that too, but every time I thought I had made a breakthrough it took only a couple of games for it too crash down all around me. @Shakes yeah Scotland is tough, although not totally impossible I feel. A more skilled player than me can do it and I do plan to take another attempt at it later on but need to refine strategy first. I'll take a look at Sweden, but the mighty nation of Iceland seem to be calling me closer....they have a decent national team I hear.
  13. Dalbeattie Star Season 5 - 2021/2022 Season Review I'm going to make this short. After avoiding 10th in the first 3 seasons only via last game miracles and a playoff victory last season, the luck finally run out against Peterhead and I've lost 3-1 on aggregate (leg 1, leg 2). It was only a matter of time really and it was a painful watching the inevitable goal which killed off any hope. Finicaly the club is in a bad way as well, losing on average £15,000 per month. With relegation comes the sacking So What Did We Learn? So looking back on the challenge what did I learn and what do I need to re-evaluate for my next attempt. I wish I paid more attention to the personalty of some of my intakes. Some had high potential but lacked the determination/work ethic to ever progress that far ahead. Tactically the way I play FM normally is to just keep the same formation and then get players to fit. Here I need to adapt and identify a tactic quicker which I can use with the players I get rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, this is purely on me (insert Alfred "I failed you crying gif") I'm not too sure on the benefit of having fitness coach over say another general coach of even a keeper coach, especially for the U20's I think I need to re-learn the training side of things and be more proactive on that, normally just leave to assistant manager to assign. Keep a better eye on finance's and don't push too quickly in extending the youth network range when the quality of coaching is not high enough, you just get more of the average players which will not make the grade. Not sure where I'll go next, I have a few other save files of different teams in Scotland while trying to find a team to go first time around but feel that Scotland is too be a challenge just now. I think the frozen tundra's of Scandinavia is calling me over......
  14. So how about The Star...... Dalbeattie Star Season 4 - 2020/2021 Squad 1st Team Keepers / U20's Keepers - Praying for someone to step up and challenge MacLeod as 1st choice keeper, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Sent Frank Patterson (2019) out on loan for experience. 1st Team Defenders / U20's Defenders - Defenders are starting to get to the age where they'll start to lose some of their ability and stats, really need to see how I'm going to bleed in the youth. 1st Team Midfielders / U20's Midfielders - I mucked around with the midfield too much this season and suffered as a result, the youth players with high potential may not fit into the system I had hoped to go with so will be attempting to retrain into more suitable positions....a blow to my master plan. 1st Team Strikers / U20's Strikers - Lewis McLean couldn't replicate his debut season form but was hampered by niggling minor injuries which meant he never got a decent run going. Thankfully Higgens managed to contribute a few goals this season. Season Review League Cup - Standard performance....did manage a win though, which was nice. Challenge Cup - 1st round knocked out, a poor, very poor performance from us. Scottish Cup - Got to the 4th round but didn't get that vital away game to Celtic or Rangers for the money, instead I lost to.........that lot there..... League (1st Half/2nd Half) - 1st half started like normal and started to slowly eek out the wins but needed more as this was not going to do. So into the tactics I go and start to tinker around with a few things, some forced due to injuries and some down to madness/genius (such is that think line). If I could find a visual representation of that season would be this The wheels didn't just fall off, they blew off in the most spectacular fashion. By the end of the season I was 10th and going into the playoff relegation. Remember the past 3 teams have gone down and I was not holding out much hope. I was preparing my end of challenge post to be honest. Playoff Leg 1 - Maybe the sacked post was a bit premature. It wasn't pretty and by no way we where the best team but I'll take the win. I virtually punched the ceiling when the winner went it. Playoff Leg 2 - So I changed my formation to a 5-3-2 and plan to hit on the counter fast and hard, we were going to make this ugly as hell. Somehow we go 2-1 up and by half time I'm confident my team can take this out so switch to a more defensive approach to the game. Well Berwick where not going to make this easy and pulled it level on aggregate 4-4, I lose my patience and just go all out attack....if I'm going to lose this, I'm going to go out swinging at everything in sight. Somehow Jamie Gillian scores and it we are 4-5 up on aggregate, celebrate the good times people I will survive, I was going to make it to the next seaso..... oh balls. Berwick score in the 90+2 min to put it into extra time. I'll be honest, the screen stayed on the team talk section for a few mins while I just stared in disbelief. Extra time passed with no major incident and it was now in the luck of a penalty shootout. This was less dramatic than the game as I win 4-1 in the shootout. The Star survive relegation. Youth Intake Intake - I take on Darren McCutcheon GK, Robbie Jonstone DLC, Chris Wadge DRC, John Stevenson DM ML, Christopher McCall ML, David Jackson MCR, Gary Vance STK all with decent potential and replacing some of the original youth intake from the 1t season who will be let go at the end of the season. Other Points of Interest Finances - Not great, but not totally disastrous. I don't have to scale back any of my youth coaching or recruitment yet so still somehow fighting in the challege. Season 4 Aims Re-atach those wheels.........somehow. Results to Date Season League Postion Challenge Cup League Cup Scottish Cup Traning Facilites Youth Facilites Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Avg Attendance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 League 2 9th 1st Round Group Stage 3rd Round Poor Basic Adequate Basic 185 (5% Full) 2018/19 League 2 9th 1st Round Group Stage 4th Round Poor Basic Adequate Basic 142 (4% Full) 2019/20 League 2 9th 2nd Round Group Stage 2nd Round Poor Basic Average Basic 151 (4% Full) 2020/21 League 2 10th 1st Round Group Stage 2nd Round Poor Basic Average Basic 138 (4% Full)
  15. Some good progress made by some on here, great work by @Muttley84, @Bubbles_DK and @Pippadoc on their respective titles
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