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  1. To be honest, I probably wouldn't ever use it, so its absence from FMC is no deal at all to me.
  2. By far the best regen wonderkid I've found. 16 years old, a model professional, and those attributes already. Tasty.
  3. Have there been many career threads using FMC? I took a look and didn't see any. It's my preferred mode and offers a bit of a different challenge. With little control over morale, no individual player training, no control over PPM's, and reduced tactical analysis, it's not "easy mode" as some have come to believe. I was considering starting a thread for my current FMC save, and perhaps I should have. It's been an interesting one, taking me from Indonesia to Scotland to Holland!
  4. I had a Chinese regen in FM 13 named Wang Long. When Chinese players retire their first/last names swap for whatever reason. So his name in the record books was Long Wang.
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