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  1. My last FM version was FMC 14, and the player biographies in their profiles was a great feature. Am I just missing where it is now with FMT 17, or is it gone completely? I see where coaches have them, but not players.
  2. I know in FMC '13 Youth Recruitment never really improved. You could take a tiny club up to the world's most prominent and still have crap youth intake. Is this different in FMC '14 and '15?
  3. I'm just curious. Just had this $(US)111,000,000 one come through. Since I'm not hurting for money, I turned it down.
  4. To be honest, I probably wouldn't ever use it, so its absence from FMC is no deal at all to me.
  5. Will be disappointing if something similar to what '14 had doesn't go through. That was useful tool to get a specific glance at their stats relative to role.
  6. Have I just not been looking in the right places, or has no information about FMC15 been released? We've not been abandoned have we?
  7. Something like 2% I think. I managed in Portugal and now Germany.
  8. By far the best regen wonderkid I've found. 16 years old, a model professional, and those attributes already. Tasty.
  9. My diamond doesn't seem to be scoring with as much frequency as the rest of you, but defensively it's rock solid and is holding us in 2nd in the Bundesliga (as previously poor Stuttgart) with by far fewest goals conceded in the league.
  10. Fantastic. I just came here to ask for help in getting my diamond to score more goals. I'm consistently among the best teams in the league defensively, but just need some more balls in the back of the net! I'll try some of your tips out!
  11. If there is no tactical familiarity in FMC, why can I take a tactic and formation that consistently finished top 3 in Portugal to the German First Division and get absolutely crushed? I have good players, suited to the roles and positions I'm asking them to play, playing against similar formations I faced in Portugal, and yet... FM really needs better feedback related to "squad gelling" or "playstyle adjustment" or anything factors like that. How am I to know what's wrong?
  12. My solution? Play FMC where you have no control over PPMs, individual training, or mentoring. They play and do well, they get better. If they don't, they don't.
  13. I estimate I see at least one fan poll on players each season.
  14. I think the substitute for this is having your striker twist his knee and be out for 4 weeks as he kicks off the match with a 1 yard back pass.
  15. I thought 50,000 was just a recommended limit. I'm sure I'm running at about 52,000 right now.
  16. Never have, and it's burned me maybe once in 50+ seasons.
  17. Considering the ME and tactics are exactly the same, I'm going with lucky streak.
  18. I think last year we were expected to finish 7th, and perhaps this year's expectations have risen a bit, but I'm far from the conversation of a league title. Your statement on making sweeping changes year to year without detriment is interesting. I'll just have to reevaluate things I guess.
  19. In my first year coaching a team in the Portuguese Second League, we finished 8th out of 22. Due to players' contracts expiring and wage budget constraints, I let go nearly the entire starting 11. I brought in new players for the next season, nearly all of which are actually better than the players they replaced. I'm using the same tactics as last season that saw us finish 20-8-14, yet we've started this season 5-4-8 and sit in 19th with me in danger of being sacked. And I can't figure out WHY. The completely ambiguous "team hasn't gelled yet" really needs to be more apparent if it is the cau
  20. I recall Classic only having Next Opposition, Competition, and Region. I'll check when I get home.
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