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  1. Problem fixed. Some sort of issue with the graphics drivers. I have reinstalled them and seems to be working now.
  2. Hi Jimmy, I did have some custom graphics so I have removed them and it's still an issue. To confirm the issue - I always used to play in Windowed Mode and after the last update the game launced itself in Full Screen mode (I did not change any settings) and then whenever I go in to preferences to try to change it back to windowed, the game will go in to windowed mode and then crash with the above error message.
  3. I tried that previously without success unfortunately.
  4. Here you go Kyle FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.11 18.12.38).dmp
  5. Hi, I have been running FM20 fine on Windowed Mode until today. When I started running the game this evening it started up in full-screen mode, which I thought was odd. However, whenever I try to switch back to Windowed Mode I am getting the following crash dump message.
  6. So Spurs fans, you make a new signing... seems to be a decent player... but this is his name... http://gyazo.com/22733e9ab57b77b812674041b1589a4d Would you still keep him?
  7. Here is Chelsea's new Number 1 showing that maybe he won't be as good as we think in a few years!! http://youtu.be/XsCqKRdLaBo
  8. I have had Balotelli sign for Liverpool. He did go via Manchester City again though. Man City signed him in 2016 for £29m then sold him 2 years later to Liverpool for just under £10m
  9. Hey everyone, I am not sure if this is a bug, data issue or neither but I have just won the championship with Wolves and the reward money for finishing top was only £50,000!! This seems to be very low?? It may well be accurate, I did a quick Google search but didn't find any official number that the prize is but surely it's more than that. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, I typed Championship Reward money into the forum search and the thread titles were Off topic, bizaare or inaccurate.
  10. Here's something I would like to see but I do not know if it would take up too much developers time and memory etc. I am also finding this hard to explain - basically, when you play your first season I think that the dates of signings that are made IRL should match up with the dates in-game. I.E. as a Wolves fan I will use a Wolves example... Richard Stearman signed for Wolves on June 25th 2008 whereas he appears in the game right from day 1. What I suggest is that in game you get the option come up to sign a player on the same day they were signed in real life. e.g. in game on June 25th in your inbox you get "The deal to sign Richard Stearman from Leicester for £xxxxxx is now due to be completed" and you can accept or cancel. The reason I think this would be a good addition is becuase: a) there are some players signed IRL that I sell straight away when I start the game (e.g. Matt Hill at Wolves) b) when a game is patched and January signings are added in the original squad I feel this gives an unfair representation to both teams involved as one teams gains a player they wouldn't have for the first half of the season and one team loses one Again, I understand this may be time consuming and adding each date exactly would be difficult so maybe it could work just in the same week as IRL or at least if players were signed in January they only join the squad in January if you choose to accept them. Hope this makes sense
  11. I would like to be able to see myself as a tiny 2D dot on the bench with my players, perhaps with my initials in instead of a player number. Then during games you can see the manager get up to do instructions, greet players when they are subbed off, celebrate with scorers etc.
  12. i think i would also like to be able to ask my physio for a report when a player gets injured in the game. Not so much for when they are stretchered off but for when they have the little green injury cross. Just a note from the physio saying "he's ok to continue" or "see how he gets on for 10mins" etc. it happens in real life and shouldnt be too hard to implement will it?
  13. A few suggestions i have are: 1. Squad numbers for international tournaments - like in real life 2. A reason for trying to get a better wage - i.e. whats the point at the moment of earning a high wage as a manager, perhaps a personal bank balance. Linked to this, compensation packages if you get fired. 3. International scouting - send assistant out to view form/ability of potential inclusions to an international squad
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