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  1. So Spurs fans, you make a new signing... seems to be a decent player... but this is his name... http://gyazo.com/22733e9ab57b77b812674041b1589a4d Would you still keep him?
  2. Here is Chelsea's new Number 1 showing that maybe he won't be as good as we think in a few years!! http://youtu.be/XsCqKRdLaBo
  3. I have had Balotelli sign for Liverpool. He did go via Manchester City again though. Man City signed him in 2016 for £29m then sold him 2 years later to Liverpool for just under £10m
  4. Hey everyone, I am not sure if this is a bug, data issue or neither but I have just won the championship with Wolves and the reward money for finishing top was only £50,000!! This seems to be very low?? It may well be accurate, I did a quick Google search but didn't find any official number that the prize is but surely it's more than that. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, I typed Championship Reward money into the forum search and the thread titles were Off topic, bizaare or inaccurate.
  5. If we all followed had the opinion we'd still be playing CM1. Why bother improving anything!??! This is why people don't want to come on here and put there opinions forward because there's always someone who feels the need to put an opinion down. If it really doesn't bother you that much feel free not to post on my comments in the future Stevie. PS I mean that as a sincere comment not starting a row!!
  6. I'm not saying they have. What I am asking is that does it happen in real life?
  7. am I right in thinking that referee's cannot referee on games involving teams close to where they live or are from or is it just teams they support. My reason for asking is that Alan Whiley is refereeing my Wolves v Man City game and the pre-match screen says Mr Whiley is from Burntwood which is a village/town only about 15 miles from Wolverhampton. Don't know if this is a bug or just my poor knowledge so I am posting it here for now but the powers at be can feel free to move it if they want to. Screenshot is here: http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/5667/burntwood.jpg
  8. Stumbled on something

    Update: Here's the results I've had so far Friendlies: 1-1 v Oldham 2-0 v Arbroath 2-2 v Leicester 0-0 v Inverness 5-1 v Glenavon 3-0 v GH Academy Season 2-0 v Cowdenbeath (League Cup) 1-0 v Hibs 1-2 v Dundee Utd 3-1 v Raith (League Cup) 2-1 v Kilmarnock 2-1 v St. Johnstone 0-0 v Aberdeen 2-1 v Kilmarnock (League Cup) 3-3 v Celtic (was 2-0 and 3-1 up so prob my fault I didn't alter tactics enough) 1-4 v Hearts (blip!) 3-2 v Hearts 2-1 v Motherwell Overall my League form is P9 W5 D2 L2 F15 A14 Pts17 Goal Dif is a bit rubbish but I think its because I'm not closing games out well enough. I'm normally 2 goals clear with 10 mins left then concede. I will upload tactic for anyone interested. Screen shots available on request. http://rapidshare.com/files/302332327/_4-5-1_Buddies__St._Mirren__Sep_2009_.tac.html
  9. Stumbled on something

    Its a 4-1-2-2-1 effectively. Seems to have gone off the boil since my post. Was 2-0 over Celtic then drew 3-3. Now playing Hearts who are tenth and not playing as well as I was.
  10. Hey guys, After trying all the tactics on this forum and all the manager tactics with no success whatsoever I decided to stop being lazy and sit and work out my own tactic. It appears I am stumbled across something that works. I'm only 6 games into my first SPL season with St. Mirren but have just conceded a very late equaliser against Celtic. I have had a takeover which might still cost me my job so a little money was made available (£3.5million) which I spent but most of my signings have been free transfers. The majority of the kitty was spent on a young czech player who hasn't played well so I know the extra cash will have helped but its not the entire reason I don't think. Now basically I don't want to spend the time uploading screenshots and the tactic etc if people are just going to say its too untested still so I'm leaving it up to you guys. If you would like to see it and have a go and let me know what you think I would be very appreciative. Thanks iantarver
  11. Founding a club in England...

    By population Bradford is the 5th biggest city in the UK and only has 1 league team in England and they are not brilliant by any stretch. Wakefield is also about the 15th biggest city in UK with no football team to call their own, they are more of a rugby town!
  12. Joint highest CA with Messi is: Matt Webb Eng (Age 23) CA: 194 PA: 196 Highest PA is: Steve Morocutti Luxembourg (Age 18) CA: 141 PA: 199
  13. ... I have just seen my first ever 9.9 rating in the game for a player playing 90minutes. Wasn't in a game of mine but somehow 19th placed Ipswich beat 15th placed Liverpool 7-0 with the player in question scoring 4 goals. Dunno if other people are bothered but it raised my eyebrows!
  14. £85,000,000 for a Brazilian called Gabriel as Man City. Had just sold Benzema for £76,000,000 to Real Madrid the season before so had some budget spare.