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  1. Hi, It was those numbers, I just needed to clear the cache. All sorted now
  2. Hi, I am using the WorkTheSpace skin and there is a space on the team profile screen for a picture of the team's stadium. However, my club have moved stadium and so now its a really dodgy looking line drawing of a stadium. I was wondering if someone knew how to add a stadium photo manually. I have found a photo online and named it the Unique ID number of the new stadium, then I have opened the config file and file and tried adding a command but it doesn't appear to be working. I was just wondering if I had missed something or if there's a better way of achieving this?
  3. Problem fixed. Some sort of issue with the graphics drivers. I have reinstalled them and seems to be working now.
  4. Hi Jimmy, I did have some custom graphics so I have removed them and it's still an issue. To confirm the issue - I always used to play in Windowed Mode and after the last update the game launced itself in Full Screen mode (I did not change any settings) and then whenever I go in to preferences to try to change it back to windowed, the game will go in to windowed mode and then crash with the above error message.
  5. Here you go Kyle FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.11 18.12.38).dmp
  6. Hi, I have been running FM20 fine on Windowed Mode until today. When I started running the game this evening it started up in full-screen mode, which I thought was odd. However, whenever I try to switch back to Windowed Mode I am getting the following crash dump message.
  7. So Spurs fans, you make a new signing... seems to be a decent player... but this is his name... http://gyazo.com/22733e9ab57b77b812674041b1589a4d Would you still keep him?
  8. Here is Chelsea's new Number 1 showing that maybe he won't be as good as we think in a few years!! http://youtu.be/XsCqKRdLaBo
  9. I have had Balotelli sign for Liverpool. He did go via Manchester City again though. Man City signed him in 2016 for £29m then sold him 2 years later to Liverpool for just under £10m
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