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  1. American Samoa

    I decided on becoming American Samoa boss,however its now august 2017, and im yet to play anything other than a friendly? is this correct?
  2. Ram help

    I currently have 1 4gb stick, and then with the one above have 2x4gb ,
  3. Ram help

    I'm currently running FM16 on a dell latitutude e5440, intel core i5 4300cpu @1.9ghz 2.50ghz (whatever that means). Now I'm looking to add to the 4gb of ram and looked at this http://www.ebuyer.com/408613-crucial-4gb-ddr3-1-35v-1600mhz-laptop-memory-ct51264bf160bj, Would: 1: this ram be suitable for my laptop 2; I notice a considerable difference in speeds? Apologises if this is posted in the wrong place
  4. FM16 - best prices

    just found it for £23.51, anyone used these before? http://www.gamesdeal.com/football-manager-2016-pc.html
  5. Got myself a new laptop and transferred my save game, won a few trophies, and noticed my premier league wasn't showing, found out it was because i transferred my file, without my hall of fame file, is there a way to merge the two files?
  6. i have a amd dual core processor e450 6gb ddr3 ram drivers are all upto date On system requirements lab, my laptop passes the test with flying colours, but in the demo, the game drags so slow? any tips or ideas peeps?
  7. Free Transfer Database

    Is there one where all clubs have no players, and are all on a free transfers?, ive searched and cant seem to find anything
  8. "old "match screen

    no one???????
  9. i find the new match screen very cluttered is there a way in fm13 to have the old style ? where you just show the goal scorers etc?
  10. every time i come on here i get this? http://postimage.org/image/syw9o00q3/
  11. help

    i dont have threatfire?
  12. help

    just loaded up football manager, and its saying im playing a non original game? i have the disk here, what do i do? help
  13. try something new

    oh, well maybe not then , worth a shout anyways lol
  14. im going to write a story of my football manager game, but im going to post statuses over on twitter, something different www.twitter.com/garclem2009
  15. No mouse pointer

    no worries big guy,