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  1. just to let you know that adaptablity doesn't seem to want to edit. everything else is fine
  2. I'll be starting a game with these i'm sure !!
  3. ok don't know what happened to my game so starting again
  4. I've had gallas and senderos in central defence and i'm surprised at senderos !!! he's actually quite good
  5. I don't really want to get him this year. He's getting a bit old so i think it'd be a waste of money. Might be ok for a short term game though.
  6. 4-4-2 nice and simple to start off with
  7. ok james shea and wojciech doesn't seem to be any good so will sell them. Do you think mannone will turn into anything decent ?
  8. denilson listed for loan on game or is it a mistake in op ?
  9. done a comparison check and with the stats that i consider important almunia thrashes fabianski 13-3 something tells me a keeper may be a priority
  10. Not really thinking too much for time being. Doing a standard 4-4-2 and sticking to it and asking my assistant for players for first season. I've set my targets to title challenge so have about 30 million transfer budget. not released or sold anyone yet as everyone will have their chance in the demo to show their worth to me(if they have any at all) I've bought the following players Transfers Hamit 6.5 Million Juan Manuel Vargas 9 Million Matteo Brighi 9 Million I would actually look into them more but i'm extremely tired so i'm just testing out the assistants advice
  11. starting up a game now
  12. hey everyone downloading demo now It's only been 2 minutes since i started downloading the demo but it seems like 20 So although it's being fairly quick it still doesn't seem quick enough:D Can't wait though will give you some feedback once i get it
  13. yes but obviously they've got to be working with you a long time e.g. five years or so
  14. what do you think a team like boca is at start of game. master or tactical ?
  15. I always play the old version till release. When demo comes out i keep switching between the two until fm10 comes out and then i do the same till next release