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  1. Finding the folders for the databases isn't the issue. The custom database isn't detected in the game right now is the problem.
  2. I assume the deafening silence means it's a not possible.
  3. I've downloaded a custom database but can't work out where I put it to make it work with Xbox Game Pass. It's straightforward with the Steam version but attempting the same with Game Pass version has resulted in the database not appearing when starting a new game. Can anyone point to the correct folder I need to but the editor data folder or fmf file into?
  4. .... I don't think anything needs to be said really.
  5. It seems that the expectation of Chilean football has fallen massively over the course of 5 years (I'm in 2016).
  6. Probably the best skit ever featured on that show.
  7. "SMELL MY CHEESE!" is my personal favourite quote from Alan Partridge
  8. But one of the others would not be as useful in the air. Ferdinand was probably set as the targetman too so his change made some sense - not a lot but some.
  9. Huth spent a fair amount of time up front (by a defenders standards) for Chelsea when Mourinho was in charge. Samba does it at Blackburn. Can be useful at times. Mind you, my centrebacks are crap in all departments so it would be of no use to me. Although my strikers are of no use at the moment either.
  10. Did you get that logo from Wikipedia as the official site for Bedlington Terriors has a different less vomit inducing logo.
  11. This made me chuckle. He has been upset since I signed a midfielder on the last day of the transfer window and I have to keep telling him I want to stay. He finally asked for a transfer and withdrew it swiftly. Strange thing is he didn't play on the day he asked for the transfer and there were no games before he withdrew the request 5 days later.
  12. He just needs to get a transfer to Torquay now.
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