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  1. Hi Kyle ok that's perfect, yer not having any effect on my save no, not got any add-ons or anything like that, just the box standard as it comes version
  2. Hi Kyle I followed the link you sent me and deleted both folders I then deleted them from my trash and restarted my computer launched FM and sorted out preferences and changed to window played about a week of the game before saving and quitting FM the same error code came up football manager 2020 v 20 . 4 . 1 - 1363262 quit unexpectedly restarted my computer again launched FM and it went back into full mode instead of window mode
  3. Hi Kyle just tested it, did a couple of days, saved my game and then quit FM, waiting 2/3 mins and then loaded FM back up but its gone back to full screen mode instead of opening in window
  4. Hi guys I get this error message every time I quit football manager on my Mac football manager 2020 v 20 . 4 . 1 - 1363262 quit unexpectedly also, when I load football manager after my Mac has been shut down, it never saves my preferences with keeping it in windowed any ideas?
  5. guessing no further update to this?
  6. no drama Kyle 👊🏻👊🏻
  7. no worries Jimmy any news on why I have to keep changing preferences to windowed whenever I open FM via Steam?
  8. yer started a new season, and played a few games these have all been added on like normal 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. anyone know why i'm missing a whole seasons worth of data also? all stats for all players is missing for 19/20 season
  10. perfect thanks! file is called GarryHalsey.zip
  11. hi guys 1) I quit game and exit 2) launch via steam 3) Ive compressed the file, but when I click on the link I get an error see attached
  12. MacBook Pro.spx thanks see attached also, another random one, player data from season 19/20 has completely disappeared from all players as well?
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