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  1. Maybe you are right! But on the other hand, there are some proper data geeks playing FM as well. :-) In case no one has this type of insight, then I have started my own test game in FM2020 where I am testing it! All Danish clubs have received a foreground sugar daddy! And then I have maxed out the initial balance so the top div clubs have £225m in the bank! Let the spending begin!
  2. Hi all, I kind of have a simple question but there is a bit of analytical work behind it. The simple question Has anyone had a long-term game where they have taken a low rep league and tried to make it a top 4 league in the world by having a career in only that league and multiple clubs (not at the same time of course)? My main question is if the revenue streams of all the clubs in that league would increase as the overall reputation of the league increases? It seems like in the FM 2017 version the revenue streams are not following the reputation of the league as the reputation increases. Long explanation: I have been playing the same save game for a couple of years now in FM 2017. My objective has been to take the Danish top division to be the top of reputation ranking. I have tried to do this by taking over a club and after I had won a European competition and a domestic league title I would then resign from the club and then take the next available job in the same league and repeat the process.. I am now in year 2072 and have now won the Champions League with 4 different clubs and Europa League with a 5th club - all in the same league. So now the league is quite strong and is the league with the 5th best rep in Europe. It has been at this level for at least 10 years so should be treated as top 5 league in Europe. The Danish top division starts with the 24th best rep in Europe.so quite an improvement. This is the level of the French/Portuguese league. I would hope that the game is built in a way that if a reputation of a league increases significantly then over time the revenue streams would also increase to suit that level of reputation. But I feel that whereas some of the revenue streams have increased to an acceptable level, others have not followed suit which makes it difficult for the league to further improve and the AI-controlled clubs to perform well as finances are not suitable for a club in a top 5 league. Instead of basing my conclusions on emotions and feelings, I tried to analyse the evolution between the various revenue streams between the club in my game and then the default level of the clubs (so I went on holiday for a season and then checked the past season’s revenue for the various clubs). Oddly enough it is the same 13 out of clubs in my game in year 2072 then it is after a year on holiday in the comparison game which is great for comparison. A lot of data behind it but will just write my total averages of each parameter and then in the end a few conclusions. I will call the stats from my save game the 2072 clubs and the comparison default for 2017. All relevant values in £. The values are taken from the same date (24th of August - for no particular reason - I checked for transfer activity and very limited). I have also compared the average with a similar league and this is quite tricky as the big current leagues are obviously much bigger countries, so instead I have compared to the Netherlands even though they are only 10th on the reputation list. I would then expect the Danish average to be higher than the Dutch ones as the Danish league is an established top 5 league. Also, as there are more clubs in the Dutch league I have removed the least reputable clubs (they were all significantly lowered on the reputation list than any of the Danish clubs). Average position of the 2072 clubs in the Reputation table is: 108. The 2017 is: 358. Dutch average: 173 (this is as stated earlier only top 14 in the league). The rankings for each club is as follows: 13, 25, 33, 40, 51, 60, 87, 105, 112, 117, 155, 194, 249 and 267. The clubs with the same reputations in the 2017 save game are: Tottenham, Monaco, Zenit, Ajax, Galatasaray, Celta Vigo, Montpiellier, Guingamp, Las Palmas, Molde, Rangers, Sheff Wed and Reading. Not a bad league! Overall bank balance 2017: 4.96m 2072: 9.38m Evol: 89% Dutch average: 21.8m Transfer budget: 2017: 1.44m 2072: 3.85m Evol: 167% Dutch: 6.8m Weekly Wage budget: 2017: 80,790 2072: 372,500 Evol: 361% Dutch: 191,400 Those were the main financial parameters so let's dig a bit deeper into the revenue streams. Gate receipts: 2017:1.84m 2072: 9.74m Evol: 429% Dutch: 5.7m Merchandise 2017: 160,000 2072: 860,000 Evol: 442% Dutch: 2,200,000 Domestic League TV revenue: 2017: 600,000 2072: 1,380,000 Evol: 131% Dutch: 3,900,000 Domestic League Prize Money 2017: 2.27m 2072: 5.09m Evol: 114% Dutch: 5,1m Sponsorship 2017: 4.04m 2072: 11.39m Evol: 167% Dutch: 5,1m Stadium Sponsorship 2017: 45,000 2072: 4,320,000 Evol: 868% Dutch: Only 1 club with it. Ticket price 2017: 13.29 2072: 16.93 Evol: 27% Dutch: 21.7 Season ticket price 2017: 150 2072: 204 Evol: 35% Dutch: 264.5 Stadium Size: 2017: 14,866 2072: 30,311 Evol: 104% Average Attendance 2017: 7,400 2072: 29,021 Evol: 292% Conclusions: Ticket prices are definitely too low. When you go to the top 100 list in the game to see the ticket prices, the cheapest tickets there are £24. Only a single club in the 2072 league is at that level. The most expensive ticket in the 2072 league is 25 With the average attendance very high and 96% of the stadiums filled the ticket prices would be expected to be higher. The Dutch ticket prices were also much higher. Sponsorship seems to be in line with the Dutch league as the difference is roughly the stadium sponsorship. Over the years, I realised that I didn’t get many international sponsors. With it being a top 5 league, I would have expected this to have occurred. Unfortunately no way for me to check this. Also, the average attendance per matchday is over 200,000 people - up from 50,000. That is around 3,5% of the total population so would expect a lot of tourists to show up meaning more international attention = international sponsors = foreign tv right revenue. Prize money seems to be in line with the Dutch one. TV revenue very low (1.4m)- also just a third of the Dutch tv revenue (3.9m). Shouldn’t this go up as the international attention increases? Same story with merch sales (0.8m)? (Dutch: 2.2m) Overall bank balance is also low but I expect this to be a result of the other revenue streams. Interestingly enough the wage budget is high vs the Netherlands. A lot of large stadiums in DK now. Average size is 30k vs only 15k today. Also, it seems like the only takeovers are "Promotion from within". I know there is a restriction of no rich individuals taking over in Denmark, but what about stock exchange takeovers? This might be more of a Danish league-specific issue so not too relevant for this. Further, an issue with one of the clubs not getting a stadium sponsorship and not being compensated with normal sponsorship on the side, so they are definitely at a financial disadvantage even though it is a large club and have always been. A fun feature is also that I now only get 1-year contract extensions. I am also a very old man in 2072, so it makes sense. So my question is whether anyone has tested something similar in the newer versions of FM? As there is no need for me to change FM if the game has not improved in this. Oh well - back to the game! FC Utrecht is the largest club in Europe. Very odd!
  3. Hi Neil, It worked to delete the Documents folder + Appdata + the folder within Steam Library and do a full re-install of the game. Many thanks for your swift responses. Best regards, Dan
  4. Hi Neil, Thanks for your help. My "Graphics" folder has the whole time been empty and still is. You want me to try and delete the Skins-folder or? I have re-deleted the cache and preference-folder and I can see the preferences are reset as it starts in full screen. But the issue still remains. Best regards, Dan
  5. I am assuming the site doesnt accept any link, so here is the link on the site to where you can buy it: http://www.footballmanager.com/buy Otherwise, just make a google search
  6. Initially, yes, I ran a custom skin (downloaded from somewhere), but I have removed the skin from the Skin-folder, so I assume it is a default skin now? It might not be visible from the screenshot, but I am unable to change anything in the preferences screen. When I deleted Preferences and Caches, I did this in Windows Explorer, so that went without any issues.
  7. Hi, After the game updated to the newest patch, my skin is broken. Quite difficult to explain but e.g. every time I scroll over a button, the background of the button disappears, so instead it is just the text that is left. All colours in the game have also changed. I have uploaded a screenshot of how my "Preferences"-screen look like now. [750467]User_Interface_All_Weird.jpg. And as you can see, it is quite different from what it should look like. and I can't really change anything either. So therefore, I am not sure which skin I am running - it says FM Dark now, so hopefully one of the standard ones? I have tried to fix the issue myself by doing the following steps (found guides to do so in your FAQs): - Deleted cache - Deleted preference - Re-installed game - Updated gfx driver - Re-installed gfx driver - Verified the local integrity of game cache in Steam. It clearly looks like a graphics issue but really not sure what to do next. Any chance you guys can have a look?
  8. I have managed to locate where it goes all wrong. It is when I swap Man City with a new team. All the other 19 teams have been swapped successfully. Initially I thought the crash was then maybe due to Man City still being treated as the reigning champions of the league, but the game still crashes after I changed the history of the league. Do you guys have any ideas? SOLVED: it was because the last position of Man City was still 1st place in PL. When I removed that, it worked. Lovely!
  9. Hi there, I am trying to replace all 20 teams of Barclays PL with 20 newly created teams. My process has been as follows: - Duplicate every PL team and change name, city. Also copy other income and all staff from existing club to the new one. - All teams start with no players. So it is not the most advanced editing done. But I still get an error message when I try to create a new game and it subsequently crashes. Does anyone have an idea as to what the issue can be? Is it maybe something to do with that the old champion is no longer in the league? (Or at least called something different) Maybe because some of the clubs doesnt play in their home town? I havent changed the stadium so the "new Arsenal" are still playing at Emirates even though they are no longer based in London. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your help. The suggestion I presented earlier gets the job done, so I am all good. I am using it for a kind of advanced Fantasy Team project, where the competition participants would instead of solely picking the players, but also choice everything else, such as stadium, facilities, sugar daddy, manager etc. Obviously, they are operating within a budget, so the interesting part is the strategic priorities they have, so are they going for a lousy squad but top facilities and sugar daddies or maybe a great team but lousy facilities etc etc etc. Not sure if it has been done before but will give it a shot nevertheless. :-)
  11. Nope. I only had to do it once and then I had a list of 5000 players with corresponding data in excel. I created a shortlist in FMRTE based on the variables I deemed relevant and then I loaded the shortlist in FM and after customising the view adding relevant info, I exported it. Worth mentioning is also that it seems that the Print Screen option in FM (the FM icon menu > Print Screen) will only export what has been visible. Bit difficult to explain but I had to scroll down the whole shortlist (used the Page Down key on the keyboard) before exporting, otherwise it would only have exported the first screen.
  12. For those interested, it is possible. By having the official in-game editor, the hidden attributes such as CA/PA are shown and then you can use the "Print Screen" option and voila, you end up with an external list.
  13. Hi, I am looking for a way to export a long list of players and their CA/PA, position and club from the database, either save game or pre-game. Previously (some years ago), it was possible in FMRTE but I dont seem to find the feature in the editor anymore. Also, I had a look at the pregame official editor and there doesnt seem to be any export option. I need it for a competition for my FM-site. Do any of you have any ideas on how to get this list? Preferably it should be from a save game as it would remove all the "-1>10" and "0" but it is not that important as I can easily work around it. Many thanks
  14. Maybe someone can help here. I have also installed SugarDaddys in all Premier Division clubs in Gibraltar, San Marino, Luxembourg, Andorra and Faroe Islands. I am currently in 3rd season and no incoming transfers whatsoever has taken place in Gibraltar (and it is even the official update I use). Have also installed the official in-game editor to verify the finances and they are loaded. Is it simply a question of reputation? Shouldnt the overflow of money be able to influence the rep or? I installed the official in-game editor. AN example. In Andorra, all the clubs have at least £10m in bank balance and a couple of millions to spend on the transfer market. They constantly only buy each others' players. I even changed the reputation of one of the clubs to 8000 (Chelsea has 9200) and still the same. Therefore, there must be another attribute that influences the attractiveness of a club.
  15. Hi there, I have an idea for a project for a Danish FM website. Basically, it is to investigate what would happen if all Danish clubs in the league system had a sugar daddy. Hopefully, after a few years the teams would improve and attract better players. I tested it but the success wasnt that great as many clubs presented massive losses after a few years - especially in the lower leagues. Therefore, the question is how to create the "best" sugar daddy in the editor, in terms of how much he spends and how often and also how long he is at the club. Secondly, I am assuming I cant really deactivate chairman changes, so I am wondering which in-game editor that allows for me to make the same changes to new chairmen as I did pre-game? Best regards,
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