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  1. no one knows what the problem might be?
  2. perfect, thanks! =) then just the question of the ML/MR position.. i use Battlemaster tactic.. should i train my MR/ML as inverted wingers on attack? is that right? =)
  3. Hey guys! i managed to create custom kits for a lower italian team, logo, kits and everything.. i installed it and now the kits dont show up during matches..i only see head, arms and legs in the match.. no shirts or shorts.. i know i had this problem in FM18 aswell, and i did fix it..i just dont remember how i did it.. can someone gve me a hand? ive cleared the cache, and reloaded skin.. the kits show up in my clubpage, but nothing during matches. Edit: I did change the folder from where si loads the save game files and such...but i still think im on the right track since i get the kits in the club page..
  4. Hey mates! love this tactic! just a question, i see that the tactic has been updated a few times, are the trainingtips in first post still accurate? Have they been updates to? for the battle tactic, should i train the MR/ML as it says in first post?
  5. has anyone manages to get an IR button to work for this skin? ive read the guide D_LO_ linked, but i dont have the knowledge of doing it.
  6. Hey guys! feel free to move this if its in the wrong place. i want to make a team from my home town in italy and put them in serie C. i figured out how to do that so thats not what i want help with. what i do want a bit of help with is to ”mass create” staff and players.. now i know i can leave all that out and just tick ”add persons bla bla bla” when i start a new save. But what im wondering is.. can it be made in the pre game editor using specific ”rules” lets say i want FM to create a squad consisting of italian players under 21years. and an all italian staff under 40 years.. can that be done? So that FM creates names, birthplaces stats and so on an so on, instead of me having to come up with 35 names and all that stuff. how would you go about doing that the fastest and easiest way? Or is it impossible to do?
  7. Hi! quick question! When you create a club, is there any way to fill the club up with a certain type of players without creating them all? a way to say, get a full squad with automaticly generated players, but you get to choose that they are not allowed to be more than 21 years old, all from the same nation and so on.. but have the gane generate name, and other stuff. like semi created players
  8. hey guys! So, yesterday i made 2 kits, 1 home and 1 away kit for my Alassio -game. I used some base kits downloaded from sortitoutsi and changed them a bit. all went well and i could get them in game no problem. Today, after making a few changes in the database, i started up a new game (hotfix installed automaticly, but nothing else changed) and i cant for the life of me get the kits to show up! i tried clearing cache, and even deleting the whole file, ive reset the preferences file aswell, ive tried without the skin.. but i just cant get them to show up. i used a configfile from another kitpack with i changed, and yesterday i had no trouble.. it just started today. any ideas on what i can do? i really want them in game since its my first ever kits ive done, and for my hometown team aswell..
  9. i just noticed, all the hotkeys are greyed out, and i cant reconfigure them, im not even aloud to scroll donw to see them all... how do i fix this?
  10. Hey guys! I have a small problem. In the tactics screen, when i choose my 11 ust before the match, i have alterd the kolumns a bit (the name, info, health and so on, you get the pic) so that the columns shows better.. what i did was just to autoadjust the columns.. but everytime i go into that screen, its all reset, and everything is pact again.. i have an ultrawide monitor, so id like to use it you know =) (3440*1440) i also tried to save it as a new view... but still the same problem.
  11. is FM touch and FM mobile the same? if not, what is the difference?
  12. yeah but at the same time i dont want to come back after 3 week seeing the club heading into red just because someone gave the players new contracts.. i had contracts with minimum 2 years left, and all players got new during the season...almost.. but FM 18 seems to think that as soon as one club sniffs for one of my players, i need to give them a new contract, if i dont..the whole team comes and complains that "he deservs a new contract"...and after that...they all deserv a new contract.. dont mind the fact that both you and him got a new contracts 3 months ago
  13. Yeah so...season over.. everybody is happy as hell, winning the league and all...i wait a week after final game and decide to go for a vacation. 3 weeks should do it.. when i return i have LOADS of angry players screaming at me that they want to move because they didnt get offered new contracts, and now that im back, they dont even want to talk to me about extensions.. so i guess the vacation feature is just there, but you cant use it? they should notice im on vacation when they knock on my door and no one opens the door,,,
  14. ok...i got it.. seems the patches changed my custom game save folder
  15. Hey! This morning i was plating the FM 18 Beta, and i know for a fact that i saved multiple times. (i run the 3 save rolling version) so i just finished my first season, and the last thing i did before going of to work was to rename the save file to Season 2, and save 2 times (so i get to versions of it) now i come home from work, and when i start FM the "load latest game" option is greyed out.. and when i go in "load game" i cant fine any saves from the last 10 days or so.. any idea of whats happened?
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