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  1. So... I am sure I am missing something obvious here, but 1. In previous editions of the game, when I started a new game, it used the league options I had selected from the previous new start. That is, if I had selected (for example) playable English leagues and view only German, Italian, Scottish, Spanish leagues, that would be the default. But on this game I have to reselect all of those leagues manually (and deselect the MLS, which it always gives me as my "selected nation" even though I have never selected it) every time I start a new game. Since I restart a lot, this is a huge pain in the ass. 2. This may be related (because of the MLS issue) but the game seems to think I am American. When I get to creating my manager avatar, the only choices it gives me are American and American Samoan. How do I change that? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I wish they would create an new version of the database with the January transfers included as "future transfers dates" at the start of the game. I hate the unrealism of Zamora being a QPR player from the start of the game when he just wasn't. So I'll be using the original with some edits of my own to reflect major transfers in the leagues I play.
  3. You know what I hate. Why can't they design a module that would turn the game into a first person shooter and allow me to murder a striker who only scores two goals in a game in which I think he should have scored a hat-trick? That would motivate the MFs appropriately.
  4. He retired end of season 3 in my game, and after I declined the job it went to Moyes. Wenger, meanwhile, is in his second season managing Liverpool. They just beat Arsenal out for fourth spot, behind Chelsea, Man U, and me.
  5. I am curious whether anyone has had any luck playing a traditional big man up front, either as a lone striker or as part of a traditional big/small slow/fast combo. I'm referring specifically to goalscoring. I have Lukaku playing as a target man in partnership with Sturridge, and Sturridge scores plenty and Romelu has a fair number of assists. But Lukaku scores in the mid single digits on average, and doesn't get many when I play him as a lone target man (in games where I expect to struggle and pack the midfield). What advice do people have for turning a big, aerially powerful striker into a goal machine?
  6. Yes, but it has always been said that there is no inflation in this game. If that's true, the top player in 2050 should be asking for about the same money as the top player in 2011. Having said that, I think this is probably more of a game balance issue, which is that if you try to assemble the best 11 players in the world in one team, it should have some consequences: one of which is your club runs out of money. It may also be an issue that players in FM base their demands on what their teammates are earning. So if you give 200k to one player, others are likely to demand rough parity.
  7. It's not particularly complex. You could go into the editor that comes with the game and make a couple of quick changes. I would make any or all of the following, depending on how extreme you want to go and whether you are prepared to distort some other aspects of the game: 1. In the Nations section, set Latvia to developed nation rather than developing, game importance to very important (currently important); and the "youth rating" to something higher than the current 63 (Brazil, for example, has a youth rating of 185). 2. Go to some of the leading Latvian clubs and under the stadium section boost their youth coaching, youth facilities and youth recruitment scores higher (up to a max of 20 for each, I believe). I've not done this myself, so I can't be sure all this is necessary (or sufficient) but it seems like a common sense way to generate more youngsters and see them develop within the Latvian market, and it should take no more than 10 minutes. You could also do things like boosting the reputation of Latvia as a nation or Latvian clubs, but that might result in changes in national performance/club performance that you don';t want.
  8. But he will be in their first team. I have seen players demand 50k to be a backup who dropped their wage demand to 25k if I offered them a first team slot. Not sure that's realistic, but clearly in game some personality types are prepared to give up $$$$ in exchange for regular first team football.
  9. A reserves squad serves two purposes: to give games to first-team squad players who don't get enough playing time and to provide more matches (in a slightly more physical environment) for under 18s players. I don't have anyone in my reserve squad except 2 or 3 players who got too old for the under-18s who I have not been able to sell. If you have a bunch of middle-aged guys (by which I mean anyone between 19-30) in the reserve squad, they just take games away from players who need the action to develop.
  10. "Usually from what I've learned, the tactic "stops working" because either your team becomes over-confident or the opposition has worked out how to play vs your tactic (or both) so how do you change your tactics to tackle these problems?" If the tactic stopped working because the team is over-confident, why would you change the tactic? Would you deliberately create a tactic that couldn't possibly work, in order to reduce their confidence to the approproate level? Clearly, if the problem is mental the solution is not tactical. I don't believe the opposition ever "learns" your tactic, but I do believe that as your reputation improves, teams play differently against you -- and that may necessitate a slightly different approach. Having said that, in 2020, with two league titles and seven domestic cups under my belt, I play pretty much the same tactics I played when I was a newly-promoted team in 2011. The mix is different, though: I play my "expect to win" tactic 20 games a season now instead of two, and my "i have to just keep this close" tactic once or twice instead of every away game and half of my home games.
  11. I have to say, these simply aesthetic/cosmetic things don't bug me at all. It's only things that affect gameplay that really bug me.
  12. what athos7 said sell players who are on big salaries, scout young underappreciated talent and sign it cheaply, invest in scouting and youth facilities, and all the time make sure you don't drop out of the top 4 and lose champion's league money simples beginning to feel a little more sympathy for AVB now?
  13. By the way, what did your scout say in his report? Normally he will either say that the WP will be declined but has a good chance of being overturned on appeal or that you can sign him and loan him out. I don't think my scouts have ever been wrong about this, but I have very good scouts (in Judging Ability and Potential, not sure what category covers predicting WP appeals). Your performance may vary, I guess.
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