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  1. Don't know if it is mentioned before (not read all 16 pages...), but I would like to be able to sign for a club with the contract only starting at the new season. For instance when Man United signed Moyes as successor of Ferguson, he signed in May but obviously only started his job 1st of July. Same thing could happen when for instance a club fires his manager and wants you to take over, but you want to finish the season with the club you are at. You can divert the decision to the end of season currently, but you can't sign already and still finish the season with your current club.
  2. Might it be this also has to do with the reserves squad? I see players developing new positions while they are not training on it and not playing in the first squad.
  3. Anything done with this? I am seeing loads of players where the little pitch on their profile shows they have been playing in about all the positions there are.
  4. Done, it is called Rob Nemoo - Scunthorpe. Easiest to see is when you look at players Adam Hammill, Ryan Colclough and Ben Liddle and then on the reports tab at the Form section. Ryan Colclough has 2 matches in that list where he played as a DR, even though against Swindon my normal DR Jordan Clarke also has DR listed as his position for that match. No wonder I had a bad stretch of matches.
  5. Hi, is there something known about players that are used out of position when using Instant Result button? For instance I am playing first season with Scunthorpe and my striker Van Veen is already used as AML, AMR and AMC, while there are very capable players in those positions and even on the bench. Why use him there? Similar with an MC who is used as an DC sometimes. Obviously when the need is high I can see why an assistant needs to play someone out of position, but why not take a DR on the bench and put him as a DC. Why use an AMC? After a while I see a most of my players who are
  6. Just wanted to say that this issue is in the game since at least FM17. After loading a save any customized view has all/some columns resized and the last ones are not visible anymore unless you scroll some bit to the side. Resetting does help, but it is annoying it happens every time.
  7. Is it normal that the club hires a new assistant manager automatically? My previous assistant got signed by another club and before I looked at finding a new one the club already signed someone. He's not bad, but I would have wanted to do it myself.
  8. I uploaded my save too, RobNemoo - many managers unemployed
  9. I have the same issue. Added Portuguese and Spanish leagues in summer 2021. A lot of manager positions open and they are not getting filled at all. Even Barcelona and Atletico are vacant and now into September they still are. Also, I am unemployed with a 3-star reputation from the MLS, and although I applied to several clubs, none have offered me a job. Where can I upload the save?
  10. Thanks, would appreciate that. I'm not really interested in a editor, just the option to tweak clubnames and maybe some kitcolors by some .edt-file would be nice.
  11. So there is still no way to correct SLB to Benfica, Gelsenkirchen to Schalke and them superlong French longnames? The one thing I was hoping for...
  12. Don't know if it has been mentioned before, but I would like to have the option to start a club and country save from the start of FMC like in the full game.
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