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  1. Several teams in Allsvenskan doesn't have a reserve side. I think Sirius loans some of their players to their affiliate club Gamla Upsala instead of having a reserve side.
  2. I've got the same issue, which seems to be caused by the Logi Options software. If I uninstall Logi Options, the back/forward buttons on my MX Master 2 works again in the game, no restart needed. I've got a macbook air early 2015 running Big Sur 11.1.
  3. Problems with the swedish league in FM21: * during 2020 only 3 subs are allowed, while in real life it was changed to 5. * Most clubs are struggling economically, even before covid. Most clubs need to sell players to break even over a rolling 3-4 year average, but this is not reflected in the game. The expenses of each club need to be higher, especially when it comes to stadium rent or stadium maintenance. Transfer budgets are way too high after just one year if you play with one of the major clubs. * The fixtures still get messed up. I made it into Champions League with Hammarby in season two and the end of the seasons looked like this: FM needs to take this into account at the start of the season for teams playing in Europe, and instead of just pushing games forward, some of them need to be moved from the fall to the spring, like would happen in real life. I also had two derbies against aik and djurgarden two days before and two days after playing Bayern München in the CL, which was neither fun, nor realistic. * transfer sums seems to be too low. The few swedish talents that exist in FM, like Anel Ahmedhodzic, were sold for barely a quarter of what you can expect them to sell for in real life. * when comparing to Norway and Denmark, there are way too few talents in Sweden. This is either due to norwegian/danish fm scouts being too generous, or the swedish ones too strict. Either way it needs to be fixed. * lots of dutch, french, and belgian talents are being loaned to swedish teams. This almost never happens in real life
  4. This year the cup was played as normal until, and including, the quarter finals. The semi finales were played in June, something which obviously should be reflected in the game as well. Further on the start date of the season should either be before the cup starts, or the cup should be loaded with the real results.
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