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  1. Sorry for double post, I always like the job of a fallen giant
  2. What division you in after 11 and a half years with cambridge
  3. What division you in after 11 and a half years with cambridge
  4. both 18 year olds, before i started this post the stats i was talking about was skill, pass, dribb, tech, etc , i know now to look deeper
  5. Thank You, i always just use ass man for the crap i dont like doing, after reading this going to look at ass man a bit more in deepth...... hank you OB1(jayahr)
  6. To Go To Match : Click Playmatch Or Instant Result, after you have done all your pre-match set up.....instant result is near playmatch
  7. These Two Young Players Have More Or Less Same Stats/Star Level.....But One Is Wanted By Liverpool. Arsenal, PSG.... The Other Player Is Not Wanted At All. Does This Mean The Young Player Wanted By Top Clubs Is a Future STAR.....Should I Keep Him..... Also Is This How You Tell Furture Stars In Your Club, THanks
  8. i have not used this, does anyone no how is the result is calulated, is it on: form, whos the best team, or just random, thanks
  9. What kind of logo pack is that called, and there to lownload that from. also loving your skin, also glad to hear that has it has to correct before release, so many items released then they are not ready...these days
  10. No one can answer your question, just keep checking the forum......we all want the update;)
  11. I take it you was in a mayor game to get that worked up:D
  12. What about injury time in injury time:p must come down to ref then
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