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  1. i read it as Ben using Saayid to kill off all of Widmores associates, using Nadias death as the excuse.
  2. yes and if i remember correctly there were loads of metallic objects in the concrete too. Which we know now where it came from
  3. Lostcasts used to be really good, esp for seasons 2+3 used to be out every week on the dot. Nowadays they are a lot more erratic and with all the personnel changes its not as in depth as before
  4. one question about Richard i'd like explained is his appearance when he met young Ben for the first time. Everytime we've seen Richard, hes been clean shaven, short hair and wearing smart clothes (50's, 70's, 90's, present day). Except for that first meeting with Ben when he was dressed as an extra out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Has it been assumed that he just dressed like that to lure Ben to the others side? if so how did he know where Ben would be? unless told to be there
  5. and the fact that we saw his birth on the mainland back in season 4, 'cabin fever' ?
  6. now that they are in 1977 or whatever year it is. I'm more positive than ever, thats its Hurleys voice
  7. Locke would have had the fake passports from Widmore on him or in his car i presume, but yeh i assumed it was all set over a period of a month or something,
  8. and also the west wing as a foreign ambassador
  9. listen to the bit when he says 23 and esp 42. its bang on i reckon. i'll stick by it until proven wrong
  10. Jin and Rousseau were together in the 3rd season epi 'Greatest Hits'. He was in the group shown the dynamite demonstration by Rousseau and also they were stood opposite each other later on when Jack explained his plan to march to the radio tower etc so no-one else thinks thats Hurley voice sayin the numbers?
  11. watched it again, im pretty much positive now its Hurley saying speaking the numbers, that the french team pick up
  12. so ermm thats a pretty gruesome way to lose your arm :D:D:D
  13. Claires mum in the hotel room i dont think shes there for any other reason, other than what was stated by Jack, shes just being used as a pawn by Ben
  14. did anyone else spot that the woman who Des met at Oxford, who denied all knowledge of Faraday or his mum, was the same woman who let Hurley on the plane when he turned up late?