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  1. Just some stuff that I noticed/have been thinking about, as I always start a new game unemployed and holiday through until most of the way through the first season. (This used to be because I didn't want to take over a team in crisis (esp. if starting with low badges/experience) and it would give me a full pre-season. Now that I'm more interested in data-driven ways of playing, there's the extra help of having a full season of data.) 1. A return from holiday should be triggered when a team asks you for backroom changes. At the moment, if you have an interview and keep holidaying (because you think you have no prayer of getting the job), you'll holiday through that inbox item, not make any changes, and only come out of holiday for the contract negotiations. Yes, staff will still accept mutual termination, etc., but it's just easier to do it via that screen. This one I'd almost class as a bug. 2. More generally, it would be nice to have more return from holiday options connected with job applications. I like to consider carefully whether I want to even apply for a job, and I always get nervous about the "We see you've applied for a lot of jobs" item in the interview. If you could automatically return from holiday when a new job becomes available, that would be great. Ideally there'd be a suite of options that you could tweak, like only if reputation of club is above/below X, the league/country/region, etc. 3. It would maybe partially (but not totally) overlap with the previous point, but it would also be nice to have similar sorts of options also under "Apply for jobs at" if you wanted to move through a little faster. Some of that is probably covered by "Apply for jobs at higher/lower division clubs", but I'm never quite clear what that means (e.g., top 2 divisions?), and the top division of the Tiawanese Leave is different from the top division of La Liga. And I assume that "Apply for jobs at higher reputation clubs" means reputation relative to *you*, rather than absolute reputation, but that's potentially not clear. If you just had a box with different options you could tick (perhaps created dynamically based on the leagues you have loaded) that would be nice. (I notice that a couple of years ago a request was reviewed about being able to apply for jobs at specific terms. Maybe that's a little much.) 4. It *looks* like you can't apply for both club and international jobs simultaneously while on holiday. (At least 'national teams' is separate on the drop down menu. The 'any' option is only 'any clubs' (and I'm not sure I've ever been approached by a national team while holidaying, but I couldn't swear to it).) It feels like you should be able to do that (and if 'any clubs' means both clubs and national teams, that item should probably just be retitled.)
  2. At about 31:09 in the attached pkm, there's a throw-in. As the ball is thrown in, it zooms halfway across the pitch and backwards, and then fowards to a player who receives it.
  3. Title says it all. On being hired as the Spain national manager, the welcome screen has what looks like only the beginning of the biography and then it just ends with a sentence fragment and a full stop.
  4. Title pretty much says it all. Missing the word 'time' in "Nico Serrano's contract expires in a year's [sic] and we shouldn't be offering...."
  5. Ah, balls. I thought I'd set one aside but I obviously didn't. If I see it again, I'll add to this thread. Apologies!
  6. Not sure if this is the right forum, and it's not a huge deal but: Scored a shot that hits the back of the goal, rebounds and hits the inside of the post, but the post-match description describes it as "a placed shot which hit the inside of the post before crossing the line". I've included the PKM so you can see the goal (only goal of the game).
  7. Save game name: Seattle - Post-Game Pre-Game Interview Qs.fm Description of issue: Title pretty much sums it up. Occasionally after a match during the post-game broadcast interview, I'm asked questions which are clearly pre-game questions, e.g. "So you've given a debut to X. How do you think he'll perform?". After you answer the question, the background remains and there's a journalist and affiliation in the center as if there is another question to answer, but there's nothing -- just the background. Hitting 'Continue' moves on with no problem. Steps to reproduce: Played through the game again with the uploaded save and it happened again, so hopefully not difficult to reproduce. match_recording.rec
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