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  1. I was just playing the in the Community Shield, when my game just went insane! I first noticed just after I had scored my second goal, that only the time-bar at the bottom had been updated, I decided to leave it to see if it updated later one, but even after the score become 3-2 it still hadn't been updated. The time-bar then messed up resetting to the start with the live button constantly able to be pressed The game ended with 5 goals being scored, but it registered as 0-0 so went to penalties and after the match it said it had been a draw but in the report it has the goals listed Needless to say I'm a bit confused, and was wondering has anyone else had this happen to them? or indeed anything similar?
  2. I thought I would do an update as I haven't done one since the first season. I just finished the 3rd season and have won my 3rd league trophy, 2nd F.A cup and my 1st champions league, beating United in the final 6-3! Have managed to lower the wages of most players by giving them bigger loyalty bonuses etc, saved about £400k, but that includes saving money on selling Carroll, downing and aquilani. My squad is looking good, got good squad depth with lots of younger players, and the used to be young players maturing into quality players. My super regen striker Oldfield has been flourishing due to playing time, and in the last two seasons he has only scored less than Cavani and Suarez, good company to be keeping. He's still only 18, and only 2.5 stars so he still has a lot to give, and I can see him destroying Hunt's goal record. He's currently on 42 goals and 31 assists. All in all, it's looking to be another good year, and hopefully can win Big Ears number 2/7! Oh and Cavani has been sensational since signing That's just the league, in total he has scored 122 goals in 103 games.
  3. I've just got the best player ever through my youth academy in the first season He's going to be ridiculous
  4. this game is awesome!! nothing I don't like about it! Helps that the first formation I make is dominating teams! 3 games played 3 wins, Henderson the current stand out performer! Sold Maxi, skrtle, aurelio and jones, brought in ganso. promoted suso, sterling, robinson and flanagan oh and feel very chuffed as got a tweet from miles! good evening so far!
  5. just started a new game with wally's update, and just played utd and this happened I don't think I could make up a better day
  6. well gerrard seemed intent on stealing the glory from nando! and yeah nani is an idiot, normally i would laugh at ronaldo but as it was such a good goal i just feel sorry for him! (never thought i'd say that!!)
  7. just had a most epic comeback insprired by one Fernando Torres, just back from a broken arm, came on in the 57th minute when we were 2-0 to Tottenham at White Hart Lane, then went onto to get a hat-trick, including a ridiculous lob, which was truely sublime!! went on to win 3-2! nando is just so damn good! [video=youtube;qQb_A0DDqdk]
  8. i used to use that combo but i decided to have the defenders just defender and just have them lay it of to the midfield
  9. Gk: sweeper keeper RB/LB: Full-Backs CBs: Centre-backs DM: Anchor Man RCM: Defensive Playmaker LCM: Advance Playmaker RW/LW: Wingers ST: Advanced striker I find it to have a really good balancing with creating clear cut chances and limiting the oppositions
  10. he does pretty well on the game still, not good enough for first choice but more than able back-up
  11. hey guys, just started my proper save with Liverpool, spent most of the time since getting the game working on tactics and training, and looking at staff etc. currently going well, played 5 games so far and have won all 5 with the best result being a 3-0 win away at United which they only had 2 shots on target! my tactics are as follows: my transfers look like this: at the top of the out list there are some more releases as I got rid of a lot of useless players, and my buying policy is to buy young players with the occasional experience player as long as they don't cost too much money. my stand out player so far has been Raul Meireles who has been in sensational form: so yeah I will keep updating throughout the season
  12. nice work so far man can't wait till the patch so we can have NESV as owners, and im excited about developing Suso!
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