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  1. varun↕§☺☻♫

    OTF Top 100 Bands & Artists

    Yeah I can't type those symbols out again. Knew I shouldn't have listened to you when I was making this account .
  2. varun↕§☺☻♫

    OTF Top 100 Bands & Artists

    Hurry up, Leppy. You're being slow . I'm pretty sure at least 10 of my votes will be the same as Leppard's.
  3. varun↕§☺☻♫

    The Rock Band 3 Thread

    What would make this cooler is if we could plug in our own instruments.
  4. varun↕§☺☻♫


    Ok so I can get Spotify free (the 20 hour limited version) from the Spotify website for free or do I need an invite?
  5. varun↕§☺☻♫

    The Rock Band 3 Thread

    Maybe. Have no idea. But even if there are programs like that, they aren't games so they don't serve a dual purpose (teaching and just having fun). Plus, there are a lot more people who'd be willing to learn an instrument in such a fun way.
  6. varun↕§☺☻♫

    Your other half

    You forgot to mention that you guys kissed for almost 5 min
  7. varun↕§☺☻♫

    Your other half

    It's actually nothing really. I just want him to tell the story
  8. varun↕§☺☻♫

    Your other half

    Of course you think so. Considering your past history
  9. varun↕§☺☻♫

    Slipknot Bassist found dead

    RIP. Didn't like Slipknot nor listened to them but still. Haven't a lot of them died since the beginning of 2009? Like more than usual?
  10. varun↕§☺☻♫

    Your other half

    Yeah. Same person... Alex + Turkey + Mica + Ben = I think I know who you are. Did Mica's brother insist on calling you Wayrun even though that's not your name?
  11. varun↕§☺☻♫

    Your other half

    My girlfriend's name is Micaela and she's half American half Spanish. Been with her for a little over a year now. She's a year older than me and is graduating from high school this year and is moving back to the US while I still have a year left. We haven't really decided whether we'll continue long distance but I'm 90% sure we would. Not having each other permanently is worse than not having temporarily, you know. And I'll be with her in a year anyway. It's been a tough relationship as her ex told her they'd do long distance and then pretty much never replied to her/came online so she was reluctant to get back to another relationship. Still, it's been well worth it. She loves football too . Second from the left (first one). On the right (second one). Linkage Another one
  12. I just lost my save game . My dad reformatted the computer without asking. Is it worth it to redownload the demo and start a new game or should I just wait 11 days...
  13. I had to change my formation because of an injury, so now I'm playing two upfront with Cahill behind them. Yakubu is still out injured. Well, he came back but then got injured again . He's out for at least 5 weeks. And I sold Saha. I'm using Vaughan and Baxter for cover, but I need a first choice striker. Jo is performing badly. If not for Cahill, I'd be goalless. Will look at Smolarek. As roberto said, Adriano looks good. I wonder how much he'd cost. I got Cristaldo for 750k though. Has anyone else seen Cassano move to Chelsea and Rossi move to Man Utd in their game? I started a new game twice and they moved both times. Aren't Chelsea supposed to have a transfer ban?
  14. Wow. The away jersey is atrocious. Why on earth would they choose pink of all colours? Garrido can't sign for Everton apparently. Says that I have reached the limit of loans from Man City (and I have only Jo). Weird. I need a left-back for cover. Tried getting Enyeama as backup for Howard. But of course, he had to snub me and join Real. Now I've put pretty much every reserve player (except Baxter, Gosling, and a couple others) on the transfer list. I need some cash. I wonder how David Moyes functions with so little... Am I the only one playing a 4-2-3-1 (3 AMCs with Cahill as Trequartista)? Transfer update: Sold: Hibbert to QPR - £4m Saha to Lyon - £2.5 Bought: Vargas - £9m (£2m upfront, £7m over 48 months) Di Maria - £5m (£2.5 upfront, £2.5 over 12 months) - am training him to play AMR Shorey - year long loan I'm trying to buy Hamsik and I need a striker. Any suggestions?
  15. varun↕§☺☻♫

    PS3 - which gear to buy?

    I think Infamous and Oblivion are a must play especially on a PS3. You can get the GotY edition of Oblivion and get the expansions. Why not get Fallout 3? Its really good. I know modern warfare is two years old but its awesome and a lot of people still play it. I loved Metal Gear Solid 4. FIFA09 was awesome too (waaay better than PES 2009). If you don't want MW, then give World at War a try. Nazi zombie mode is awesome, especially co-op. Oh and if you're into rhythm games, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are there too. Personally, I would go for Rock Band (way more songs).