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  1. I just lost my save game . My dad reformatted the computer without asking. Is it worth it to redownload the demo and start a new game or should I just wait 11 days...
  2. I had to change my formation because of an injury, so now I'm playing two upfront with Cahill behind them. Yakubu is still out injured. Well, he came back but then got injured again . He's out for at least 5 weeks. And I sold Saha. I'm using Vaughan and Baxter for cover, but I need a first choice striker. Jo is performing badly. If not for Cahill, I'd be goalless. Will look at Smolarek. As roberto said, Adriano looks good. I wonder how much he'd cost. I got Cristaldo for 750k though. Has anyone else seen Cassano move to Chelsea and Rossi move to Man Utd in their game? I started a new game twice and they moved both times. Aren't Chelsea supposed to have a transfer ban?
  3. Wow. The away jersey is atrocious. Why on earth would they choose pink of all colours? Garrido can't sign for Everton apparently. Says that I have reached the limit of loans from Man City (and I have only Jo). Weird. I need a left-back for cover. Tried getting Enyeama as backup for Howard. But of course, he had to snub me and join Real. Now I've put pretty much every reserve player (except Baxter, Gosling, and a couple others) on the transfer list. I need some cash. I wonder how David Moyes functions with so little... Am I the only one playing a 4-2-3-1 (3 AMCs with Cahill as Trequartista)? Transfer update: Sold: Hibbert to QPR - £4m Saha to Lyon - £2.5 Bought: Vargas - £9m (£2m upfront, £7m over 48 months) Di Maria - £5m (£2.5 upfront, £2.5 over 12 months) - am training him to play AMR Shorey - year long loan I'm trying to buy Hamsik and I need a striker. Any suggestions?
  4. To Steam or not to Steam.

    Right now, I'm in India but when I ordered FM09 I was living in Turkey.
  5. To Steam or not to Steam.

    How come I get to pay in dollars and I don't even reside in the US?
  6. To Steam or not to Steam.

    Personally, I've never had any problems with Steam. Especially not with the pricing. Its convenient for people like me because the game doesn't get released here for a long time after its released in the US and UK. Right now, Steam has priced FM10 at $40. Amazon UK has it at £29.99 which is roughly $50. So I don't really see the argument against Steam being too expensive...
  7. Squad Rotation

    Same here. I have two 11s and I play the stronger 11 in the important EPL games, CL games (except the ones against easy opposition or if I've already qualified), and FA Cup final. The second 11 play in the easy EPL games, when my first 11 players are too tired (as in during the Boxing day - New year period in England), FA Cup and League Cup. It keeps both of them happy and the first eleven get around 30 games while the second string get atleast 25 with the suspensions and injuries.
  8. Can you resist having your home nation loaded?

    Yup. I never load India. Don't really see the point in doing that
  9. Strange Personalities of Regens

    Oh ok. Thanks mate
  10. Strange Personalities of Regens

    what does searching for faceinthegame do? I searched and got this list of regens...
  11. how not to get broke at lower leagues?

    You could release them on a free but then you'll be paying some kind of compensation. It depends on how your bank balance is. Try to give those top earners some playing time and, if they play well, then they might attract other clubs. Try to send them out on loan if possible.
  12. Fmrte

    Best of luck, mate!
  13. Fmrte

    I knew I'd seen it somewhere but just couldn't remember where Thanks a bunch mate
  14. Fmrte

    Is there a way to edit a player's preferred foot? If yea, then how does one go about doing it?
  15. Wha is Regen???

    There's a regen box?