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  1. Sorry about your loss against Man City >.> I am glad you got a few cups with it tho.
  2. I have tested it with 5 teams. Madrid Galatasaray Tottenham Ath. Madrid. & Siena Worked for all.
  3. Hi there everyone, I have been really busy lately and did not have any time to play FM 2013 but I had plenty of free time lately and decided to give you guys a New Years gift. This tactic is made only for home games ( it's not bad at away games but eh... ) but I can almost guarantee you that you will never lose at home games once the tactic is gelled. ( even before it's not fully gelled yet) Team Talks/Opposition Instructions:For TT and OI, find an assistant manager with a high Tactical knowledge and motivating, let him handle it. I usually search for +15 for both Tactical Knowledge and Motivating. Create new shouts and add all of the ones I listed below and use it every game before the game starts. 1.Hassle Opp. 2. Get Stuck In. 3.Exploit the mid. 4.Pass into space. 5 Look for overlap. Pitch size = Smallest GK: Aerial Ability- Jumping-Reflexes- One and ones -Handling- Positioning -Command Of Area DR/DL: Marking - Tackling - Stamina - Positioning DCs: Jumping, Strength - Tacking -Marking -Heading - Positioning LCM: Passing - Technique - Stamina - Dribbling - Acceleration - RCM: RCM is your play maker, so you probably know what a play maker needs. AML/AMR: Dribbling -Finishing - Pace- Technique -Passing AMC: Dribbling -Finishing- Pace- Passing Striker: Pace-Finishing-Dribbling - Acceleration - Off the ball Download link http://fmchristmasgift.webs.com Feel free to ask if you have any questions and enjoy it. Have a good day.
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone before I disappear for a while again and wanted to give you guys a Christmas gift. I have it uploaded on my page. Screenshots are on there as well. I will be checking this thread and answering questions. Have a good day and enjoy it.
  5. 3 Seasons later? I haven't tried someone's formation for a long time and wanted to give a try to this one Picked a team that has a med prediction 12th in the league, played 7 games, lost all of them. The amount of your opponent gets chances is crazy. that's just a no no.
  6. I would be very happy as long as it's this week and not at the end of the month. ):
  7. Is there any information about the upcoming patch? I really want to play but I don't want to before a match engine patch. I have been waiting since the game came out ):
  8. Can someone post the tactic? Did Barcelona use some kind of cheat trainer? ugh. I am frustrated. But still, at the end... how?
  9. when I saw the update I jumped up and down, and then checked the list of changes, nothing changed in the match engine, and now I am back to Normal Mood from Super happy mood ):
  10. Do you think there should be game difficulty levels for the game? ( I mean just two, Regular and easy mode ) There are a lot of new comers and have no idea what's happening or not like football freak like most of us... Maybe they just want to play and lead their small teams to victory and be happy.
  11. Can you please look into this??? I have been playing as Barcelona. In my second year and everytime I play against Real Madrid, Ronaldo gets red card, what is going on?
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