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  1. I made a minor compromise and made the "promotion stage" a seperate tournament - now it's working, as does the "championship" - however what I would like the most is that the best 2 runner up of three unique regional divisions (not groups) get promotion, not a playoff stage at all. Is that possible and does anyone know of any file that does this?
  2. I finally got a championship between three regional divisions working, however, I still have problem with a playoff promotion stage for these three divisions at the same level. I tried changing rankings several times, looked at other files and more, but still coulden't get it working. The games are beeing played, however, the divisions don't record a winner? If anyone would be so kind to take a look: here is the file
  3. I believe if you change next season, then choosing next season when starting a game will use those teams.
  4. Oh, and I still can't add local regions? And I am using the latest version.
  5. If i chose that, doesn't that just store this league stage in a teams divisional history? Rankings where not that easy, I should have guessed. I tried but can't seem to get it working. League ranking: ranking-league.png Promotion stage ranking: ranking-prom.png
  6. I actually tried going back to Nation Rules but it was way to limited to my liking However, I'm still at struggle with this, a few posts above. Can't seem to record most goals and other history, but I manage to record the winners of the competition (a championship between 3 divisions) - and still haven't found out why my promotion playoff doesn't work neither, and I have read through every posts in this thread, and have downloaded quite a few files to see what other have done. But still... Anyone have an idea?
  7. I have tried and failes so many times, it's getting to my nerves... What I try to do is the following: I work on creating the Norwegian league from top to bottom, but there is some regional divisions I have problem with, now I'm on level 4. The level consists of 27 divisions, some of them with their own set of rules, number of promotions, relegations etc. For instance, 4th Division Oslo - consists of 3 seperate divisions, however this region gets 5 promotion spots all-together, the winners, and the best runner ups. I tried to do it the "easy" way with a promotion stage for the tree number 2's. Also, the winners of these 3 divisions play a mini-leage of their own, a "mini championship" to crown the winner of that region. The championship: I have created it, it draws the correct teams, and everything seems to be in order, recording a winner an such - however it doesn't store all the other history, like most goals etc: The divisions: They worked perfect before I added the playoff (to decide the best runner ups getting promoted) - however, since I added that playoff stage, I doesn't record history at all? The promotion stage seems to work though: When viewing a club history milestones it says the got promoted. O means Promoted btw, the world in Norwegian is Opprykk. What I have done: 1. I created a "parent division" for all the regional divisions on this level (have only added 4 so far) 2. I created a "multiple divisions" for the three divisions I'm talking about 3. I created a (seperate) competition for the championship 4. I created the playoff stage in the "parent division" Here is the file if anyone would be so kind to take a look: (1.3.9) Real.dbc - I would deeply apreciate it!
  8. That is what I am trying to to. I use multiple competitions and have added 3 divisions inside. But how can I make the best runner up of these three divisions to be promoted? I tried setting up a playoff instead, but the playoff just gets played 3 times - one time for each divisions... I guess I have done something wrong, however, I would like to be able to promote 5 teams from these 3 divisons, the winners and the best 2 runner ups. Do you know of any file that does something like this? Thanks for taking the time to answer.
  9. Is there any way I could make this Tab visible when I select more than one club? If I for instance select all clubs from one city - en press edit, I cannot see this tab, have to go 1 by 1 which is kind off time consuming...
  10. Great, Nice Work! I also have a bit of trouble I hope someone could solve or lead me to a file I can download which has similar rules. I am creating a league and in level 4 I have ran into some trouble. There are 27 regional divisions, and quite a few of them have their own set of rules, promotion and relegation. Most of them are easy, some has 1 promotion spot, some has 2, however, out of those 27 divisions, these are the problematic for me: 1. There are 3 divisions from 1 region. This region gets a total of 5 promotion spots, the winners of each and the 2 best runner ups. 2. I also have 2 divisons from 1 other region that only has 1 promotion spot, the winner of each of these 2 divisions meets in a playoff. I rather not use "groups" but would like to use "normal divisions"
  11. It seems the ability to add local regions has disappeared? Haven't touched the editor or the game in a while, but I thought I would give it another try, downloaded latest patch and latest file in post 1 - but then it was impossible to add local regions.
  12. I have now tried it out, worked perfect. Thanks again for this.
  13. Thanks Michael, this is great news. (I have yet to try it though, but will do as soon as I can)
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