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  1. It's pretty clear for everyone that this is the finite product. So any feedback is pretty much useless, for 14 at least. My biggest problem with this years version is the chances conversion. I mean, after every single patch you guys made people were complaining about this problem. Now, the last patch is out and it's like worse than before, it is nerve-wracking to watch my strikers miss sitter after sitter. Why was the AI keeper performance improved? Did someone feel the strikers perform too good?
  2. I think 2 out of 5 are misinterpreted. Watching them over and over again I noticed that my strikers struggles inside the six yard box. Before the update it was easier to score from an angle. Now(at least in my case ) my goals are scored from shots outside the six yard box and farther central position. What frustrates me the most is that after a mouth watering attacking movement where a simple tap-in should do the trick they miss. Now I'm at a point where my tactic does the job 80% and then nothing, hence my frustration...
  3. Has every one noticed the amount of chances needed for goals to be scored? Is just me? Is my tactics? Is the CCC's interpretation to blame? Cause I'm going mad seeing the amount of CCC's my strikers miss. I'm pretty satisfied with my tactic, it gets the job done, my teams create lots of chances to the point of me feeling guilty of abusing the ME but my God the conversion is bad.
  4. Both great players nonetheless. I really like Januzaj, but his stats seem a bit off(ish)...
  5. Might be too early, but this ME is god damn good. Very easy on the eye. Love the attacking moves a lot. What I don't love is the AI' s GK' s. I mean come on guys, aren't they too good? Sometimes I feel like SI hates my strikers...
  6. Just came home for work to find out the patch is out. Nice way to start the week-end. Thank you SI...
  7. I'm doing the "Messi" challenge myself. Managed to get him score 69 in the first season, with 40 goals scored in the first part of the season. Then his form dropped and begun missing 4+ ccc's/game. As stupid as it sounds I realized that the more chances you have, the harder will be for him to score...My advice, wait for the patch and start over...
  8. I totally agree with you m8. There is more randomness about this game than people would want to admit. Success was never a problem for me and that's why I wanted more from my teams. Right now I'm at a point I feel I'm abusing the ME with the amount of chances/shots/corners/etc.
  9. NBA Manager hands down, I'm drooling at the possibility to manage my beloved Knicks and Carmelo Anthony. Not sure it's gonna happen, licensing costs and all...
  10. There is no explanation for this thing to happen, I guess is more of a superstition amongst FM players.
  11. Try and play a solid back 3 with dm in front. All my succesfull tactics this year are set on very rigid, too much freedom doesn't seem to help. Stop messing with the d-line, if you drop deeper your players will get more chances. Tempo is also important, a higher one will mean more chances but also more misses, so tou should let it as it is, at least fir the first half of the season.
  12. I totally agree. Conversion rate has nothing to do with tactics. I started a Barcelona save just to test this thing. Managed to put together decent tactic, creating a lot of chances. Putting Messi up front I've noticed that although he scores(like a lot) he needs way to much one-on-ones situations to do it. This is a problem, a real one, and I'm sure the last patch will fix it putting an end to the whole CCC conversion drama.
  13. Truly amazing player. Never managed to sign him outside Germany this year, playing Juventus, Liverpool and Barcelona. Think he's the type of player that prefers to stay near home. Starting a Dortmund save only to manage him:)
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