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  1. Hi Kyle, I've just tried two other games and no flickering at all. It seems to be related to FM. I don't have an additional monitor unfortunately but this is pretty new (>1 year old). It's a high spec monitor and I've got it hooked up via my displayport wire as an extended monitor. It's very odd though because it's not all of the screen that flickers, but it is most. For example, the Next Unread, sidebar menu buttons and a few other spots marked on this screenshot don't flicker at all.
  2. @Kyle Brown Not sure if you've seen this but I included as much info as I could. If anythings missing, let me know
  3. @Kyle Brown Done: https://community.sigames.com/topic/525156-mac-screen-flickering-on-external-monitor/
  4. Hey all, Since I've had this game I've had this weird flickering of the cursor when playing FM on an external monitor through my mac. I've got a high spec MacBook Pro and the game runs with no issue. When I play the game on my MacBook Retina screen everything is fine, but when I move it to an external ASUS monitor then I have this horrible screen flickering which is mega distracting. I've tried multiple steps to remove this... Windowed / Full screen mode Various skins Various graphic quality settings Various scaling options Tweaked monitor settings Updated to latest versions of FM and Mac OS I am running the latest version of macOS Catalina but this issue also existed on previous versions. I've attached a gif recording of the flickering but it's not as obvious in the capture as it is in reality. This is driving me crazy lol - please help. Worth noting that in a few spots on the screen, it actually doesn't flicker. If I hover over the home tab in the menu it's fine. I wonder if it's to do with transparency but I noticed that FM doesn't have any accessibility options in their settings to turn this off.
  5. Also getting this issue - default dark skin and been doing it since I installed the beta months back
  6. Any update on this? I've had the same issue for months and it's doing my head in. It's fine on my MacBook screen but as soon as I move the window to my external, the flickering starts.
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