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  1. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I'll start unemployed, with no experience and see where it takes me. Aside from desperately trying to avoid the sack, my goals will be to manage Salford City (I was born in Salford) and Manchester United (the team I support) at some point. I would also like to manage in Germany too as I've had some great saves there previously. Also, hurry up BETA. I'm desperate for my FM fix.
  2. Hustler v3 is by FAR the best tactic that I've used in this year's FM. After having tried multiple times (with very mixed success) to create my own setup, I opted to give this a try with my Rangers side. The first season was a bit of a mixed bag but in the second season this tactic has really come into it's own. I'm battering sides (including Celtic away) despite not having a great squad. I won everything domestically and only lost 3 games all season. I found the following tweaks were useful (at least for my side): - Upped the defensive line to "Normal" to press the opposition more. - I removed the "Get Stuck In" instruction as I found I was getting far too many yellows. - Changed the "CM(D)" to a "BWM(D)". I found that the "CM(D)" wasn't really contributing much during the match and I wanted to see if I could get him more involved. Switching to ball winning midfielder did the trick. He seemed to break up play more regularly and even contributed more to attack (8 goals mostly from just outside the box). - I set all players in the midfield strata (excluding the shadow striker) to shoot less often. In my case, I found that the MCs were often shooting when a pass was seemingly the better option. Additionally, my players in these positions did not have great finishing, long shots or composure. This stopped them from being as wasteful in possession and it also kept my long shots per match count down. During the match, I never change from an Attacking mentally (regardless of opposition quality or the scoreline). Even when I'm winning away from home (for example), I stick to my guns and do not change mentality or switch the wingbacks to support. More often than not, I found it was was better to continue to attack whilst the opposition is pushing forward for an equaliser. The opposing team would regularly leave space at the back allowing my wingbacks and strikers to find lots of space. I scored a really good amount of late goals by braving it out not changing mentality. The only tactical change that I make regularly is to select "Stay On Feet" tackling. I usually do this if I find that I'm getting a lot of yellow cards early on in the match. I also sometimes do this late on in games if the scoreline is tight and I don't want to give away any silly freekicks or penalties. Finally, I would say that the wingbacks are key to this tactic's success. Both of my starting wingbacks topped my assist charts (both well into double figures) and if they have pace and crossing ability they can be absolutely deadly! As others have stated, the interplay between the front three is great too. All of my main strikers scored at least 20+ goals with the shadow striker chipping in a decent amount too. Anyway, suffice to say that I love this tactic! My contract at Rangers is about to expire and I'm tempted to see if I can replicate this success with another team in a different league. Great fun! Cheers Franky. Good work.
  3. Good read this. I'm inspired to give it a go myself. I noticed that you're playing two covering central defenders at the back. What's the thinking behind that and do you not find that it leaves a bit of a space in front of the defence (especially as you don't have any players in the DM strata of the pitch)?
  4. Cheers for adding me Jambo. 5-2-2-1 WB will be a new one for me and after looking at the squad, I'll definitely be strengthening those wingback areas! Still... should be a good challenge.
  5. Sign me up please! I gave this a go in FM 2016 and it probably ended up being one of my most enjoyable saves.
  6. (FM17) New Year, New life: The Story of a Journeyman

    Great thread. Unlucky with the relegation but looking forward to seeing where you end up next. What skin is that btw? Wouldn't mind giving a try myself.
  7. Brexit and FM17

    At this moment in time, surely a lot of what happens in the football world post triggering of the Brexit is pure conjecture? Yes I'm aware that there are variations of how it occurs in FM, but basing a whole mandatory feature on what might happen still seems a bit crazy in my opinion.
  8. Well my first season playing the 424 DM Wide ended like this.... Results Aside from the three games we lost in a row (which saw us painfully lose a semi final and then a final within the space of a few days!), I've been really pleased with how the team have performed. We've been pretty consistent, whilst getting a good amount of goals and remaining solid at the back. League Table Delighted with our final position in the table. Had it not been for PSG losing a single game all season, it could have been even better! Can't complain though and it gives us something to aim for next season. Players I must say that I lucked out somewhat because the squad has an abundance of wingers and defensive mids... perfect for a 424 DM wide system! My standout players were... Roux & Maupay - Grabbing 48 goals between them, they formed a formidable strike partnership and the majority of my goals came from these two. Maupay in particular was great, finishing the season as the league's second top scorer despite being injured for two months. Hamouma - Made the right wing spot his own. He grabbed 15 assists and also chipped in with 9 goals. He's unhappy after I rejected numerous bids though and I doubt the player will still be with the squad next season. Ruffier - Saved our skin on two penalty shootouts and won league keeper of the season along the way. Geronimo Rulli is joining the squad on a bosman however and there will be some fierce competition for the number 1 spot with these two! Tactics Nothing changed much from the last time I posted. I did however create a defensive variant for tough matches and to see the end of games out. I actually managed to grab quite a few goals after switching to this late on... Summary I've really enjoyed this challenge and it's been great fun. Going to play next season and see if I can take these tactics further. I quite fancy trying my hand at a 41221 too along the way.
  9. The very next match after that comment ... D'oh!
  10. I'm now exactly at the halfway point in the season with my 424 DM Wide and this is how we're currently lining up: Tactics In terms of changes, I've switched to an attacking, high tempo, high press system. Originally, I was using a somewhat cautious "standard" mentality with not much pressing going on. This was good at keeping things solid at the back but it didn't really threaten the opposition goal as much as I'd really like. With attacking, we do concede a bit more (as you'd expect) but we look far more dangerous in the final third. Also, I feel it's a risk I can take given that I'm using four defenders on defend duty and two holding midfielders! With player roles, I've settled on a false 9 with a complete forward upfront. The 424 DM Wide suffers from a huge gap in the middle of the park (between the DMCs and the forwards). The false 9 will drop into this space and create some great chances for the complete forward and the wingers. I'd say that this he's probably the most important player in the side and this role can be deadly if you get a good creative passer in this spot. The rest of the roles have in my side have remained the same. I've tried not over complicate things and the only player instructions I've added are "roam from position" for the forwards. I wanted them to be unpredictable to the opposition and also drop into the midfield "gap" when necessary. Results Aside from a 1-5 battering by PSG and a blip against Angers, I'm pretty happy with how things are going. League and domestic cup form is good, with an epic 4-3 revenge win over PSG and an extremely satisfying 3-1 away victory at Monaco. Unfortunately we didn't qualify for the Europa League knockout stages after finishing third in a tough group which contained Napoli and Liverpool. To be fair, I used a lot of squad rotation in Europe and this probably didn't help things. League Delighted to be sat in second spot with half of the season gone. Just hoping I can avoid too many injuries (tempting fate!) and keep it going. Big shout out to Neal Maupay too for competing with Zlatan for the league's top scorer (despite being injured for two months!). Not bad for a player who was sat in the reserves at the start of the season. Thoughts Really enjoying this challenge and it's really interesting to see other FM'ers take on things. Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out for everyone (myself included!).
  11. Time for my first update. Not had as much time as I would like to play unfortunately and I've had to do most of these matches on my work commute so far! Anyway, here's what my 424 DM Wide looks like at the moment.... screenshot tool Now I know some of these roles and duty combinations might raise eyebrow or two amongst the tactical gurus out there but in this early part of the season, it seems to be performing pretty well. My thinking was that I wanted create a system which was solid at the back and didn't over complicate things. A back four and covering mid work as a defensive unit. Support comes from DMCs spraying direct balls to my wingers who can then get in decent crossing positions. I'm currently experimenting with two attacking duties upfront as I want to stretch the opposition as much as possible. Here are my results so far... Decent but nothing spectacular. Here's my league standings.... photo uploading Final thoughts - Pretty satisfied so far but it's still early doors and aside from Napoli, I haven't really had a massive test yet. I'll post another update when I get to the halfway point. P.S. Hamouma is a beast on the right wing!
  12. I'll take one of those please Jambo! Cheers.
  13. If there is any space left, please sign me up Jambo. I'm still yet to find a preferred formation in FM16 because I'm constantly chopping and changing. This "restriction" will probably actually be beneficial to me in understating the tactical side of things!
  14. I'm going to give this a go on FMT. Do you use any player instructions at all knap? Cheers.
  15. Oxford diamond

    Yep, exactly the same ME.