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  1. I've been seemingly having this issue for the last few patches now. Basically, a goal is scored by my team during the match, the players celebrate and then the game will crash just as the goal replay is about to trigger. This seems to occur randomly. Not sure if it's related but it seems to happen when I have made a sub not long before the goal (e.g. the first clip after the substitution is the goal). I'm playing in 2D with replays in 3D (Director Cam I think). FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.06 21.25.16).dmp DxDiag.txt
  2. Snapped him up now. He'll be arriving in the next transfer window, ready for the start of the new season (also just in time to replace a retiring yet still great 39 year old Ronaldo!). Watch my new signing get a career wrecking injury just before he joins us now.... that would be just my luck.
  3. My first real stab at a journeyman career. Hopefully, I'll be trying Spain or Germany next...
  4. Quite possibly. The player's attributes do appear to be pretty impressive for his age so fingers crossed. As you say, I guess the ratings depend on the quality of your scouts and are relative to your current club level/stature. I've just never seen it before personally.
  5. I'm actually at work at the moment so I don't have access to the game. I'll take a screenshot tonight though. He's a 21 year old AMC/FC. I'm hoping he's possibly the new Aguero or Dybala! Oh I most certainly want to get him signed up. I was actually in the process of buying him (and it had gotten to contract stage) when the transfer window shut and the move was cancelled. D'oh! He has since signed a new contract with his club (Valencia). However, with it being Spanish league, there happens to be a mandatory minimum release fee clause in his contract which I will be making full use of when he becomes 'interested' again.
  6. I've had scout report come through for an Argentinian regen in my Juve save and he has got a 100 scout recommendation! I've never seen this before in my many years of playing FM, Just wondering how common this is in this year's game?
  7. In FM19, I find that the AI tends to try it's luck a bit too often with transfer offers (rather than offering a realistic amount for your player). They'll also often repeatedly come back with the same (or at least a very similar) bid to the one you've just rejected. It can be pretty frustrating when said player becomes upset because you rejected a derisory bid that was way lower then their actual in-game value and it needs tweaking in my opinion.
  8. Out of curiosity, what role are you playing your strikers in?
  9. I'm struggling to get my strikers scoring too. My teams have generally performing well but the strikers have been awful... they just don't seem to get involved in the match. I've tried a number of different roles and formations but I haven't been able to get much out of them at all.
  10. Loving this thread smp and fair play to you for giving up the Barca job in favour of a tougher challenge. I'm always tempted to go with the youth system focused route myself but I just haven't had the patience (or the facilities for that matter!) to attempt it so far. What sort of attacking possession tactical setup have you gone for with Charlton? Seems to be working pretty well for you at the moment.
  11. Wow! That's a super attacking setup... I like it. I'll be interested to see how it fares over the course of a season.
  12. Ha! Hopefully the former. I was fully prepared to struggle my way up the leagues on a meagre transfer budget (think I've spent a grand total of 70k in all of my past Darlington seasons combined!) but I'm more than happy to be given a helping hand so to speak. It has actually gone through now too. I've been given a million to spend initially but that's plenty for League 2. All the staff limits have been upped now and my scouting range has been increased to Europe. Should be plenty of cash to improve my training and youth facilities too. Good times! Completely unexpected though. I've seen this happen with AI teams before but never one of my own.
  13. Just about to start my fourth season with the mighty Darlington and I've just had this pop-up in my inbox!
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