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  1. Genuinely the first time I've ever got one of my players to back down in one of the 'I want to leave' conversations and could not have timed it better... We absolutely can't let Abdul leave - he's pretty much our entire team... Also, randomly still part-time, but won't sign a new contract with us to change that. Grrr.
  2. Sampedrense - 2020/21 Season Report Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 - Transfers: (18/19), (19/20), (20/21) (had forgotten in previous updates) League There was a definite step up in quality and whilst we had a very rocky patch in the middle of the season, our two strikers inevitably helped us eke out a few wins. There were some very heavy losses though, but in actual fact we were only two teams away from promotion as none of the B teams can go up. I think we will need a couple more years in this league as very few of our youngsters are good enough to even play at this level. I'm delighted to be out of that horrible playoff scenario though and this should be a good league to consolidate in. In terms of the facilities, I kept trying to push and attending one interview allowed me to get the board to agree to upgrade both Youth and Training Facilities. Sadly, they then cancelled at the end of the season due to them not waiting for the sponsorship money... Grr. Cup - we dropped out of the Taca early, but made it to the group stages in the League Cup, which is just the top two leagues and saw us pick up some nice TV money as well. Youth Intake Looks great at first glance, but the actual players aren't as good as I would have hoped (and everyone on our team bar Mimba and Elton is pretty damn awful). Again, our best prospect is a striker, which isn't ideal as we have zero centre mids and an awful goalie... Two tags, possibly more in the future. Jorge Barrios (YP03a)- a good future strike partner for Elton Abdul and a solid third rotation option for now. Antonio Macedo (YP03b) - could be a good centre mid? I feel I'm clutching at straws a little here. --- This season's player of the year - Elton Abdul (YP02a) --- Aims for next season. Keep working on those facilities Just get the youngsters more playing time Season | League | Pos. | Cup | CL | EL | Top scorer | Top assists | Top rating | Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 | Prio | 2nd - lost in QF | 3rd rd | n/a | n/a | Mimba (30) | Mimba (16) | Mimba (7.65) | Squad of 11... 2019/20 | Prio | 1st - won league | 4th rd | n/a | n/a | Mimba (35) | Mimba (22) | Mimba (7.70) | 2020/21 | Liga Pro | 7th | 4th rd | n/a | n/a | Elton Abdul (YP02a) (32)| Mimba (20) | Elton Abdul (YP02a) (7.69) | Turned Professional Season | Finances | Coaching | Recruitment | Training Fac. | Youth Fac. | Stadium ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | €96k | Average | Basic | Good | Good | 3000 2018/19 | €480k | Adequate | Fairly Basic | Good | Good | 3000 2019/20 | €256k | Exceptional | Well Established | Good | Good | 3000 2020/21 | €559k | Exceptional | Extensive | Good | Good | 3000
  3. Sampedrense - 2019/20 Season Report N.B. I will hide images in links/spoiler tags if others wish, but it's far easier for me to upload and just embed like this when writing. League The major changes from last season were mostly positive, but with two big losses - second striker Wigor and LB Miranda refused to sign contracts all the way to the death and left (sadly, they wouldn't really play any football at their new clubs). I'd hacked off previous club captain Wigor the previous season by replacing him with Mimba (our other star player) as it was the only way to get Mimba to re-sign. Of far greater benefit though was the news that on the 21st October, we were finally able to name a full squad of non-grey players, for the first time in the challenge! The young players we'd taken in weren't amazing, but they were certainly better than the grey men they replaced... We played pretty well the whole season long and whilst Espinho and Oliveirense set the early pace, they faded for Cinfaes to challenge us later on. There was the odd heavy loss along the way, particularly when we didn't have any centre mids, but we only needed top two to qualify for the post-season playoffs (there are four leagues that eventually go through to two teams being promoted. Along the way, I had my first interview offer (rejected - at Leiria) and we managed to get everyone to re-sign for next year (woop woop!). Playoffs We drew Olhanense first (who had been a nemesis of mine the last time I was in Portugal) and made it through thanks to a superb performance away from home. Then came Oriental and the Elton Abdul (YP02a) show. He's not the most consistent player, but when he's on, he's a real matchwinner! The winners of each semi final earn promotion, so this was enough to see us up! In the final, a surprisingly straightforward game saw us beat league rivals Cinfaes comfortably. Cup - no screenshots, but we made it one round further this year, getting to the 4th, before being thumped at Pacos Ferreira with their €4.7m winger... Youth Intake Still just building up the squad but the constant pestering for youth improvements has clearly paid off with this intake. I could really use a good CM and GK next intake, but I think we'll be pretty solid soon enough. The obvious standout was Elton, but two other players are worthy of tags, with a potential third to come: Elton Abdul (YP02a) - see previous post. A beast, who I've already signed down to the longest contract I can Fabio Leitao (YP02b) - a good RB option Lisandro Gomes (YP02c) - a very flexible defensive player who I'll probably play at CB. Andrei Moldovan - not sure whether he deserves a tag, so I'll just keep an eye. Weird attribute spread for a left mid. --- And our best real player - Emma Mimba --- Aims for next season. Survive and don't get sacked Manage to get the finances a bit more stable than currently, whilst still improving facilities. We've just had to plonk down €200k on a new pitch to meet league requirements, so that wasn't ideal... Season | League | Pos. | Cup | CL | EL | Top scorer | Top assists | Top rating | Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 | Prio | 2nd - lost in QF | 3rd rd | n/a | n/a | Mimba (30) | Mimba (16) | Mimba (7.65) | Squad of 11... 2019/20 | Prio | 1st - won league | 4th rd | n/a | n/a | Mimba (35) | Mimba (22) | Mimba (7.70) | Season | Finances | Coaching | Recruitment | Training Fac. | Youth Fac. | Stadium ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | €96k | Average | Basic | Good | Good | 3000 2018/19 | €480k | Adequate | Fairly Basic | Good | Good | 3000 2019/20 | €256k | Exceptional | Well Established | Good | Good | 3000
  4. Oh wow, much more difficult than even Scotland then, no wonder Europe is so tough! Reid looks like he has good stats in the right places and should grow. Best of luck!
  5. Outstanding work in Scotland, although Europe looks like it's a real tough ask! Any chance you have a screenshot of Stephen Reid? I'm interested as to what a 4* CA at Scottish Premiership level looks like! --- I've just had probably my quickest ever 'hit save now' moment in mine, with this beast coming through. I've badgered for recruitment and coaching upgrades all year, and even though the rest of the intake is average, I'd trade them all for Eltón!
  6. This simply cannot come soon enough. Currently able to name two subs per game due to the stupid rule...!
  7. Sampedrense - 2018/19 Season Report 2nd in League Well, we started with a squad of 11 players and a number of grey men, which made life very interesting. We actually started brilliantly thanks to our excellent front two of Wigor and Mimba scoring lots of goals, but we were much patchier in the second half of the season once suspensions started kicking in. It got even more bizarre once the youth intake came in as the game got rid of the grey men, but the ridiculous rule requiring 12 players in the match day squad to have played for 3 years in Portugal meant that I was going into the last two months of matches with just two subs... (it allows you to get around it by leaving spaces on the bench). Clinging on to 2nd place was no surprise, but we were in dreadful form going into the playoffs. Playoff Quarter Final - lost to Vitoria B on penalties Gutting, with one of our youth players missing the only spot kick. Still a great season - I am very worried about that 'trained in Portugal rule' for next year though, especially with LB Miranda and ST Wigor both leaving... Cup - no screenshots, but we made it to the 3rd round, which is one further than the board asked for. Youth Intake Pretty solid, but to be honest, any players would have been good as I just need to build up the squad at this point! Four players tagged though: Joao Carneiro - YP01a. A pacey winger with decent potential but lots of work to do on the other stats. Fabio Brites - YP01b. A solid enough looking right back. Rui Vieira - YP01c. Boy did I need a centre mid. Lots of work needed on the mentals and defensive side, but he could develop into a playmaker of sorts. Maurio Conceicao - YP01d. We needed a goalie. --- Aims for next season. Survive Get more than 16 players available for matchdays Season | League | Pos. | Cup | CL | EL | Top scorer | Top assists | Top rating | Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 | Prio | 2nd - lost in QF| 3rd rd | n/a | n/a | Mimba (30) | Mimba (16) | Mimba (7.65) | Squad of 11... Season | Finances | Coaching | Recruitment | Training Fac. | Youth Fac. | Stadium ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | €96k | Average | Basic | Good | Good | 3000 2018/19 | €480k | Adequate | Fairly Basic | Good | Good | 3000
  8. Been a while since I last did this with RB Leipzig in 13 (had a major advantage there!) and thought I'd have another crack at it. We're heading to Portugal and whilst I was really tempted by Lourinhanense, we eventually ended up in Sampedrense: And for proof of my man's incompetence, as well as the unfortunate news that two people already dislike me: The squad is paper thin - literally just 11 players, three of whom already want to leave. The first season will be the toughest by far. Wish me luck!
  9. The tactic has kept evolving over the course of the season and we're nearly at the end. I felt that Reus as AML was a bit isolated and not offering as much as I'd like in terms of goals or assists, so I changed him back to a support role. Additionally, whilst the structured shape was great defensively, it did limit us slightly in attack as transition felt too slow. So, we're currently looking as below: The Treq role is purely Gotze and it changes to a CF (S) if it's Isak. Whilst the AP (S) role didn't work in CM for Gotze, it really does for Arthur, who has been playing much better. The two wingbacks are offering more support to the wingers and we're just working better as a unit. The first 15 minutes tends to only see me change defensive line and usually it's to push higher up. In terms of life after transfers, we've also been way better since losing Papastathopoulos to Chelsea as he was positionally pretty poor and it means I can develop Akanji and Zagadou, whilst the same is true on the right wing with Yarmolenko leaving for Man Utd making room for Sancho and Pulisic to have more game time. Results since January have been really strong - we did as well as I could have forseen in the CL, losing out to Chelsea's two goals from corners and a penalty, so not much shame there. They were definitely better than us in any case... Annoyingly, Bayern have been even better: All of which led to last weekend's round of fixtures - we have a two point lead over them and went 2-0 down away to Augsburg, who played brilliantly. A change of tactics led to the most amazing 3-2 comeback with Alexander Isak coming off the bench to grab a hat-trick. Even better considering he's been a work in progress all year and required loads of motivation and confidence building after a 10 hour goal drought! Just one of those incredible FM moments. All this leads to Bayern at home in the final game of the season; a game we need to draw or win to claim the title. We then have Bayern again in the DFB Pokal final.
  10. b101

    [FM18] Sven Adzic - European Journeyman

    A really enjoyable read and liking the move to Valencia - good luck!
  11. This version of the tactic is starting to motor now - just crushed Leverkusen 4-2 (their two goals were an own goal and a header, both from corners...) and could have been 8 easily if we'd taken our chances. So much good movement around Gotze in that Treq role and things noticeably slow down when he's not in there: Additionally, we're definitely getting the most out of Sergej, who has just been amazing this season:
  12. Yep, well aware of that (the old ragequit occasionally works!). It's more to gauge the changes to style of play than the results, hence the looks at some of the analysis. It's never designed to be a perfect test, but watching half the game on 'full match' mode is a good enough gauge for me as to whether something has worked.
  13. First up, transfers. Now that I've got a bit more of an idea of how I want the team to play (and I love a rebuilding job focusing on youth), I shifted a few players on. Some were asking to leave or for first team football that I couldn't guarantee. Perhaps I could have gotten a bit more money for them, but in all cases, I have younger players who I believe will be better and could use the game time now: How do you solve a problem like Pulisic?/Preparing for Reus So the latest update sees us preparing to welcome back talisman Marco Reus, who will 100% fit into the AML role as an Inside Forward (A). This made me think a bit more about exactly how I want the tactic to play and where the weaker areas are. Now that I've gotten rid of a few of the extra centre mids I didn't need, I can look at the end goal a bit more clearly. The main issue, really, has been getting the Inside Forward properly involved. It happens in odd games, but not enough. I figured Wolfsburg at home, a very winnable game, was a good chance to trial a change Current tactic: Take 1 (standard formation, only change is moving Guerreiro to an Attack duty to try to support Pulisic): As this is just a 'control' game - i.e. to compare to the other one, I won't go into much depth beyond looking at Guerreiro's role and whether he's supporting play better. Result was 1-1 and we should have won, but missed a gilt-edged chance at the death. Lots of good from Guerreiro though and here's a couple of shots of attack vs. defence: 1) Early on, looks to support play and offer a clear 'out' ball 2) Proof that even when he goes chasing, the DM will look to cover - good work, Dahoud! 3) Provides more width, if only Pulisic could complete the pass Average positions look closer and I'm happy with this as a change. It plays more to Guerreiro's strengths as well as what we need as a team: But, how much does this help Pulisic (the initial aim)? His passes completed and received look like this - note the total lack of crosses, which is his aim. Basically, he's getting the ball from the full back more (good) and making efforts to receive it in the box, but not with much end product. Therefore, he's probably running into traffic or markers: As mentioned, this was just a test game to provide a sample and look at one very specific issue. Part of the issue with this formation is Gotze on the right hand side as an Inside Forward slowing everything down and meaning there's less space for him to exploit. Part of this, I think, is also the role of the striker. So... Take two - the real test: When Reus does come back, we want to open up lots of space behind the back four for him to attack. Therefore, that DLF (S) role doesn't seem right to me as it is currently. I thought back to previous tactics I've used and decided on this approach: N.B. This was just after I made a couple of subs (should be Sergej at CM (A), Arthur at CM (S), Dahoud at DM and Gotze up front as our Treq. The idea is that Gotze drops deep and either has the time to pick out a ball for Pulisic, Sergej or Sancho or the defence follow him, leaving loads of space for Pulisic to exploit. The shouts should be self-explanatory: Low crosses given that we no longer have anyone bar Sergej who can win the ball in the air, Push Higher Up as our defence is quick and allows us to win the ball back more quickly Work Ball into Box as a standard for the type of football I want. CM (S) is also on shoots less often as he's the one who usually pings one off rather than looking for a pass. What we should see is lots of passing options higher up the field, room for Pulisic and Sancho to exploit and, if we go wide, Sergej, Gotze, Pulisic/Sancho attacking the box. I've tried to stagger the mentalities a bit, but made Guerreiro a wing back (s) to allow him to get forward more to overlap once Pulisic cuts inside. As seen above, Weigl should cover any gaps if he goes up. How did it work out? Attacking-wise, much, much better. We actually had loads of possession in the first half before Wolfsburg made a few changes. We were 4-0 up very quickly so I wasn't fussed and kept the side the way it was as I wanted to see it play out. Some things that I felt were interesting: Gotze and Pulisic passes received at 55 minutes when I made subs. Gotze as Treq really deep at times, but then also threatening the area. Pulisic looking to get inside - could still be more involved, but his touches were far more meaningful. Match stats at 55 minutes when I made the changes: --- What now? Sort out keeper distribution - let's not hoof it long to our 5'9 trequartista... Let's have another look at those CM roles and see if anything else works better. Work out a plan B involving two strikers. Do I need more possession? Probably not, but might be worth seeing where we lost the ball.
  14. Not 100% sure I do either! Only done it for a few games now (and it'll never be Bayern away...)
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    Quarter Final: France vs Uruguay

    I think that's what he meant - take it into your chest and catch rather than go with the hands and parry