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  1. Palermo - 2022/23 Season Report Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 - Transfers League Way more than I hoped for. We had a season of very tough runs of fixtures then easy runs, but crucially kept picking up narrow wins here and there rather than drawing too many. We really don't create that many chances, but don't give away that many either - it took Juve an 86th min Ronaldo penalty to equalise in the first game and that really set the tone. I think we're a few years away from being able to be a bit more expansive with our game, but I'll take 11th! It did help that Hellas Verona and Crotone
  2. Cheers and yeah, that's usually no problem when they're in the senior squad. Think the issue must be that he was in the U20s so I couldn't fine him and it didn't come under the code of conduct... I'll see if I can find an option to take control of the U20s Code of Conduct - maybe that's it.
  3. Random question, but where do you find the option to fine a player for missing training? It never comes up on the news item for me for U20s players. Had to release one of my tagged players for what feels like two bugs - first he requested a loan then got annoyed about me not finding a club when nobody was interested, then he started skipping training and I couldn't fine him, which annoyed other players. He was far from my best, but still...
  4. The good news? I've revamped the entire coaching squad as contracts expired and locked down every player I can for the next two years. We also get £38m for being in Serie A this year, compared to £130k from Serie B The less good news? Inter's new signing Pulisic is on four times our entire squad's wage, whilst Ronaldo alone is more than double that again. Our opening fixtures below. After the first two, I'm very happy. Juve (H) AC Milan (A) Udinese (H) Bologna (A) Sampdoria (H)
  5. Palermo - 2021/22 Season Report Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 - Transfers League As mentioned in the previous post, we kept surprising everyone. The whole season was devised around a plan of being very cagey at the back with an ultra-compact 3-5-1-1 (mainly due to having zero natural strikers) and it kinda just kept working. We won SO many games 1-0 or 2-1 and got very lucky with the number of spot kicks awarded - 3 of our wins were decided by a single penalty. Most of all though, nobody else seemed to want it and teams kept taking points off each other. Seems like that's what happens
  6. Well now... I'll do a proper write-up tomorrow, but just kinda stunned. I think this will likely be a 'take the money and run' experience as we are nowhere near good enough for Serie A. So many gritty 1-0 / 2-1 wins this season and we're just not ready. Weirdly, none of the other sides ever made a push. The form column shows how weird this run-in was - we didn't even have to play particularly well. It does show that Palermo's starting squad is really solid though.
  7. From open play or from set pieces? If the former, the main thing for me is to stop the supply. In a 4-5-1 with advanced wingers (or in my case, the outside CMs in a 3-5-2), you often have to set the wingers to specifically mark their full backs (mark specific position rather than player), or else they have an easy cross from deep every time. Set pieces take a while to set up, but worth doing specific positioning or man marking once and saving each as a template so that you can reuse in different tactics. You'll still concede (and score) a fair few headed goals, but this should minimise it
  8. Top at the halfway point and not quite sure how this is still happening. We are so limited going forward, but super stingy at the back and have a knack for eking out a 1-0 win. In much-needed news, we might finally be getting a striker. Could use another AM to develop as well. Fingers crossed that they are actually decent!
  9. Well, this was unexpected... And the wonderfully funky tactic I've had to develop to fit to this ragtag squad with zero actual strikers lol. So many roles and combinations I've never used before, but it's working and produces some lovely movement!
  10. Damn - great money, but I imagine that's no longer an issue for you
  11. The first game with the Shadow Striker tactic. Love it when a plan comes together
  12. Dudek is the sort of player to build a team around. Congrats on the promotion as well!
  13. With all of the posts above in mind, I've just spent a really entertaining hour trying to work out what tactic I need to set up now that my second striker has left. So, we're now into the murky world of using a shadow striker (which I've never tried) and a cautious mentality (which I've also never used). I'd forgotten how much fun it is to try the jigsaw puzzle approach without simply leaping out and buying what you need. Ah the freedom of zero expectations for this season
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