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    Hey, I'm Jamie, 18, and from the emerald isle. Pleased to meet you all.

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    The Rebel County, Ireland


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    Hurling and Live Music

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  1. I apologize if I came off as a bit over the top in my last post. Appreciate you lots' efforts. For Klich, the main thing wrong is that all his best roles are as a playmaker, whereas in real life, he's all about off the ball movement. He doesn't take on a high volume of passes, doesn't really construct or manage play either. He's all about moving, opening spaces, quick combinations, sideline-to-sideline, box to box. He's been pretty great all season, but since about mid-January he's been incredible. He's the Leeds player this season with the most pre-assists, which is mostly down to his 1-2 touch combinations. Worth noting that he was generally well regarded in Holland too, at a higher level. As for Alioski, he only spent the last year of his time playing as a winger at Lugano.Was a fullback for years before that, and when he plays as a LW, he looks like a LB trying to play as a winger. He's a poor dribbler, poor in 1v1s especially, but he's a phenomenal athlete. His idols (in his own words) are Roberto Carlos and Marcelo, which is reflective of his primary position. Bogusz turned down offers (according to Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post, the main Leeds journalist) from Brighton and Napoli. Big reputation. Not a big deal about his ranking though. ^^^ Obviously a good deal of this is my own observations and I don't expect them to be taken as gospel. All the best.
  2. I just got the game and started up my first file as Leeds (as is tradition). Do you guys find the ratings of some players to be a fair bit underwhelming? Klich 3 star, best position as a deep-lying playmaker? Alioski unfamiliar with playing LB despite playing there for years? Same with Berardi at CB? And the rankings of some of the younger guys is a bit off too, particularly Mateusz Bogusz. We've signed him with big potential and he's been instantly great for the u23's. Yet his max potential in this is like 2 and a half stars? Also, no Nohan Kenneh, who is the star of the u18s, played his first game at 14, in all the England squads etc.
  3. Hey guys. Small problem - so basically, ages ago I applied some pics/squad updates/leagues etc. just basic stuff. Whatever it did, it changed what's shown when I click on a player's name; namely the attributes from 1-20. (Obviously) I know when you click on a profile you rearrange what's displayed, but I have no option for that, only the shape-outline of what my player's attributes are. I can still click overview and go to attributes, or view those attributes in individual training, so I had left my games run the past year without seeking out why this happened. Here's an example: Not the end of the world or anything, but anyone know why this happened and/or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  4. So is the Vita version out or not? Can't seem to find it on PSN myself and I'm only itchin' for a game. Help me out, lads!
  5. So is FMH out on PS Vita, or? Because I'm on PSN now and I can't seem to find it. Gaggin' for a game guys Always loved it on PSP.
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