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  1. Been messing around for a while with tactics and styles of play. Seems the only thing I can really get to work is a counter attacking tactic. I'm using Napoli in my current game odd choice I know, but the first soccer ball I ever received was a Napoli ball! Anyway, my current tactic is as follows: I'm set to counter and flexible. Only TI is work into box, so my players don't shoot from everywhere! It's quite solid defensively. The BWM doesn't run around as loosely as I thought he would. The DM/D has been quality with intercepting potential attacking moves. One problem I'm having is t
  2. I've made a few changes but I leak way too many goals and I'm not sure how to change that without sacrificing on attack. I can't seem to find the right balance between defense and attack.
  3. Hmm thats kind of nice to hear that I'm not too far away haha! So maybe changing the AP to a T? Or even change the DLP to an AP on Attack? How about defensively, won't that leave me even more open to counter attacks?
  4. Loved reading this and has helped me start to build a tactic. However I am struggling to take it to the next level and it seems to be very inconsistent - especially away from home. The formation is a 4-2-3-1 I'm also playing balanced and standard, it was on control but I am changing it up to attempt to change my luck! I'm using Sunderland with January transfer updates. At home with control it is quite decent against the same calibre of teams as me, but if I'm playing against a team thats playing a lot deeper than I am I struggle to break them down and just have meaningless possession,
  5. I don't really want to sort through the whole forum or anything, I was just wondering if I could transfer my tactic from FM13 that was very successful and took me months to tweak and get it right. Am I able to transfer it successfully to FM14? I copied the roles, shape etc but it didn't work anywhere near as well.
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