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  1. I've not seen a 'large' increase as in Player A before, my estimates have not failed me so far. I'm betting with data from 1000 youngsters, the average will still be 1 every 20CA. I hope you can prove me wrong. Similarly, if a striker start with very low pace/acceleration and jumping, will you bet on him to be decent enough in the future?
  2. Yup true, developed players do improve, but slowly. Its really up to you if you want to wait for a youngster with low consistency to improve enough for first team. The 20CA points is a good estimate to where he will start.
  3. You cannot help the improvement of the consistency and important matches attribute. They improve by 1 for every 20 CA point increase.
  4. I have seen the mentee inheriting the personality(light hearted) of the mentor and all ppms in a very successful tutoring. The mentee started out with about 4-5 less in the every hidden stats. This is rare though.
  5. I may just figure out why this tactic work so well for good teams, even for away games. It seems that players with very high personality stats like pressure, professionalism, ambition, loyalty and temperament are much easier to motivate in team talks. This tactic pushes almost every player up and so maximises the chance to assist or shoot at goal. So far I have not tested this theory, if someone can put together a mediocre team with high personality stats to test this, we will know that even cheap players can work with this tactic, as long as their personality is professional, resolute or light heart and so on.
  6. I use V2 only for cup games and it worked terrific! I think the AI gives advantage to weaker teams in cup games, in addition to this overloading tactic, ensure your win against much stronger opponents. Personally I never use OI with this tactic, lose everytime I use them. My theory is that this tactic require the team to concentrate on attacking 100% to work. OI is just a distraction. No tactic work without on form players! Work on your team talks by checking on the team talk feedback after every match. Find out the players that are easily motivated to win games for you, they can score many goals in a game, especially with this great tactic. Cheers.
  7. Love this tactic. Thanks kimz. The idea of this tactic is to ensure that we overload the offense with 5 attackers across and everyone rush back to defend positions using the arrows. Somehow my players do not seem to tire at all with all the running, could be a bug. Here is a variation I tried. Seems to work for my championship nott forest against manchester united, league cup. AI fielded second team, no rooney ronaldo tevez but still stronger by 20+ CA points average. I use this because I want my wingers to do the crossing not DM. Love wingers. For those who need more defending just adjust the arrows and mentality to taste. Still need to take care of morale and team talks. I get poor performance when I field eleven superb morale players sometimes, players give to ball away and cannot defend. I think the game is trying to simulate complacency. A player may get demotivated by team talk and will not get more than 6 rating, just get ass manager with 20 motivation, it helps. Thousand and one reasons to lose a game but the idea of this tactic is great. Cheers.
  8. And that right there is the fundamental issue with these 'free' attributes. If SI come out and say these attributes are irrelevant for the particular positions then it's not an issue. But how can jumping, bravery and marking be irrelevant for an M C or DM C? Or bravery and team work for a striker? It calls into question how people have generally interpreted the effect of attributes on certain scenarios. If no AI managed regen strikers see increases in bravery does this mean that when the game is populated by regens only that strikers will be less likely to win headers as it has always been assumed that bravery plays a role in this? You could argue that bravery is an inherent attribute related to personality, but if that is the case then why does it increase for centre halfs? Add to this the whole agility and balance being stuck and you have to wonder what the hell is going on? Is this intended? Do these attributes matter? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Just because its free doesn't mean its not important. Eg. oxygen =) Its free for the purpose of player development, not gameplay. Training and performance are linked but not the same, so no confusion.
  9. Wow finally a tactic without tweak. Interesting use of arrows on this one. If my knowledge of arrows are not wrong, this tactic is effectively a 2-3-5 with the ball and 4-2-3-1 without. In a nutshell, combines both attack and defense in one tactic, without having to tweak. Brilliant. This tactic will pave the way for other tweakless tactics using arrows. Note that the arrows will probably not work in versions prior to 802 cos they will probably drain the DMs too much but I think the patch seemed to have improve player losing condition in games.
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