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  1. I cheat with mini scout, these are my findings, not gospel though. Low usually means below 10. And certain stats affect one another. Ambition/profession/pressure - training. Pressure/Sportmanship/Temperament - discipline. Temperament/loyalty/controversy - likelihood to biach and unsettle. Only ways I know that can improve/reduce hidden stat is through tutoring and disciplinary action. Not sure about the manager's stats though. Hope someone can conribute in that area.
  2. You insensitive clod! Of course I'll wait for the "Is FM09 fun?" poll before deciding!
  3. 424 overwhelms you easily if your players fitness fall below 80%, regardless of how good your team is. One reason not to overuse quick tempo.
  4. Probably the mentality is too far off from the wingers or midfielders, causing a lack of passing options. The FB is more likely to pass to a player with closer mentality. Can be easily tested to confirm.
  5. The total number of points gained for both players is the same right? That means the cost is in distributing the same number of points over more attributes for the retrained player? I'm I right to say that?
  6. Tax

    74 million pounds season 5 man utd
  7. Most heroes in Chinese history are murderers like Che. One of the most famous even boast of cannibalising on his enemy in his song, an acclaimed work of art. William Wallace isn't too innocent at his time. Good luck demonising them.
  8. I've not seen a 'large' increase as in Player A before, my estimates have not failed me so far. I'm betting with data from 1000 youngsters, the average will still be 1 every 20CA. I hope you can prove me wrong. Similarly, if a striker start with very low pace/acceleration and jumping, will you bet on him to be decent enough in the future?
  9. Yup true, developed players do improve, but slowly. Its really up to you if you want to wait for a youngster with low consistency to improve enough for first team. The 20CA points is a good estimate to where he will start.
  10. You cannot help the improvement of the consistency and important matches attribute. They improve by 1 for every 20 CA point increase.
  11. Transfer most of the wage budget to the transfer budget in the beginning of the season so your players will not ask for exorbitant wages when renewing their contracts.
  12. Older players require consecutive string of games to improve, don't rotate until the the jadedness rating close to 300, like what the computer controlled teams do.
  13. Constantly bidding on players may affect morale. It is mentioned in the hints. I've notice drops in team morale during the transfer window period, may explain some mid season slump as well.
  14. Seems to have some changes recently, found on google. http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/NewsFromTheFA/Postings/2004/01/FIFA_InternatElig_Changes.htm
  15. Pardon me for being stupid here, what does "not used yet" means?