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  1. We've been discussing this on http://fmdiscussion.com/forums/ and we thought: - Player stats being more accurate for example Ibrahimovic is overrated. - The 3D match engine being more realistic, I know it's not important but it'd be nicer - Expand the tactics of the game, to add more depth in the game - Better press conferences, the responses on the one now is rubbish! The Spirit Of Youre Forum Group Icon Group: VIP Member Posts: 423 Joined: 25-March 08 From: Switzerland Member No.: 462 Supports: füssball club züerich! Warn: (0%) ------+ * Quality of the 3D improving (quality wise) * Moderator built into the disc so its in your folders somewhere! I would want: -More depth in tactics and player interaction -Better researching , by this I mean more on target attributes and heights -More realistic goalscoring figures.Too many strikers and midfielders score 20-30 goals per season whereas in real life they barely do. I would love it if the histories of players showed that stats from all competitions (minus Non competative) and not just league its annoys me. A skin that actually makes me go wow that some fine work instead of a slightly different one each year. A bug free game. More licenses. All taken from different users.
  2. -Change the times in which players get cards, I mean come on? A yellow card in the first minute of a match? Its far too common. -Lower AI transfer fees, they are too common, unrealistic and ridiculous. -More depth in scouting -More depth in scouting opposition -More depth in team talks, greater variation and based on circumstances - such as against rivals -Players possibly wanting more to move nations, ie. English going to Italy.
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