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  1. Just a few days in the game and the news box poped up saying that due to club protests about scheduling, the 2022 World Cup will be hosted in Australia rather than Qatar. Not sure if this is a bug but it is something quite unusual IRL.
  2. That's the problem of their decision to introduce "roles" into the tactic system. IRL players' roles are defined by the instructions given to them. In FM it's the opposite. Can't understand where this idea came from.
  3. How can I choose the 400% font size? I can only find 85%, 95% & 100% in preferences panel...
  4. Easier to adapt and balance, while less room and possibility to creat something or make small adjustments, which is the reason why more and more roles are added to the system, making it back to be complicated yet again. It's about finding the balance between concise and creative freedom and realness, the roles system and the sliders system are equivalence from this point of view. Ultimately, IRL the roles are just "outcomes" of detailed instructions and players' tendencies, that's why I prefer the old-fashion tactical panel. We know how the roles are executed because the game provides a great deal of hints, the same can also be done with the sliders system.
  5. All these "roles" issues started from the beginning when SI was trying to make individual tactic settings easy to understand and carry out, now it's getting more and more complicated... Why not just leave all the individual settings available for players' adjustments, like in the very early FM versions? So the players can create every kind of roles IRL or even not IRL as they would like to.
  6. the bug reported HERE still exists when I continue game on an old save. Is it fixed yet? Do I have to start a new save to get rid of it?
  7. AS an avanced playmaker with attacking role in the AMR position, Messi passes the ball more than 30 times a game and usually with 70%+ completion rate. However, in extended highlights, after collecting the ball, usually he would start dribbling, beating defenders and making things happen, or pass the ball over the D-line to another side (eventually turn out to be a killing pass or be blocked by defenders). So maybe the change makes no great difference to the way he influence the game - but it may depend on the general tactic settings too.
  8. Thank you very much for reporting the issue! I had been busy at work and had no time to check this thread until now, quite happy to see that it's under review already!
  9. Needless to say, they are banned from being registered for Barca due to the transfer embargo. However, I find them both also unavailable for respective national teams in the game. Is that a bug or sth I missed? And one more thing about the embargo, considering the real situation of Turan & Vidal, Barca is still able to "presign" players without registering them. I think that should be implemented in the game too. Does any stuff have ideas about my questions?
  10. Game time: 28 days, 3 hours. Game rating: 6/10 ME rating: 5/10 Still needs much adjustment, mainly on: 1)far too frequent injuries and sudden condition drop, 2) exaggerated home team advantage, and 3) ridiculous number of crosses flying towards goal. Non-ME rating: 7/10 Overall game play is decent, except the players' salary demands and the agents' fee demands, which was pointed out in this thread already.
  11. I am bringing up this old, old topic because I just have a fresh new example: Messi was kicked and offended several times during the WCQ match vs Venezuela. In FM2013, those tackles and collisions would make his condition fall below 80% at the first time, then make him pick up a knock and his condition fall below70% later, leaving him unable to do anything on the pitch and injured after substituted off. BUT IRL Messi carried on playing and dribbling, threatening the opponent's defence, created two goals with incisive through passes, and produced a penalty which was banged in by himself. Magnificent performance. Footballers do get injuries. Many players argued that in FM2013 injuries tables is quite appropriate compared to real life. But I don't see players' condition fall so often and so much in real matches. There are nearly one everage big sharp drop of condition or nasty knock for one of my four attacking players in FM2013. My instruction for them is more press, easy tackle and normal dribbling. And they are rotated to just play one match a week. The injuries number may be realistic from an overall perspective, but the frequency of players taking up a knock/undermined by tackles and collisions in match is exaggerated.
  12. That's definetely what I am experiencing and I believe to be written into the ME codes. As I already ponted out in this post: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/346752-*Official*-FM-13-Update-13.2.3-Match-Engine-v1339-Constructive-Discussion-amp-Feedback?p=8544871&viewfull=1#post8544871, better players should be able to choose wisely between a chipped (underhit) kick or a plain kick to release a through pass, however ALL PLAYERS PREFER A CHIPPED (UNDERHIT) KICK REGARDLESS ALL CIRCUMSTANCE in the current ME. They are not even 50%-50% randomized. So SI plz take a look at it.
  13. Things clear after I tweaked my tatic just once. I set a pacey poacher as target man and run on to balls supplied to him before one match, and found him receiving more lofted balls, one of which turned into an assist by him to another foward. Don't know why the ME decides that they don't try normal through passes.
  14. Further more, it's a real shame seeing my skillful players making very poor heading instead of controlling the ball by their feet when they are tatally without any pressure. Someone would say that's a bad decision by the player not an ME issue, but I think it's the ME decides what reaction the player would make to a clearly no threatening high ball.
  15. Well, about ten more matches after my last post here and I guess when most of you mentioned "through balls", it means "passes lofted over the opponent". I don't consider these two to be the same thing. A through pass runing on the ground between the defenders' gap is more likely be received by a pacey skillful poacher, while a lofted ball would be more likely be cleared by tall defenders. A good passer should be able to choose the best killing ball option according to the receiver's ability. The passing logic may need further balancing IMO.
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