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  1. Is there going to be any fix for FM 2021 since the away goals rule will be scrapped from all UEFA club competitions from the start fo 2021-2022 season?
  2. Is it possible to turn off assistant's advice/popups during the match?
  3. Is it possible to check attendance number during the match? It was possible in fm2020. Now this option seems to be missing.
  4. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable them. I don't understand what's the point of popping up info about league position or recent results. Irritating....
  5. You can't even change transfer status of a player who is on a loan. Ridiculous
  6. Is it possible to change a transfer status of a player who is on a loan?
  7. This tactic works great at home. Unfortunately, it doesn't work when my team plays away.......
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