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  1. Will it be possible to turn off players' photos permanently ?
  2. With FM 2014 it was "Steaton's 'Total Annihilation' ". No mattter if I played ManCity , Southampton or Everton, I cuuld win PL. Any suggestions with FM15 ? :-) Edit: Please use this thread for tactic requests.
  3. Mhmm, I'd swear I was able to register only 21. But I have to check.
  4. How many players (maximum) can be registered to play in CL ?
  5. I don't play the game until Steklo is released :-)
  6. Are you going to release it via Steam ?
  7. So, I don't play the game because of your lack of impetus :-)
  8. So, no intention of fixing Steklo? Enough is enough? :-)
  9. Tom, are you going to fix the problem which appaered after 14.3.0 patch ?
  10. Patch 14.3.0 Right click on players: http://i.imgur.com/wQSz9w6.png
  11. It was. Is the button missing or does it only appear during transfer windows? :-)
  12. Recalling players from loan is only possible in transfer windows?
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