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  1. Sorry Fenech, totally missed your post asking for information on Bernie Slaven. Glad you've found what you need. Funnily enough, I was sat next to him and had a little chat with him in Pizza Hut last Wednesday (he's always in Pizza Hut!).
  2. Oh my! Despite knowing the incredible effort you put into your database, I kind of assumed Boro would be half-arsed (possibly due to my constant and annoying requests ), but then you screenshot Reggie! You are still clearly putting the research in. Although I've been born and raise on the likes of Juninho, Emerson and Ravanelli, it's amazing to see other have recognised our history. The uneducated probably don't realise Brian Clough was a record breaking striker before he became one of the most recognisable Managers in history, or that Graeme Souness was voted out greatest ever player, or that Jack Charlton's promotion team was feared by most, or than John Hickton had the hardest shot known to man, or that Wilf Mannion even existed! ....Or, That Christian Vieri still claims that Juninho is the most gifted player he ever played with (and he played with the likes of Ronaldo and Roberto Baggio). If he didn't break his leg in his first year at Atletico Madrid he truly would've been one of the first name in this database, not one of the last. Anyway, I'm delighted you have decided to include the Mighty Boro in you epic database! You, Sir, Are a LEGEND!!! EDIT: Sorry for the Borefest, I just love my team!
  3. Haha you definItely must be mad but there is at least 1 guy here that's glad to hear it Keep up the great work.
  4. Hi Fenech, I know you've made reference to doing some Championship teams recently, just wondering if Boro are likely to be on your radar anytime soon? No worries if not, I appreciate there is probably not a lot of demand! I tried creating for few players myself but this editing thing isn't for me, god knows how you have the patience to create a massive database like this!
  5. There is nothing more enjoyable than playing a midweek game and taking Pele off to bring on Maradona. Crazy ****!
  6. Well done Fenech, absolutely incredible database again. Loving it! Think I'll try and create a Boro team myself for personal satisfaction, but I fear I'll screw it up or overrate some players etc. I've said it before, the FM14 version was the best database I've ever played...well now it's been topped by this years. Fantastic work and much appreciated.
  7. I need to be up early in the morning, but for some reason I get the feeling this might turn into a late night
  8. I echo what supernovadragon said. I appreciate your hard work on this. I've said it before in this thread, but the FM14 version was the best database I've ever played and I'm sure this will be even better. I went into a full on depression when there was no FM15 version So many players/teams I'm looking forward to but I would suggest you make Middlesbrough the best team on it, keep it realistic.
  9. The 2014 version was the best FM database I've ever played. I struggled to play FM15 in the latter days because it felt so stale and didn't have this epic database to spice it up! I'm glad to see its making a comeback this year and I for one cannot wait.
  10. Great skins as always! Just wondering, is there an easy way to alter the player attributes to look like your 'Ultimate' skin from FM14. Always preferred that style, like the FMC skin. Thanks.
  11. Some great research done by cel1234. I'm throwing my personal opinion into the Boro squad, deleting a few mentioned and adding others. There is more than 25 here as I realise a good few of these listed will be better suited to other clubs where they made there names. Keepers: Mark Schwarzer GK Stephen Pears GK Jim Platt GK Defenders: George Hardwick FB Gary Parkinson RB Franck Queudrue LB Emmanuel Pogatetz CB Christian Ziege LB Gary Pallister CB Nigel Pearson CB Tony Mowbray CB Willie Maddren CB Stuart Boam CB Gareth Southgate CB Midfielders: George Boateng DMC Juninho AMC Robbie Mustoe DMC Graeme Souness CM Emerson CM Craig Hignett CM/AM/C/L/R Stewart Downing LM/AML Stuart Ripley RM/RML Attackers: Wilf Mannion AMR/L/C/ST John Hendrie RW/CF Brian Clough (Has to be Forest Manager unfortunately!) John Hickton ST Mark Viduka ST (Leeds no doubt) Jimmy Flloyd Hasselbaink ST (Chelsea?) Fabrizio Ravanelli ST George Camsell ST Bernie Slaven ST Additional suggestions: Ugo Ehiogu - CB Uwe Fuchs - Striker (Only if we are short on forwards if some of the better players are with other clubs) Gaizka Mendieta - MC/R (however he 100% needs to be in Valencia ahead of Boro) Nick Barmby - AMC/L/R Paul Merson - AMC (Should be included, IMO) Youth players (from players currently in the database): Lee Cattermole Adam Johnson James Morrison Brad Jones Ross Turnbull David Wheater Danny Graham
  12. Whoop Whoop! Great news. The 2014 version was the best database created for any FM ever. Glad to hear you'll be including the Championship teams. Can't wait until Juninho is running wild over every defence in the league (providing he makes the grade for you :-p).
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