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  1. I had this issue since the last FM version and never quite managed to resolve it. If I make a change to my tactics (tactical style) during a match - for example, my usual style is to set crosses to "low crosses" and i change this during a match to "mixed crosses", it doesn't default back to my saved tactic after the match is complete. The next game i play, my crossing style is still what it was last set to, instead of what my saved tactic is. I can work around this by reloading my saved tactic after every match, but I would've thought my tactics should reset after each game to w
  2. Im Australian and dont really understand how that league works, but i can see the other Jong (Reserve) teams are part of the competition? Steam.lnk
  3. Just wanted to check if what i'm experiencing is related. My reserves (Jong Feyenoord) won the Dutch Reserve Competition Eredivisie last season but weren't promoted to the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. Is this an issue that is still being looked at? Or have i misunderstood the promotion scenarios? Thanks.
  4. Hi, yes it happens all the time on my current save and just tested it, it happens in the very next match. You will see my teams formation and the team stats of the other team, when it was originally set to the opposite. File name S5.fm
  5. I have mine set to display team stats and the opposition formation. It seems to keep forgetting this configuration though. I'm not sure if when i'm playing away it just displays the away teams formation (the formation of my team) but if i'm choosing the opposition formation and my team stats surely it should remember thats what you want it to stay on and not keep swapping it around.
  6. Yep, that was one of my other previous suggestions, dual screen support, would love to see it happen
  7. Please include a keyboard hotkey option to open the touchline tablet in future patches Clicking on that tiny icon is tedious Cheers
  8. I seem to be having trouble steaming FM via Twitch. Ive tried downloading OBD and xsplit but I cant seem to get twitch to do anything but display OFFLINE Any help is appreciated
  9. With the ability to move widgets from the match screen outside of the main window
  10. I have this same issue in a different league. Not really a solution but when arranging friendlies you can select "arrange multiple friendlies" on the drop down menu and do 4 at a time if you tick the dates on the calendar. I usually just do as many as it will let me as the season starts. Before, I used to do them one at a time which is very tedious.
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