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  1. My PC is roaring its tits off during matches now, yet i can play gta5 and its silent
  2. I'm 29 been playing since champ man 00/01, not as addicted as I once was but still get a couple of decent saves a year.
  3. this!!!! waited patiently for this patch, checking daily for it. If they had said they weren't going to nerf crosses and only do some winter transfers I wouldn't have bothered.
  4. so few ME changes and so many transfers missed, very disappointed tbf
  5. I keep getting a work permit refused for one of my players who I'm trying to sign a new contract because he hasn't played enough for the first team. Yet in 3 seasons he's played 85 games for me and has 51 int caps and is first choice for Egypt playing all games for them, so I'm struggling to see why its not been given.
  6. excuse me!!! Is this your opinion/guess or have you had some official line?
  7. Is this the match engine we have to deal with till the transfer update? or are there plans for another patch before?
  8. How can I tactically get my striker to score one of his 10 chances a game or how can I tactically stop the AI from making poor GKs making wonder saves?
  9. If you read my post its not occasional as you put its near enough every game. How can it not be infuriating seeing all the highlights of my team missing chance after chance, the opposition GK with with terrible stats pulling off worldys every game and then with 10 mins to go the ME finds them some way to equalise.
  10. This game is so infuriating, heres how 90% of my matches pan out. Dominate possession (65-70%) have numerous chances (20-25 not all ccc) and struggle to score, when I do score my opposition get 1 or chances and equalise (normally a counter attack or set piece). How come the ai are so decisive when counter attacking? How come the goalkeepers I face play like DeGea and Neuer? especially when I'm playing in the Scottish lower leagues when most stats are like 6's and 7's. This cant be tactical because I dominate every game and I have better players the most teams I face.
  11. Agree with this, even in the Scottish 2nd and 3rd division I come up against Neuer an De Gea every game, yet the ai gets one counter attack a game and scores first time.
  12. Is there any reason why when my fullbacks get to byline they always cutback, they rarely cross. Because its doing my head in now
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