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  1. Got sacked while I had 4 games in hand. 4 games in hand because I took Huddersfield to the League Cup Final and 2nd Knockout Round of the Europa League, in the **** show that is 2022/23
  2. I honestly stopped reading when you said Nani was the definition of inconsistent. Nonsense and a poor perception of an incredibly successful player. Stop reading the presses opinion on United players. I guess you currently hate Lukaku too? Sporting CP[152] Taça de Portugal: 2006–07, 2014–15 Taça da Liga: 2018–19 Manchester United[152] Premier League: 2007–08, 2008–09, 2010–11, 2012–13[154] Football League Cup: 2008–09, 2009–10 FA Community Shield: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 UEFA Champions League: 2007–08 FIFA Club World Cup: 2008 Portugal UEFA European Championship: 2016[152] Individual SJPF Young Player of the Month: May 2007 PFA Team of the Year: 2010–11 Premier League[155] Manchester United Players' Player of the Year: 2010–11[156] SJPF Player of the Month: October 2014, November 2014 Sporting CP Footballer of the Year: 2015[157] Premier League top assist provider: 2010–11[158] "Inconsistent"
  3. One more thing if the "ability gap" is so great why do the top 6 want to buy all my players? Bakayoko, Von Moos, Kean, Morrila, Torres. All the "WNT" are the top 6 and Milan, Barcelona ect My strengths are in attack. So I play to them. Good full backs are a rare find.
  4. I often drop the AM into CDM. and turn attacking roles to support. I did say that the roles and instructions shouldn't be taken as my tactic because I change them game to game. And like I said when I did play more defensive tactics the only real change was getting beat by a different margin and not getting my goals , adopting the "we'll score more than you" approach has resulted in more points than trying to keep a clean sheet in vain. I was asking for advice for a better approach than this because I know I'll lose more than I win this way but it has produced my only real points hauls against these teams where as earlier when I used more sound tactics I just got beat by a smaller margin. I'd rather win these than lose every game 2-0. You don't get points for losing 1-0. And I didn't ask for a critique, I asked for advice, that wasn't advice.
  5. But was the team looking for a new Goalkeeper? Real who? Madrid? Why would they want Coquelin at all? Value is only one factor here, do those clubs need those positions and are they at the level of their current squad? Part Exs are rare in top flight football. They are complex and rely on too many people. 2 Clubs, 2 Managers, 2 Players, 2 agents. One weak link and it collapses.
  6. On and off lurker, life long player, first day poster. This is the real reason I finally decided to speak, not to argue about player retirement and old age or unfair results like I have been! I've been playing FM/CM a long time and I've never had such a problem with getting results like these. I'm Huddersfield. I'm doing pretty well, Season 5, last 2 seasons qualified for Europa and have built a very capable squad but when I play Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, and especially United, City and Liverpool I often get tore apart, I've tried a couple of formations and defensive tactics but all this seems to do is reduce my goal scoring and my best chance of wins are usually "we'll score more than you" rather than any tactical nuance. Here's the kinds of results I'm talking about. In 4 1/2 seasons these are just some. Liverpool. 0-4, 2-6, 0-6, 5-3(Win) City. 0-5, 3-7 United. 0-4, 1-4, 1-4. Arsenal. 2-4, 2-6, 6-5(Win) Spurs. 3-6, 1-6. Here's my squad and not necessarily First XI. I've left all loan players on the bench because they might not be here next season (Although I've loaned Mahrez 3 years running on 30% wages lol). I do stick to the formation most of the time but tinker instructions a lot both pre and in game so I've used a screen shot with only a few so as to not bias your opinion of my issue based on one set up so you can just provide your general advice for playing these teams and not conceding 6!! My defensive roles are always just what the player is best at. I'd really appreciate any advice on best roles for defenders in a 4-2-3-1. I'd appreciate as much detail as you want to give about how to keep these scores down. I'm not saying it's a question of realism, I know these teams should beat me and occasionally hammer me but I want to improve and get better results and stop shipping so many goals. I like the fact it seems a little harder than previous years to take a bottom PL team to the top, so don't think I'm whining or expecting miracles. It's just these results are now obviously a trend and I have very little chance of breaking into the top 4 if I don't correct it. Thanks for reading!
  7. I used Fabergas after his pace and physical stats died and got 6 or 7 out of 10 performances from him, its about role and roles exist to limit movement. Enganche for Fabregas. Cover roles for defenders. And the attribute scores are relative to others. A GK might still be sprightly for his age but "declining". He's not a 20 anymore because that leaves no room for someone to be better than him, which they surly will be. No 35 year Goalkeeper is as agile as a 25 year old. It defies biology. And if all 32+ players are apparently suffering from this decline they still have relative stats to each other. So when 30+ year olds suffer that drop and they have 10 pace so did the 30+ defender they are up against. And their stats are declining relative to when the mid 20 year old peaks. You;re looking at individuals not the big picture. You're over simplifying an incredible complex balancing act. "It's not immobility that retires keepers so much as longer and more painful recovery time after matches, eventual decline in all their reactions and an unwillingness to sit on the bench forever" This is the problem with everyone in this comment thread, assumptions based on your own opinion. You can't know that and it sound like complete rubbish to me and to Petr Cech I would think.
  8. No i haven't I've been addressing the OP which said "39 seems like a death sentence" and is about his 39 year old player retiring. and The OP was talking about PL football. And I listed the over 38s, 36s and over 34s. There's 16 players over 34 who have played PL football this season. I think that's a pretty conclusive stat that 34-39 retirement is highly likely, if not a certainty for every player in the league. And I searched the European completions to check for players at small but successful European clubs. Same trends. Until someone provides evidence supporting that the game is unrealistic in its treatment of older players (including real life vs an explored save, not just guesses and confirmation bias) I don't need to say anything else, all the actual evidence and not presumptions are in my posts, all I see in others is wannabe know-it-alls thinking their human memory and presumptions are worth more than SIs 20 years of research and my 10 minutes of fact checking. And what about lower league football? he didn't ask about lower league football, and I provided stats for that too. You haven't provided anything to dispute the games version of events just what your perceptions of world football are. Have you got a lower league save to show us that players don't go above 32? Have you looked at any stats? Or are you just strawmaning me? The problem here is you all have fuzzy memories and warm nostalgia hugs from 15-20 years ago and things have changed. You keep saying "In real life" when what you mean is "in my opinion" Reply with facts and evidence or why even bother.
  9. Bug - Board are disappointed in my position though it could improve with my games in hand but the board confidence screen thinks I've played two more than my rivals for Europa League when I've played two less and the equal least in the league. Also opinion, the confidence section seems extremely harsh considering what I've done for the club. In final of League Cup, still in FA and Europa and a decent if not spectacular league position. It seems very quick to forget I took over a "avoid relegation" team and turned them into back to back Europa League qualifiers in 4 years. 33% PL Satisfaction for being 9th halfway through the season seems extremely harsh.
  10. Not a single 40 year old has played in the Europa League (EL Proper I believe) this season. 3 over 38. One for a Cypriot team, one for a Swiss Team and one for Rangers. 3. Only Buffon has played European football aged 40 this season. The one exception you can't account for. That spans all these other countries and "Top level football" SI have it bang on with "39 being a death sentence" If you want to argue it further feel free, but I think I've proven mine and SIs point. Now guess again and move the goalposts to China and Japan, I'm sure one will be right eventually.
  11. But there are none today and it's a moving trend. If I can make my own assumption since everyone else is, I would assume programming for an exception is difficult and I'd rather we missed the one exception than have 44 year olds running around along side 20 year old lads. My stats are from TransferMarket.com and I've looked up 5 leagues and found one active 40 year old. I think this tells it's own story and now the burden proof is on the people saying "This isn't accurate" and off the people who believe it is. The OP is about players not hitting 40. " But it seems like 39 is the death sentence to all players careers" I think i've proven to enough of an extent that it's extremely rare for players in the big countries to be that age. Maybe I'll look up Sweden or Eastern Europe and see what's happening there but as for the OP his problem is a non issue since there's currently one active over 40 player in the entire English football league. And nobody else has stats or names or evidence just assumptions and unreliable human memory,
  12. Serie A. Famous for prolonging careers and valuing older players. Not one 40 year old.
  13. That's moving the goal posts of the OP and you're still basing it on perception not looking at stats to back you up. There's nobody over 37 who has played in The Championship. There's nobody over 39 who has played in League One. And there is one player in League Two who is 40. So there is currently one active player in the football league who is over 40. And he played on February 2nd. His 40th Birthday was January 24th. So until February 2nd 2019 not one 40 year old had played in the Football League 18/19. You are just guessing and assuming, SI are doing endless research and even my 10 minutes of research says they are closer to the truth than further away from it. You know what they say about assumptions.
  14. They changed the rules or signaled their intention to after the Liverpool/Everton season I believe when Liverpool won the CL but finished 5th. After that everything changed and nobody gets 5.
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