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  1. Not really funny, but a rare sight to see 9 teams from the same country in the first knockout round of the europa league.
  2. My tactic i used from 08 to 2015 stopped working so i decided to try this. Won the league with 98 points, could have been more if i played best 11 for all the games, and won the fa cup and champions league. Only ever downloaded a few tactics but this is easily the best. Highlights include 7-0 win over QPR ( who are mid prem team ) in the fa cup 6th round, and 6-1 away in Munich for CL QF and not dropping a single point to the "big four" during the season. And i used the "home" tactic for all games, just tweaking CF + CD + TW to close off the rare few matches that was close
  3. Sorry if its already been posted, i havent checked the whole thread. I think you should be able to publicly state via the media that you beleive player "x" should be called up to their international squad, because in my game i have a spanish midfielder who is 24 and playing for a top side winning trophys requlary and getting very high average ratings yet he has never got the chance to play for the international squad
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