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  1. Wednesday play strikerless in real life, they just don't mean too
  2. Niang can definitely do a job for you almost immediate Llew!
  3. Just started with Wednesday. I'm fairly happy with the squad that we begin with, my only addition so far has been to bring in Steve Howard on loan from Leicester; he has a coveted past at this level and so I thought it was a safe risk to go with him as a support to the strike force (if needed). I'm looking to show the door to O'Connor, Sedgwick, Coke and Daniel Jones. Started at Hillsborough against Hartlepool with a 1-1 (Kasnik) before an away tie in the League Cup at Deepdale, where we won 3-2 (a brace from Howard and goal machine, Gary Madine). Playing a flat 4-4-2, very megson-esq I'm going direct and staying rigid. I've cleared out the useless youngsters we have and sacked much of the backroom staff. Fortunately after an appeal the board agreed to up my coaches to eight, allowing me to bolster my training stats - albeit this is not top of my priority atm. Promotion as ever, is the top aim. Our progress in the League Cup is a bonus, but it was very much a second string that went out against Preston.
  4. Well as some of the non NUFC fans have stated, I haven't really much of a clue of who is good and who isn't that is at the club. The whole backroom staff set-up was pulled apart and the only survivor, like many have mentioned, was Beardsley. I've brought in a variety of names to sort out the background and after pleading for more staff - and being granted two additional coaches - I now have 3.5 or 4 stars across the board for training (both senior and youth). I've released 90 per cent of the U18s and reserves - Adam Campbell, Remie Streete and Jak Alnwick are the only survivors. Brought in a great GK prospect in Plamen Illiev and an exciting midfielder in Lucas Anderson (both cost less than a million for the pair). My only big expenditure has been on Vieirinha to replace Obertan (who has appalling decision making stats for me). Former world cup winner, 37 year old Marco Materazzi has joined for £0 on a season long contract with a view to using him to tutor, although his stats make him a formidable 'stopper' even in his late 30s. Absolutely HUGE task to try and shape the club how I like. We've had a mixed pre-season but that has in part been my own failure to know my best XI - I've concentrated more on trying to clear out the deadwood from the club. I anticipate a few names to come in before the end of August to bolster the team. Youth facilities have been given the green light to be developed and are underway.
  5. Decided to start life on FM2012 as Newcastle, I'm an owls fan so it's all foreign to me. As with so many peeps, I like to play a short, patient game with players who possession high technical ability and mental stats. Within minutes of taking charge it is instantly recognisable that the North East isn't home to this player type cast. Since thoroughly enjoying rebuilding Liverpool on FM2011 I am installing the same principal on this one - thanks to SFraser RIP for this. Merging all three squads (Senior, Reserves and U18) and shipping out any players who are either <10 on determination or too poor statistically to offer anything to the first team. The idea is that come the end of the season, all of the players in the collective 'team' will be good enough to have seen first team action. More than 20 youngsters have been shown the door but I have asked, and been granted, my request to up spending on youth training and improvements to youth facilities. All but one of the physios have mutually terminated their deals due to poor stats. Almost all the coaches have gone - shocking stats for fitness coaches especially! Now attempting to rebuild them up, which is proving harder than I first anticipated!
  6. Christ I'm using a dino compared to most on here! Athlon dual core, 2gb ram and some sort of graphics card - scores a 5.2 in the windows score but it's a fair few years old. Would love a new set up for fm but I'm a tight git / spend money else where on stupid stuff round the house instead.
  7. Absolutely cannot believe this, doesn't seem real to some extent. In today's world where the web is so populated and cluttered it is easy to say something and have your words lost in the noise, but Fraser was able to overcome this through his words on here. I never spoke to him in person or outside of the forums but the details he posted proved more insightful than the 'off the shelf' guides you'd expect to find in any stores. You could always be sure that if you opened a Fraser post a) it would be long, but b) it would be quality and interesting. Thoughts go out to his family. Terrible loss.
  8. Probably said in these 70+ pages but... A quick review of the contract offered to a player just before you click AGREE to sign. It could be that I have been caught up in the heat of transfer moment and offered a ridiculous wage or fee, so the ability to check exactly what was on the table would be of benefit imo
  9. start the game with the database 10.2.0 but check the tick box that is shown on the start game pop up. It will load the bar across and then you will see the database!
  10. I would just like to see the player valuations sorted out. At present I click on a player and see their value to be labelled as £9,000,000 however unless the player is transfer listed it is highly unlikely that should I table a bid of £9 mill that I would get the player. Take the Reo-coker deal; West Ham clearly didnt value the lad at £2 million and Villa had to pay 4x as much. And torres, Atletico clearly didnt value Torres at £20 million only to reject bids of £20 million unless they were like £35 million. I just find it tedious that the current player valuation system provides nothing in the way of information - I can look at a player valued at £3m and unless I pay over the odds I dont get a chance. When I go to sell my players I dont value them at £20m and then reject £20m bids
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