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  1. My friend, with all my respect, look out saint Julia, i saw doubled names.... Laporta, Virgili, Festa, Gomis, Perez... Thx!!!
  2. Ok... I'll check again... I thought that it specific!!! Thx again...
  3. My friend, that i told you, is the participated teams to be from the position of league and not the same every year...
  4. Erik can you change the participation of the teams from the same every year to best of the league for these small nations... Thx and appreciate all your job mate!!!!
  5. i think the suspension is a temporary measure, the ban will pass, is shame for such a footbalholic nation to exclude... talented country...
  6. thx mate, maybe is a previous version or a conflict that i cant see... thx for the reply... and gj!!!! goooooood job my friend....
  7. Mate, you are the best, you are a hero!!! but i've got a question for the National 2, Group C is a team AS Poissy but in the france update is P.E.S.Q... i'm not from france and i dont have good view (irl) for this subject ... is it something wrong?
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